Saturday, September 08, 2012


I was reading the Amar Chitra Katha title on Aushadha Kumar, a reincarnation of Bodhisatva. 
Thanks to his wisdom and his growing popularity in court, the other ministers became jealous of him and unsuccessfully plotted his downfall as often as they could. One of the ministers, Senaka, was usually the mastermind and incessantly tried inspite of his failed attempts to defame Aushadha Kumar. 

In one of his attempts, he asks Aushadha Kumar, "What must man acquire?" AK replies, "Truth" and then, Wealth, Mantra and finally the ability to keep a secret". How Senaka uses these responses to plot another wicked plan against Aushadha Kumar forms the climax of the story.

What struck me here was that, acquiring truth, which was mentioned as the first on the list of things AK says man must acquire. I am wondering if that was taught to us in school. Or while growing up. As we became adults, we learned first hand, that truth was usually the first thing to be sacrificed in several instances. 

One of my personal, most important quests is my search for truth. Of the past. The present. The future. Depending on the day, its either at the back of my mind or the only thing on my mind while I go about doing other things that I routinely do. 

We do everything possible to acquire wealth, some of us acquire mantra, depending on the family we are raised in and retention and practice of it depends on our own convictions we form as we grow up. The ability to keep a secret is truly rare as much as I know. I am not sure how many people I know one can trust with a secret.

There are some things I believe can completely change this world. And perhaps topping that list would be truth - in my opinion, of course. I could be absolutely wrong. Perhaps compassion and love would be better candidates in changing the world. 

Nevertheless I wish someday I ll know and realize the truth. Sigh. :)

And after typing out all this I have a feeling this post is so random. But then published it shall be.


Anonymous said...

the fun with reality or truth is the more you approach it the more will it recede from you, the more you try to distance yourself from it the faster it will hurtle towards you, like the play with the waves in the shore. Let Him decide when to bless who with the coming together in stillness of the two.

Anonymous said...

Truth, may be the biggest lie.

JP said...

Happy birthday to you chinmayee

Maddy said...

Wishing you a Happiest Birthday Chinmayi

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, may one more year add to what it means to all the coexisting balance of opposites that the first song signified and the call to see beyond in the 'thaedal yenna thaayae'. Good luck.

IamRajthilak said...

Happy Birthday Chinmayi............

Meena said...

Hey Chinmayi,

Many many returns of yesterday :)...May u pls let us know what u did on ur b'day???