Monday, September 24, 2012

Observations and role reversals

You know, when we were children, our parents protected us, safeguarded us, cared for us......well you know all that they do. I dont really need to list it all out. But I see there comes a time when we realize that a role reversal happens. There comes a time when we realize we need to fight battles for the ones that fought battles for us. Don the armour and brandish swords maybe. Dramatic no? But then even if I have gotten carried away there I somehow feel its true.

Mom has been a go-to person for several people at various junctures in life. For the way she has brought me up, the struggles she faced alone, and standing tall with integrity, dignity and a head held naturally high because there was really no reason to lower her head except at the altar. But then I am the kind that takes pride in saying that if God were to stand in front of me I'd look at him eye-to-eye and ask him a few questions. Most and if not all, on behalf of mom.

I have noticed one common thing in several celebs lives. The one family member who is involved in management gets a lot of flak. For something or the other. The thing js the world will counsel you to get an outsider. I mean seriously, an outsider will care for you wayy more than uour parents is it? And I am speaking of decisions I made, (my field, workdpace, et al. No comments intended for anyone else's life/career) and wasnt too keen on having a manager. AND the entertainment / music industry is not ready for a manager in my opinion. No singer has a professional manager. If they do, it is family. I truly believe thats the best. There's absolutely no reason for an outsider to know your life. Afterall this thing called loyalty doesnt exist these days, no? The doctor discusses your medical history with someone else, (I knew of a psychiatrist who discussed his patients), the auditor the finances, your driver the movements, your househelp discusses your views on your entire family (if you discuss things in front of or with them, that is) thats all there is to it.

I have also seen that when hanky-panky is not possible with someone a good group will go about labeling them as difficult :) Better be difficult, than easy. No? :D

Coming back, yet again, somewhere in between I ventured into my usual tangential randomness.

So the thing is I think, from an observation of someone today, there does come a time the cubs will have to realize they are grown up enough to protect their parents and I m not just talking of the physical aspect of it.

I am quite kicked I ll have a chance to sing naan valarndhuttene mummy to mom someday. And no one. Dare. Mess. With. My. Mom. (Just asking, Does that sound menacing enough? :p)

Jokes apart, I hope you the reader will know, identify and act accordingly on a day that might come when you need to stand up for your parents and go out, all guns blazing, if need be. Arent (i ll add, barring a few exceptions) our parents our best-est well wishers? And don't they deserve the care that only us children can give them?

And on another tangential note I wish no elderly person ever be unhappy and away from their children against their will, and in a retirement home. And I wish that every elder is taken care of and that every family in the world be happy. And that they all live happily ever after. Tathaastu.


GANESAN said...

Nice lines "our parents our best-est well wishers? And don't they deserve the care that only us children can give them? "

Some where i read "House named as Annai Illam but Annai Lives in Oldage home" that's true to some extent..

Praying God that this society changes & give back the deserved to the elders/old age ppl.....

Unknown said...

I love your songs your voice is so sweet and the song "sara sara saara kathu visuthu"its my favorite song i love that song

Indian Quotes said...

I like the old saying, 'Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam'. Its good to consider parents above gods. As a non-believer, I always encourage that. To the above comment, I want to stress that many parents only impose their narrow ambition on their children, be it joining an engineering college or taking up a job. That is why you see many children running away from their family, after growing up.

Anonymous said...

You and I are the same age. And you have such a clear sense of your responsibilities! I am surprised and jealous at the same time. Respect Ms.Chinmayi Sripada.

It is expected that a man of my age should never get sentimental about things instead be practical! Hard to go by expectations when life gets tricky, ain't it!? Thanks to you; your mesmeric voice calms it all.

In my life time I wish to achieve atleast a fourth of what you have achieved in all these years. Please wish me luck.


Unknown said...

"There's absolutely no reason for an outsider to know your life" - This sounds real that outsiders(aka distant friends or any 'XYZ')who doesn't hold any authenticity in your life expects you to on the very few trail to share everything about you - sounds really insane to me.

"I have also seen that when hanky-panky is not possible with someone a good group will go about labeling them as difficult :) Better be difficult, than easy. No?"

Absolute truth...These days when you are tough/difficult people take it as their lifetime ambition to break you easier. All is be'Difficult' - well said Chinmayi

Rajesh alias Balasubramanian said...

"There's absolutely no reason for an outsider to know your life."


ஒருவர்கிட்ட சொன்னதான் ரகசியம்.. அந்த மாதிரி வீட்டு விஷயத்த வெளில்ல பேசினா அது போது விஷயம் ஆகிடும்

In today's world, sharing most things, especially problems with outsiders became a fashion. Many complain this is wrong; that is wrong in their family. And they discuss with a friend or colleague.. who 70% doesn't give a solution.

Most things will be normal (and difference will not exists) if people within the family discuss things honestly and transparently.

Lakshmipathy said...

I could not agree to your views entirely. Role Reversal Agreed. Financial Decisions not every parent is strong. Because some ideas are outdated. I am not talking about the values here. Just blindly following the elders decisions could not agree on this. They too are human beings and they are also bound to mistakes (Not knowingly, something which they thought as really good may turn out to be a disaster) and at times you may need an expert from the outside to help you out. With the advent of Technology, Open healthy Discussion will help and at times a help from professional will also help (loyalty is an issue, but can't help it sometimes we need to trust it will work out). I am not pointing fingers here.

Anonymous said...

@Indian Quotes: The way I see it:

"running away from family"! That is running away from responsibilities, and is the choice of "weak at heart", who choose to play victim. And it is one example of parenting defeated by nature, which I believe would be "GOD's"(nature's) design.

About the "Quote": trust your Parents, if their efforts fail trust your Teacher, if he or she fails trust the Nature; the trust will lead to love and respect and that eventually will give the strength to take care of those loved.

@Manikandan Arumugam: well buddy life is just that adventurous! The human race breeds on competition, when just plain competion was not enough we sought a more challenging kind, "the cut throat" kind! When a person says that he or she is invincible no other person wants to believe in it until they have a cogent evidence. Nature's way!

@Lakshmipathy: it is just as probable that the expert, outsider might be wrong! Most of us work with the TRUST that it will all work out. "Karmanyaeva adhikarastheye"


Anonymous said...

Agree with Lakshmipathy on the need for ensuring the Child's Future well being, and In that alone rests the future well being of the Entire Community.

Anonymous said...

"And no one. Dare. Mess. With. My. Mom. " . This statement portrays aunty as a weak person, while your blog posts have captured otherwise. Can people on "moral/value system" high-ground, and also smart, be also vulnerable? General comment..

Anonymous said...

By the way, I don't remember such an interactive post from you asking "No? " multiple times...trying out a new blogging format ?

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

With so many anonymous people I dont know how to name each one.

No one dare mess with my mom means, if you say anything weird/impolite/rude/ anything on those line about my mother, I ll make mincemeat of you. Thats all. And you, of course, it means not YOU. But generally the random people.

Saradha said...

Yes I agree. Parents especially our Mothers have been by our side all the time and in the evening of their lives, as children, we need to stand up for them especially our mothers. Mothers go through a lot of tough times in the families in comparison to the fathers in general.

Anonymous said...

What is your most favourite foreign (english/french) movie!? I am in the mood to watch a movie and it hit me that "for one time I should watch a movie that a celebrity likes best, and that trasitively would make me feel like a celebrity"! Goosy; I know..... but please help me. Thank you Miss!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha lol lets see n war bat parents specially moms who never took care of their own children's???? Answer me that can they b out in a mudiyor illam. U r soooooo lucky to get a mom like her wat abt ppl who had the worst huh?