Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My own Laptop

The Macbook Pro. After much deliberation and months of reading through articles and asking people for opinions, I decided to zero in on this silver thing. It feels great that I could finally get it and though I got it about a week back, thanks to a couple of friends who decided to bring it down for me. Thanks a lot. I will never, ever forget it.

Shooting has been mad, and life has been very busy. But as has been clear from previous posts, I like being busy round the clock. I see that I am a workaholic. Though sometimes I might grumble about not having enough sleep and having dark circles, which doesnt really do any good to a girl's face, or anyone's faces for that matter, but then, hey, whats make up for? If it cant conceal dark circles that is? Make-up for the lost sleep ;)

I am yet to figure out some things and am gonna start with learning something new soon. The way it has gone, it wont be possible for me to finish my masters this year. The next it will be. By which time I plan to submit my project and the research work. Hope I'll do my PhD as well. But then, if I become so super busy with music, I guess I will have to postpone my PhD to when I retire from active performances. :) Am pretty sure that I wont be a megalomaniac, something that mom has coached me more than music itself. Retire when I am at my peak.

Airtel Super Singer has taught me several lessons already. What I see that several people are supra confident, and have spunk. Which I guess I will never have. Even those who were eliminated in the first few rounds believed they sang brilliantly. I am really amazed with that quality. And that confidence showed in their performance. And they werent scared to try out new things on stage. And by the way, that is not sarcasm. Just dont want to be misread here. I have met several different types of people, those who were well past their prime and believed that they could give a go at the contest, and win as well, physically disabled people, but the spirit they have was amazing. People who stood for a long time to get in. Makes me thank God. I am incredibly lucky. And some zillion thanks to Rahman Sir. If maybe, he hadnt believed that I could have sung KMI, I would have been nowhere. If there are two people for whom I ll carry my indebtedness forever, that would be to Mom and Rahman sir.

And the shooting schedules at Vijay TV. Wow. Actually I have it very easy. I just have to report at the venue do my bit and come back when the shoot is over. They, on the other hand have to be there before me, leave after me, do some truckloads of editing and this that, coordinate with the participants. And they are also humans. Most of the crew haven't slept in days. They have been working round the clock.

Watching Unnikrishnan Anna judge was a wonderful experience. He was crystal clear in what he did. And he had a nice way of giving his decree. The way he made some contestants sing, and each contestant had something like a mini class with him. Anuradha ma'am was damn cool. Mom has always said that she was a brilliant person and a super brain. I saw all that. And heard her sing a lot of stuff. She was a fun person out and out. Srinivas sir. My First judge in Saptaswarangal. And who was instrumental in taking me to Rahman Anna. Brought back nostalgic memories, and reminded me of the time that I was in front of him, shivering in my shoes and singing. And now I was hosting the show. Felt happy in the growth. And I know that he feels happy that I have grown as well.

The preliminary rounds with Mahati, Malaysia Vasudevan Sir, S P Shailaja Ma'am, Imman Sir, Malathi ma'am, Seerkazhi sir and Jency Ma'am. Was great. Shailaja ma'am has a great sense of humour. And I only came to realize that Seerkazhi sir is a practising doctor. And we mostly spoke about how the participants sang. And times when most of the judges at some point in time or the other, that if they had to participate now, they'd have lost. More than anything else, Vijay TV has given me a chance to interact with people I would have taken much longer to meet and interact with for such a long time. Jency Ma'am. I never expected to meet. She was highly soft spoken and she was highly sweet. I even tried to speak to her in my broken Malayalam, and she was sportive to continue a conversation. And also said that I sing well :)

The participants, I have met several of them, have made some friends, been ragged, had fun, enjoyed out and out.

More than anything else, the Vijay TV crew, they have been extremely encouraging, and made me look good on screen. My thanks to them go out from here. And they make us feel at home. I have sometimes done some 10 takes. Just because my brain stopped working. And all they would tell me is to cool and relax. Great times. And I have a ball each time. I will miss being around them when the shoot is over.....

And hope this fulfills the wishes of those people who have mailed me to write about my experiences with the show.


Raja Krishnan said...

Hello chinmayi akka.. you performed really well in the shows and expect the same enthu presentation in forthcoming ..
and i enjoyed your penning .. nice work keep pen touching the notes..

skar said...

Yeah, i agree with the last person on the last sentence. Some of us don't have TVs. So fill us in through your post like you did today. You are descriptive enough for us to weave it all over in our heads. Unnikrishnan! Man, how i wish i could meet him! *Sigh*

exasparater said...

ur anchoring on ~~~AIRTEL- SUPER SINGER ~~~ is good... i like ur song "oru thaivam thanda poovae" was damn superb!!!

A.R RAHMAN- no words to describe him.. simply genius..

that program was really edited well... nice concept.. kudos to vijay tv...

cya later!!

keep rocking!!


Sriram said...

congrats on the lap top!!! and as for an update from my side : i found a job in california :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Good luck with the Mac-Book.!! I see it all around here..All youngsters..have only a Mac-book.!
I really miss the Vijay TV shows.!! I hate SUN TV..but I don't have a choice.!

ramkumar said...


Apart from singing, I think you should also try your hand in professional writing... a column in a magazine / paper or a story or a novel... You seem to have a natural flow that is nice..

Craze Maze said...

I visit your audio blogs... Didnt know you blogged as well. A good experience to read what really goes through the mind of a singer. (Got here only through orkut. was dumb not to go through your profile in audio blog :) )

Jo said...

That's great things going on in there. Macbook, Super Singer show etc. :-)

BTW, missed your presence in Blogswara version -1. We are almost ready to launch. Hope to have you in this sometime when you get off your busy schedules.

ILA (a) இளா said...

So far I watched the entire programme on Super Singer. I really love the way they (you) have done and hearty appreciatable. That too Mrs.Sriram prog. was really good and the way she handled her role was highlight. Also able to understand the style of compeering is different from the regular one (Keep it up).
Hats off to Vijay & Co.

saraskathiresan said...

last week programme was very nice and ur style of emceeing is really excellent. anuradhas programme is really too good.
All the best for u.

Priya Sivan said...

I am watching the Airtel supersinger prog regularly. Your anchoring is good. However I find that some singers are not selected because the judge say they lack originality. My opinion is that film songs shd be sung as it is, so that the song isnt spoilt. (No one shd sing a SPB song in TMS voice. It wld sound odd) Also either these singers shd be notified beforehand that they shd know all type of songs ( for example, the folk singer rejected by Unni Krishnan)or supersingers shd be selected after classification as folk, light, carnatic etc. :) just my 2 cents!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

shpriya: first, thank you. And what Unnikrishnan sir did is right. In the present trend we dont want someone to sing like someone else. The individual mark of that person has to be there. Because once you are selected as a Super Singer, new songs, new lyrics and new tunes are going to be given to you. Any singer has the tendency to idolize a singer and thus imitate them in some level. And Unnikrishnan sir made each singer sing at least 4-5 songs. Because of the time constraint, Vijay TV cant telecast everything. It doesnt mean that someone has to sing SPB sir's voice in TMS sir's voice. And the singers are notified beforehand, way before, that they should know all sorts of songs. We are looking for a singer who can sing anything with ease. Originality is absolutely necessary. Otherwise you cant survive. No one can, if they bracket themselves into a classification. Hope you understand.

Priya Sivan said...

Hi..thks for the reply.
1. Unnikrishnan sir (judge) made each singer sing at least 4-5 songs.
2.And the singers are notified beforehand, way before, that they should know all sorts of songs.
If u can give a brief account of the selection procedure stressing these two points in the beginning, the audience will hv a more clear approach in watching this interesting telecast. :) Thank u:)

Ram Viswanathan said...


I watched 'super singer' for the first time last week and enjoyed the show thoroughly..

I liked Anuradha Sriram episode more than the one with Unnikrishnan..

Lot of hidden talents are coming out.. Also, your own performance is very good.. Are you narrating as well?

I do find the program very tightly scripted and some times even 'reharsed'? It would be better if the show was 'more' spontaneous..

Great Show Chinmayi.. Adding another facet to your multi-faceted career..