Tuesday, May 23, 2006

One great weekend

Had some kinda extended weekend, restarted my dance classes and had a great jamming session with Vodka, Shyam, Mac, GNR, Vicky and Rocky. One great group.
Some 3 hours of singing late into the night and waddda time that was. Wont ever forget it.
I have almost never had a band of friends as such. It was good to meet one. They all come together on weekends to make music or jam as I understand. And I bet it must be some great time!
We drove down to Bangalore. and one the way the car heated up so much it started smoking and of course it wouldnt start. All this after we had given it for service the previous day to get them to check if everything was in order. And when this happened, we called this guy at the service and he asked to pour water in the radiator. That did it. The car was in a bigger mess and finally had to be towed to the nearest service station where they had to service the radiator, change the engine oil which the ABT guy claimed to do, but when they drained the oil, it was like pitch. No coolant as well. That guy had drained it and forgot to fill. But we got billed anyway. And finally after some 6 hours of staying in the service station and watch them dismantle the car, we finally hit the road. And in the history of road travel to Bangalore this would be a strong contender for the longest at about 14 hours. Of course counting the stranded time. Finally reached Bangalore. Went into our friend's place, watched Super Singer. And there was an unoffical 'shooting' on one of the handycams where I had to act like myself in Super Singer. It was great fun. Took a shower, the 8 of us had pizza, checked mail and later we started jamming. And that was the best part.

Resumed my dance classes the next morning and knew what people mean when they say that the legs are on fire. But I eventually improved and am glad am on the road to achieving my goals in dance as well. We also met some classical musicians and had some singing sessions as well.
In total, it was music all the way, and have never felt better in my life.


prithz said...

Hi..jus blog hopped here... Really sad that about your car breakdown...

Good luck on your dance endeavour... :)

Marc said...

You should sue them for having billed you for something they did'nt do right.
All the best with you dancing and have fun!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Looks like you are having fun Chinmayi.!! Enjoy.!!

Felt bad about the Car service incident. Idiots in service stations looks like.!

DId ABT foot the bill? You should have claimed damages.! ( Hmm..I have become an American..sorry..!)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

In these cases I want to be an american actually. I dont know whether they will. They will always have an excuse, and all this happened bcos the guy at the service station whom we called, asked us to pur water into the radiator. Which was what made it worse

Marc said...

SUE THEM or atelast claim for a refund...it's not your fault.

Aslaan said...

Those moments are really experi's.u are allready a star singer,when u become BIG C singer,u can handle those situations if it again happens in ur life.By the way what do u mean by 'JAMMING'.why did u go from chennai to B'lore for jamming.

donthecat said...

Hi Chinmayi, long time no see, speak. I've been awfully busy...:-(

Good to hear about the laptop and the busy shooting schedules. Signs of sucess :-)

Say Hi to mom for me and keep blogging on..

rollinstone said...

Hey Chins,

This is Runs here..
By chance landed here and read abt ur trip to b'lore. Sad to know abt these guys in ABT, well we're still in India rite? :)
Ok take care c u sometime!