Wednesday, June 06, 2007

As days go by, I am getting increasing number of mails on why I am not part of Rahman Sir's concert tour.
I could have been part of it if not for Vijay TV's Airtel Super Singer Junior. Life is all about opportunities and sometimes it is also about those lost.
I was completely depressed to say the least, that I could not go because I am supposed to be in Chennai until the end of June.
Chitra ji was damn sweet to tell me that she was singing Sahana in the concert and asked me for the lyrics. She also added to say that I sang very well. It was not necessary for a singer of her stature to tell me all that and thanks to Legends like her, we fledglings learn. I still remember the time I first met her at her residence a few years ago and how warm she was. And around that time, when asked in an interview for a leading Tamil daily, on which other female playback singer she liked or something on those lines, she quoted my name. For as long as I remember, she has called me kutti, and Usha ji and her have been awesome Judges on the show. I have learnt so much from the way they have been with the children and how much fun the children have had with them. Clearly the best judges ever :D
A post on ASSJ is long due. Shall be done soon.
Moral of this post: I badly miss not being able to sing in Rahman sir's concert and God and time willing, there will be another opportunity. Touche.



True.. I think alot of ppl are mistaken that Big celebrities come with bigger egos ! But ppl like chitra ji prove all of them wrong! She's an excellent singer and by what u say i can say that her personality must be sweeter than her voice ! So wat if u dun attend
this concert ... By the looks of ur talent im sure ull be gracing bigger and more concerts in the future ! Good luck for that Chinmayi !

matthew88 said...

Thanks for the news :-)

btw. this is a video of "Sahana Song" from the recent Concert in SFO.

arun said...

I wish you conduct/participate a concert in Bangalore too.

Ravi said...

Thats some news because we generally don't get to see the top singers render songs of their juniors or peers. So Chitra is really a down to earth person! And thanks for posting this Chinmayi. Your conversational interview on with Harish Raghavendra was very good. I esp liked the way you were able to criticise bad Tamil pronnounciatino (la, La, zha...).

Aditya Abburi said...

Hey Chinmayi,

I am a diehard rahmaniac and I flew about 1000 miles just for the concert in oakland last saturday. It was awesome. I had great fun with friends but we missed you there.

I am basically "telugu" but being a big fan of Rahman sir I also listen to all his tamil songs and I think you are one of the very few singers who I believe can very soon become as popular as chitra :)

BTW Chitra did a marvelous job with "Sahana" but I still like it in your voice better. Take Care!

Sriram said...

Thanks Chin for the info.. have been thinking a while for asking you this question..u saved me an email..


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

aytida: Chitra ji's talent is matchless. And as ever, it probably has to do with first impressions. If Chitra - ji had originally sung Sahana, you would not have really liked it if I had sung it :)

Aditya Abburi said...

I think that is you just being very modest. Chitra ji is no doubt a very great singer and I've grown up listening to her voice.

But I'd still say I prefer Sahana in your voice :) Maybe it is because Chitraji did it live. All said and done at the end of the day when I want to listen to the song I listen to it from the cd and it is your voice that plays :)

raju4u said...

Sahana saral thoovutho is a melodious piece with western instrumentation. This is the only track (along with the Vaji vaji number later) with significant lyrics. Vairamuthu's lyrics have an appealing freshness and originality. This track, a love duet rendered by Udit Narayan and the dulcet-voiced Chinmayi, has been embellished with a sprightly chorus. The only jarring note is Narayan's stilted Tamil diction.(posted in WHAT IS DULCET?

Anonymous said...

As i was On sun tv...chitra mam's interview...when she was asked her favourite song sung by other singers...she immediately pointed out 'chinamyee' n the song 'kannathil muthamvittal.. :)
she loves that song of urs in particular :)

yaa...'divam thanda poovae' n GURU's 'tere bina' n 'hey aiyrathe' are surely 'once-in-lifetime' songs !!