Saturday, June 09, 2007

PodWorks - And ITS ON!

Day 1 - PodWorks - June 09th 2007

Started off a a few minutes ago.
And we are just going through the introductions of the few Podcasters that are present here.

I am going to be updating this as frequently as possible during these two days.
9:32 AM IST

Talking on what stops people from Podcasting:
Quick Overview of what has been said
- Time or lack of it
- Unaware
- Unable to Monetize
- Audio Editing
- No quality attached to your name - Who will listen to me?
- Corporate prohibition
- Devices expensive

9:51 AM IST

BTW Kiruba is behind the Mic for the first session.

Thanks for the help on this picture - Srini and Manki.

And the Girl here is the youngest participant in PodWorks :)

A break for about 30 minutes for the Press Conference.
11:03 AM IST

The session by Karthik Kannan is already on in the meanwhile - Demo on how to make a Podcast in Audio
12:12 AM IST

Alternate seating arrangement.... Hey the is an 'Un'-conference :)
Alternate seating arrangement - Part 2
The Press Con - Sagaro a.k.a. Ganesh, Kiruba Shankar, Syed and Vignesh

Thats Karthik Kannan explaining "How to make an Audio Podcast in 10 Minutes"
1:03 PM

Break for lunch Back at 2:00 PM

Lunch was Pizza with Karthik Kannan, Pradeep and Preeti Chaturvedi.
2:00 PM and it was my turn to speak on Mic, Voice and Interviewee Management. OK thats a lot of jargon, but sometimes its a blessing :)

That is Kiruba Shankar a.k.a. Kribs.

2:52 PM IST

Talk on "Tips on Blogging on Wordpress" by Sridhar Rao, Vibhash and Himanshu from 2:37 pm IST

Post Lunch and the floor seats have more takers ;)

Learning to Post a YouTube video on my Blog. This is the test.

Learning how to embed YouTube objects. Yeah its just paste the code, but then hey, I admit I need someone to push me!
This session closed at 3:18

Now On: Vitamin M - How to make money through your Blogs.
By Sunil Nair -

And the session closed at 3:50
One of the best sessions today :)
Break of about 15 minutes to dunk some Red Bull.

Mr. Venkatesh
Talk on monetizing again,but to help underprivileged people.
4:08 PM

Talk on Corporate Blogging - by Dhempe later taken over by Vijay Sriram
4:10 PM
End of talk at 5:00 PM
Somewhere in between Kribs gives the announcement that Vans are available outside the venue for the Beach House Party.

Currently watching the route to the Beach House
Here is the damn cute clip
And video by Sagaro a.k.a. Ganesh
5:02 PM

First day wraps up at around the same time, but a lot of us hung out for a while.

One of the last 'working' pictures. With Sagaro

I finally reached home in time to watch the next episode of Super Singer Junior.
The team is partying at the beach house.

Tomorrow's focus will be on Video Podcasting.
Shall continue my updates tomorrow as well. And I had a rollicking time!


Logiconomics said...

U r Fast in Updating... Why don't you Start a website.. I see a lot of viewers and comments.. which shows u have a fair good no of audience who reads ur blog.. so go on start a blog site.. I wanna start one. Also i am an aspiring singer ( i hope so) i will become one day.. Right now i am in the first row in podworks... Thats how i came to know u write and maintain blogs.. All the best keep doing the same.. One more request.. If u can write blog stating how u practice.. what kinda exercises u do for betterment of voice..How do u do the voice culture etc.. Also something new directions how a singer can approach music directors.. As i am roaming for the past 3 years to breach through the industry ( u can test my std..).. Just give a blog on tips to become singer.. Thats a personal request but i hope its a general one too.. Three cheers for u. Keep singing more hits..Bye take care. I don 't own a blog. U can contact if u will thro mail id i am a student of Great Lakes college Chennai.

Srini said...

the first photo needs to be rotated.
u can right click & use the rotate option.

now attending the podworks event

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

srinivasan: it changes only when I upload. It looks fine on the system

manki said...

Try copying this image:

(you will find "Download Photo" link on the right hand side.)

If you care about why it's showing in this way:
After the photo image has been captured, the camera writes inside the JPG image file that it should be rotated counterclockwise before it is displayed. Image viewer in your computer understands it displays correctly. Browsers don't seem to understand it. (Or some software which is between your computer and Blogspot page doesn't understand this and deletes that information.)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

hey sheetal, I was editing the file to make it come on this post, instead of a new one. I dont know where your comment got published.

Anonymous said...

Garage band offers a fantastic, easy and quick way to make podcasts. But the only problem is not many people use the Mac. They have to be happy with what's available in Windows like Audacity. I am thrilled to see such an event happening there and I miss it.

sagaro said...

"One of the last 'working' pictures. With Sagaro"

Aye! Ennala Mudiley! You were orkutting :P

What, only blogspot guys can comment? What about the Wordpress guys?

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

sagaro: changes made :)

Sreekrishnan said...

hey that Jaya TV clip was unseen ... good one !

nice pick for a test post !

Anonymous said...

Good updates. I miss Chennai, now that I have moved to Bangalore.


intruder said...

wow. nerd alert lol. all complex stuff pa. too much for my small brian.

Chandler said...

i was there during that jayalalitha felicitation.. Brilliant adaptation of that song.. Awesome..

Anonymous said...

thanks for mentioning about my session Chinmayee! :)