Sunday, June 10, 2007

PodWorks - Day 2

As soon as I woke up, it was great to see the coverage in Page 3 by Karthik Subramaniam on The Hindu.
We have started off pretty much on time, at about 10 AM IST
The Hall is not fully packed yet, but I reckon it will be in another hour.

The first session kicks off with Sridhar Ranganathan from Yahoo!
How to get your Blog 'discovered' by search engines.

10:17 AM IST
PodWorks Day 2 Tidel Park

Currently drinking tea as sweet as payasam and listening to Dinesh talk on how to Edit videos using Adobe Premiere.
11:07 AM IST
PodWorks Day 2 Tidel Park
Vivin Mathew from CNN-IBN took over to talk about "How to make an interesting PodCast"

Thereafter, we had Mr Shashi Kumar, Freelance Cameraman with Nat-Geo, Cameraman for the title song of Chennai - 600028 and who was also in team of Super Singer 2006, which is how I came to know him initially, to talk on "Frames and Lighting"
It was the session that was most fun so far

12:30 PM IST

Yousuf from Sun Microystems spoke about Server Side for about 20 minutes.

Went off to catch a coffee from Qwiky's and had lunch.

Violin Concert from 1:45 to 2:00 PM by Krish Ashok, which is in another ten minutes.

Session on Video Conferencing by Mr Eric for about 30 minutes.

A super fast 10 minute presentation by Karthik Kannan on How to make a Vlog in 10 Minutes [thats jargon for Video blog, well I have been here for almost two days now.. time to drop some words :)]
2:44 PM IST
Sharanya gave a short presentation on what not to do in front of the camera.
She was an intern with the CNN IBN

We now have Mr Shanmugham talking about PodLearning
3:16 PM IST

Talk by Mr Vikram of
And that was wrapped up at around 4:40

Thereafter we had a quick session looking at some of our favourite PodCasts.
I had to leave right after we took the group pic because I had to shoot for Vijay TV.

Some of the pictures from today

Kids at PodWorks.

In action!

My most common PodWorks pose. Have been clicked in this pose by several over 48 hours. I lowwwwweee my MacBook Pro. Thanks Siva

A tradition that is followed after every Knowledge Foundation event, the participants sign on the Vinyl.

Everyone came in with their cameras to catch the action on the ones with the Marker Pens.

And there were some happy onlookers, who also eventually left their signatures.

A snapshot of what it looked like.


And the very happy participants and Organizers.

You can check out a lot of interesting pictures at Vinay's Flickr

And this is how my day/evening took over right after PodWorks and went on till the wee hours of 11th morning. Life happens!


Rajasekar Nonburaj said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Nice to see your blog.I also regsitered for the event but unable to turned up for the show.I am a great fan of you from your first song from Kannathil muthamital.Nice to see the scraps on the event(Podworks) thru your blog.


Unknown said...

Hi Babes,
Feel soo very proud of you!!! Your amma must be Bursting at the seams if this is how I feel. There is only one way for you my darling; onwards and upwards!!!! Go on and keep shining!!!

You made me cry when I heard u sing "kannathil muthum 'on the video from you tube. Felt like u were singing for me and my rehan.I
Thank god for blessing my life with special people like y0u and my son and a special Thanks to your wonderful amma for shaping you into a wonderful human being. I can't believe you have had people complaining about your thanking your mum. They really need to have their head examined and you should NOT give them the courtesy of allowing them to affect you because they are just worthless individuals who don't deserve a second thought.

Anyway, I think you should allow your third eye to be kept open during this event. See beyond the obvious and allow others to see the YOU that makes YOU so very special!!!

PS I am sending u "splendour" whether this perfume suits u or not, cos today I feel like that's who u are!!!

Lots of love

Truth said...

PodWorks, Podworks, Podworks... So many posts on Podworks... And every one are posting comments on them as well. I believe I am isolated from this. What is going on in Chennai? :( I am not in Chennai now :'(

Srini said...

y no photos uploaded for the second day ??

Anonymous said...


You can check and check out the set "PodWorks". It has literally all snaps covered from the event in last couple of days.

And yea, I have also uploaded snaps taken from Chinmaye Cam too :) !!

Vinay (ak go for in - as Chinmaye calls me :P )

P.S: Hey Chin!!

Editor said...

Thats the first such coverage, I've read. It sounds fun. Looking forward to attend one of those unconferences.

Honey Bee said...

Ah! I missed it.. right from learning how to make it up in search engines to creating a Vlog. Nice to know that you had a wonderful time there...and poor thing you had work after that ....

Ilan said...

Hi Chinmayi,

You mentioned that you will upload the pic (you spoting with Imac pretneding to be working)... I want that photo to post in my blog. Pls do let me know where u uploaded and incase if it is yet to be upload pls uploaded it.

BTW you blogs was short and good and it shows perfect timeline. I am going to use this timeline in my blog :)


Ilan said...

Hey as mentioned earlier your timeline of events helped me to a great extent during my blogs abt ... I got ur pic from flickr.. I have included this in my blog...

Just want to thank you and acknowledge for your work.

sandyinmumbai said...

Interesting blog..loved reading it..keep on writing ...

Unknown said...

nice.. very interesting to know your interest on this..!?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, very interesting post...first time visitor..keep going..