Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Television and wotnot

On the read up following our friend wanting to buy a new Television, I read up on the Plasma, LCD and Projection TVs whats hot what's, well, not.
In between all this, we were also wondering why not buy a TV ourselves. 'Cos our BPL has definitely seen better days. Since we don't switch it on much and the only screens that are on throughout are the computer screens.
I figure out that the next big thing in TV tech is Laser and SED. I also read up that the Laser TV's may cause more damage to the retina, as per the Wiki.
That being the case, I am going to wait it out and see who the winner is between the SED and the Laser. Ah, but then. Technology being the capricious thing that it is, by the time the bugs are ironed out and the best that can be comes out in SED and Laser, there'll be something else that makes these two obsolete. Sometimes I wonder whether technology conspires to empty our wallets all the time luring us out of our couches, or should we say recliners now? Even the recliners keep changing. And yeah I am anticipating comments "only change is constant"!
Moral of the post: I might buy a TV sometime.


Anonymous said...

It is a choice that you have to make. The market is mature and gives out products for every sort of thing every few months. But one needs to find out the necessity and what fits the bill and just go for that. In this age, research is very important before doing a purchase. It took me 3 months to zero down on a digital camera, 6 months to choose a camcorder, 1 full year before I switched to Mac. All this because there are lot of choices and one has to pick the best that fits. So one need not wait for SED or laser, when you need something now. All you have to do is research and pick the best of what is available. It is going to serve you well for many years to come because you bought the right thing.

arun said...

The biter truth is, we indians are lagging the technology by few years.

Last year, when I was in japan for 5 months, i bought one digital camera. After 5 months, that model became outdated in japan itself. And several updated models came to the market.

But it will take atleast an year for my digital camera(Casio Exilim Z850) to be available in indian market.

Again my wish, we indians should compete in technology.

Anonymous said...

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