Saturday, June 30, 2007

had an interview session last morning and a rehearsal session today.
Worked damn hard crunching time meeting a deadline that was well, finally met. I shall finally get some peaceful shut eye.
Thanks to all this, I still have no idea how Toronto looks like except for the driving between several points
I heard the shopping places will be closed sunday and monday thanks to Canada Day and I ll have to pack in whatever I can tomorrow. If it is possible.
There was a banquet this evening with SPB Sir, Pa Vijay Mukesh, Suchitra (not of radio mirchi) and I. Pa Vijay is the host of this show. So this promises to be something new.
Also, every time I step out of the house, there is a limo in waiting. Though it looks great from the outside, I think that a Limousine is no great shakes. Also, its not comfortable getting in and out of the vehicle. And I admire the way the chaffeurs drive the car and the speed at which they go. Guess they get used to the car after a point. As time goes by, I am seeing that I dont get excited and all that with some things that I am supposed to get excited with. Like the Limo for instance. Probably its a good thing.
Looking forward to tomorrow..!


Manoj said...

You get to go in a limo! Wooaaaawww!

Unknown said...

Gud luck... :D


Wow Chinmayi ! Looks like u were travelling in style and got the royal treatment ! Woah !!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

"I am seeing that I dont get excited and all that with some things that I am supposed to get excited with"

Hmmm...can't be Midlife crisis.! So..wondering what's going on !

Take care ..Take care !

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,
All the very best for the show. Let`s c whether I will be able to get an autograph from you all.

Anonymous said...

Good show at ACC today. Thelsulavuthe was very good. First I am hearing it sung full. Could see Chithra enjoying it from her seat. Can you tell me the name of the film? Oh, and if you get a chance, take ur mom down to see the fireworks tonight. Hope you have a memorable(nice) Canada Day:-)

Did I see you with your head resting on Chithra's shoulder? Envious me:-)))

I have to say, that on the part of the musicians, I enjoyed the show immensely. Though there seemed to be mike problems, the lyrics sounded clearer than at ARR's program. Kudos to you all. I do wish the organisers had been more professional. They need a lesson on how to run a show and not using it as an advertising opportunity. But that complaint will be heard on this side of the seas. Anyhow, of the 3 musical shows I went too, totally enjoyed this one. Rahman's was all dance and energy, but this had some soulful songs, and of course, LEGENDS like KJY/SPB/CHithra. Too good. Pls do post some pics and experiences.

Appuram Amma enna sonnaanga? Pa.Vijay sonnathukku?!:-)))


ILA (a) இளா said...

//KMI was properly played by the musicians.//
haahahhhaha. True!