Sunday, June 12, 2005

Have been frightfully busy.. Have started work on a new Linguistic assignment and it has been taking all my time. Pressure. But I love it.
I even typed out a blog which is still saved as a draft.. Hope I shall be able to edit and post that soon.
In spite of this, I had a super weekend :)
The people from my dance class planned and went to crocodile bank, which is almost about 80 kms from chennai and went further ahead Mudaliyarkuppam Boat house. Awsome. We had to ride in a motorboat so almost got drenched in the spray. There is a small private beach resembling an oasis on an island. We had a good day. Took my handycam..
There was another private beach at the croc bank. The whole group freaked out there swimming and all were in the water... (everyone except for me and two others), got drenched from head to toe.. I love the feeling of bathing in the sea but its the stickiness thereafter. ewwwww..!
And also it would be good if there is a transport from the shore to the solid ground so that I dont have to get the sticky feet with sand feeling.. I hate it !!!
The crocodiles.. they looked like they were dead and like their skin could do with some super strong moisturiser. They dont move, they dont blink, and they have transparent eyelids.. what more could you expect? Only when some move, trampling on the other thick skins to go and idle and go into 'statue' mode again, then you realise that there is something ticking in them. And that thay also live.. there was also a snake park, which I didn't really bother checking out.
Andrea had a small dance session with the local village children and they had great fun. She was trying very hard to speak tamil. Yes, she has lived in Chennai all her life but can't speak all that well yet.
Also happened to catch a puppet show there. Something put together by the same village children. And the people who work at crocodile bank live there ... there aren't any shops for miles, but their children go to schools almost 70 kms into the city everyday.. and they are one with nature.. was amazed to see very young girls make agile climbs half way up trees.
Mom had great fun too.. Aditi also happened to come but she was soo engrossed in Angels and Demons that even if the sea had roared she would be like "Anti matter, Vittoria, Cern, Langdon.." I shouldnt have taken the book in the first place!
There's something about the sea... when the waves crawl on to the beach, sometimes dash and sometimes rush, and sometimes just laze in, its like I want to learn something from it.. No matter what the waves keep coming.. perseverence maybe be?
Yeah its all the rotation and revolution and the earth and the axis... all that is fine.. but I sometimes imagine a pristine blue sky, clear blue waters, and no one around for miles... and somewhere in the distance in the line of vision to your sides you see the land and water converge and become one.. and then some mist.. that would be wonderful.. and fishes playing hide and seek.. you just feel that there is something else which makes the earth turn around ... at that moment.. you are one with the world.. and you think all is love... there is no difference between you and the other beins.. like the rhythm within and the rhythm without, the music within and the music without are all part of a cosmic symphony and there is nothing but you.. and then that you are nothing. Feel as light as a feather, feel everything around you dissolve and float , float above to higher realms, to where there is only white... and the white, that is love.. you breathe, see, live love.. And you feel you are embraced, tenderly, held, encompassed ..... and then your finger is softly encircled by a hand which leads you, guides you. And you are safe. Protected. Nothing to worry. No cares. No burdens. No luggage. And that sensation brings you back to the many hands that encircled your finger when you faltered. Your mother, your father, your grandparents, your friend, your partner. And maybe, you think God works his love through people.. and maybe, are the people God?
And when your hand reaches out to wrap another finger or a hand, the love that is in you flows out, the God in you flows through, the goodness flows through, and connects. And when that happens maybe, I think, we are all part of one..So many zillion parts of One.
And maybe if we open ourselves a bit more, maybe our lives will be more complete? And more loved.. and more loving. And that would be Godliness........
Floating back...........
I am bone tired.. I still have so much work... and I love it :)


Arvind Srinivasan said...

appappa, enna oru hypnotically-philosophical passage...but then, brought us back all to 'reality' with a THUD, with a still have so much work ;)

I've seen that as a pattern in all philosophical posts...which leads to the question, does philosophy culminates reality or vice-versa ?


Chez said...

Whoa! That was a very immense post. Who doesnt love the sea and the waves??

I watch it every day, every night, and now too from my 12th floor apartment.. its great...

Hey jimmy,have you read 'தண்ணீர் தேசம்' (Thannir Thaesam) by Vairamuthu?? If you havent, i suggest, you go get that first and read it NOW!! For a person like you enjoying the sea, you'll revel in reading that masterpice..


கால்களை தானே
தொட்டன அலைகள்
மனதை எப்படி?

(If you cant see the tamil fonts, Change to UTF-8 encoding (View/encoding/UTF-8))


Kaalkalai thaane
thottana alaikal
manathai eppadi?

The waves, graced only the feet, havent they? how come they touched the heart?)

Chez said...


என் வலைபதிவையும் உங்கள் இழையூடலில் சேர்த்ததற்கு நன்றி!:-)

(Thanks for Blogrolling me..)

Sriram said...

With your request for "peace adn quiet" I guess you mean you wanna be ship wrecked on an uninhabited island :D.. welcome back to blogging.. Oh, and yes, I miss the beach, and of course beautiful women sun-bathing as well ;)

Gangadhar said...

You love pressure!! I've said already that you're a brave girl..Handling pressure makes the humanbeing perfect..
Hey..i like to watch crocodiles..
And you depicted that Godliness aspect in such a beautiful manner..Great,Chinmayi..
See you again..

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Magnus--> Major translation happenening eh?? ;)
hoah Sriram .. I get it loud and clear.. single and looking?? but then evn if guys are not single, they will still look ;)and no i dont want to be shipwrecked.. I want to be seeing some humans also.. :) Private beach is good enough.

ioiio said...

I havent grown up enuf to understand the last para..

but i always wonder how god has balanced out evrything.. brutal power and dirty looks together in one being like crocs for example!

Chez said...
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Chez said...

Different translations are the things hapening recently.. Many people like me love to blog in tamil.. There are some persons who do not know tamil and there are even some more persons who know tamil yet, they couldnt read the tamil script... weird blogging world..

So it has become a good code of blogging among us bloggers to try and provide both Thanglish and English translations wherever possible..
we just don mind, if we can do it.. cos we love blogging in tamil :-)

You too can.. its very simple.. we can type in english and it'll show in tamil.. like 'ammaa' for 'அம்மா'.. even in notepad. The E-kalappai software can be downloaded from here

Try it once and you'll love it.. Here's my first tamil post. Its full of fun! :-)

Very recently, our Viru has found it interesting to blog his கவிதை (kavithai) in tamil. :-)

Ganesh said...


enappa idhu ore philosophical mazhai, but enjoyed it very good.
Ivallo busyairuke when do you get time to practise singing.
When I was learning carnatic(I was 10 at that time) he he :), chamatha brahma mooharthila practise pannuven thanks to my guru Chitoor Appanna Bhagavathar, during college days i used to practise with my friend Sriam Ganghadhar, nowadays only sadagam is 'shower sadagam' :)
(my guru Neyveli Santham sir ida padichu avvoladhan)

Sriram said...

*Devilish Grin* Muhahahaha! You've been tagged lady! check my post for details..

and Don't over work yourself. it pays a lot to be lazy :D ;)!! *Yes, ask me how much it pays*

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

ok Sriram dude.. check the blog!

Sriram said...

I can't believe that you've played Legacy of Kain!! I'm a fan of Kain, but by now you should have guessed that Raziel's my favorite. why? free will ;)

Sriram said...

Oh! and DId i tell you that I'm now officially your fan?, esp. since u have an awesome voice and you know about Raziel!!!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Well cool Sriram.. Am I honoured!! :)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

And I thought I mentioned somewhere that I was a gamefreak.. and also asked for suggestions there.. yes Kain was my fav.. played it almost non stop with breaks for eating and singing and sleeping and ablutions.. ;)