Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Help needed

Is there a way to change text, which is a picture object in Microsoft Word to text so that I can edit? I am so fed up of typing out the whole original text and then editing.. I guess it was copied form a PDF and then pasted to MW.
Please help and ASAP!!!


B said...

usually, 'scanning' software can try to convert them into text. I do not know if they work with already saved files...but you can also try and first print out the pdf and then try to scan the print out (and then specify in scan settings that its a document and you want it to be converted to text). It might not come out perfect..but it might help get some text in..without having to retype.

Ganesh said...

surya suggestion might work.

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Vijay Ramamurthi said...

Am a regular visitor of ur blog, first time commenting. Nice blog.

If u have access to the pdf document
there are a bunch of things that u can do 1) save it as text file, so u can take the text from it, or 2) when u select and copy stuff from the pdf file, copy as text instead of as picture.

If you do not have access to pdf + if u have access to the OCR reader(comes with scanner software)

instead of printing and scanning again, try reading the pic file using the OCR reader software and u shud be able to decent text out of it.

Sriram said...

Ah! at last, something related to my field of research. OCR's don't really work that well. However, try opening the original PDF file. There is an opition in Adobe reader called "select text". Use that and copy the text into word. That is the best way to do it. lemme know if it works.

ioiio said...

Sriram..select text ellaam eppa OCR aachu.. Sollave illa..

btw select text works if and only if the PDF document is created as a text document..So u can try that for sure..

But If its created as an image then you have to do use the option called "Capture" in one of the pull down menu bars..which performs the character recognition..

But there are two issues associated with it..

1. They are no where near accurate.. I have used it thousand times, so that i cud make all the docs searchable.. So if I were u.. instead of searching and editing all the mistakes, I wud rather type it..

2. Even if u want to go for it.. U wud require a Adobe professional version..(not very difficult to get in India - the land of pirates). Im not sure whether the new readers come with this option or not..

Hope it helps..

Twin-Gemini said...

Is it a Screenshot from a PDF, and inserted as an image in Word? If that is the case, I have not seen a clean way to edit it. OCRs dont really work well. You are probably better off typing it in manually.

I am not able to visualize the issue quite well, so, if you dont mind anyone else looking at that document, then email me that document or the item in question and maybe I can try and see if I can help or maybe I can ask one of my colleagues who might know of a way.

Unknown said...

You can try PAINT SHOP PRO .....

it has a lot of pic's & text editing opt....

nice blog :)

Chez said...

Hey Jimmy,

Why bother when u have Google to search...?? There are a number of converters available!Most of them are Free for limited trial period.

I use PDF Ripper. U can download it from here

There are a number of others! Google to get something to Googly ur PDF file. :-)

IBH said...

I think what sriram did wuld work....but u can download that PDF ripper too..it worked for me!

Vasanth said...

I wish I too was a technosavy...sorry chinmayee...