Friday, June 24, 2005

I am back here .. Finally

The past one week has been sooper frustrating.. for starters, My net connection conks. had a deadline to meet. My writer conked. So couldnt send the documents I worked on after copying.. The floppies I used must have emerged from a garbage dump and landed right into some manufacturing unit. I try and copy files, it goes to another comp and refuses to open my files. So there I went translating all the documents all over again..

Too much driving also. From one end to the other. Yasaswini leaves on monday. Haven't been able to do soo much of work..

In between some good things happened too.. I finally got to catch two movies at the Theatre.


Directhit said...

does really drive the point on wht girls ought to go thru in our society where in everyone's keen and doubly keen to know whts goin on with celebrities... .. hopefully our nation changes all of it with time... speaking of society.. did u get a chance to watch Anniyan? Its tooo coool!! really a MUST WATCH for all indians...

Chez said...

Floppies are long gone Jimmy,

Switch over to CD-RWs and Given the price i cant suggest USBs as of now but u can go over to CD-RWs... :-)