Wednesday, June 15, 2005

THANKS people...
for starters I used the Acrobat and an OCR.. when I right-click after ctrl a, it shows me to select text with OCR. So the biggest prob in my life is solved.. but guess this has a trial period too.. but until so far away, it will be so good.!


Baejaar said...

I dont know which particular OCR you are using. I guess you have installed some commercial OCR's trial version.

I suggest you either look at open source JOCR or else the free SimpleOCR

Both are free and can be used without any limitations.

IBH said...

Tee hee! U have been tagged again! but take time Chins ;)! do it when u get a chance!

Ganesh said...

IBH, you should be given
the tagging title :)

Chinmayi were you able to get the counter thing goin on ?
And you havent answer my question regarding you sadhagam/practise when do you normally practise ?

Thou shall answer this time without fail. :)
PS read the rehman article when you have time

sorry, romba overa demand pannarennu nainakiren