Friday, June 17, 2005

Whats the Apple Powerbook? And how good is it?


Chez said...

Apple systems are always a kind apart from the 'ordinary' systems. Ever drooled over those cool colourful desktops? Then you'd know. :-) As like Sony Vaio, they too on the higher side on the price.

Different Operating systems, different... well, rather than listing.. i'd say, its completely different. Right from the processor to Operating system, softwares... everything is indigenous. They are quite fully packed with features.. different features!!!

For starters i'd suggest u go thru this apple website

Kaps said...

Are u referring to the iBook. Hv never used one....but fellow blogger Hari has one...u might want 2 check with him

Baejaar said...

Apple's systems are a reasonable compromise between the simple Windows and the powerful (but difficult to use) linux world. Only issue is that you will have to spend some time to learn the new OS, shell out more money than wintel clones but its definitely value for money.

Anush said...

Hey I am a proud owner of Apple PowerBook and its the top of the line Laptop from Apple with Mac OS. a Great look and feel... will give u some information. :-)

Prabz said...

Imagine a cute boyfriend of yours on your lap who everyone around will envy.. A eye candy.. Cute OS.. thatz apple powerbook..
But battery life wise it sucks. Over heating..low battery life and all such problems exist!!If you are a power user, you are out in the dark.. but if want to just look trendy.. of course this is yours!
btw: i love apple.. i own apple products!!

anantha said...

I think I read a couple of your older posts where u said u are a gamer. So, if u are looking to have a comp that u can play games on, I think you better stay of Macs. Most ((if not all)) of the major games, do not have Mac versions. And come to think of it, I can't think of any reason why you shld jump to a Mac. I mean, for a lay user like me, the Mac is no treasure trove. And I think that replacement parts for Macs are v.v.v. costly compared to normal PCs and u certainly cannot get to Richie Street for replacements!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

they r good and brilliant (much better than windows) but i suggest u wait till 07 when apple compes with intel chips rather than ibm 1s (theyll be much bettwe, and can finally kick some windows ass)

ioiio said...

Intel better than IBM.. U gotto be kidding..

For Quality stuff..IBM is always the better option.. Im worried abt the performance in the intel version of it thou Im sure the cost wud come down

harry said...

Hi chinmayi,
i own a Ibook and not a powerbookand someone said batterylife in apple sucks..guyz gimme a break..batterylife is arnd 6-7 hrs. btw if u r looking at gaming i wouldnt suggest apple.for me i am an MBA student so all i would be requiring is MS office and a system which is robust,besides i am not a gaming freak. so for my requirement apple rocks esp the looks and the resolution.Tiger OS has some amazing features and has been listed in the top 100 products ofthe year by PC magazine. if you are bored of windows crashing then ucan goin for apple.

blog : http:\\

Harish Sivaramakrishnan said...

I use a powerbook at work and an emac g5 at home. Apple products are amazing and MAC OS is just awesome. Yeah prices are towards te higer side but powerbook is a worthwhile investment to make is what my opinion is!

Krish said...

There is one thing that stands out on the Mac platform (compared to the Wintel one) and that is superior graphics. So, if your main purpose of the laptop is:

b)Word processing/blogging

then any PC will do. But if you want, in addition to the above:

a)Better DVD movie quality (if you are into watching DVDs on-the-go)
b)Richer gaming experience,

then Apple is definitely superior, but comes at a slight premium.

Vijay said...

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B said...

Hi Chinmayi,

You were planning to add more details of the Italy trip. We look forward to reading it whenever you get the chance to post it.

Having listened to the will be all the more interesting to read your experience.