Thursday, June 16, 2005

Last few Books I Bought/ Borrowed:
Dan Brown’s collection. Mills and Boon crap, Emotinal Intelligence, Remembering Past lives, I ching, A Bend in the Road (Michael Sparks)... some more I forgot.

Books that interested me from start to finish:
Dan Brown, Autobiography of a Yogi, Swami Rama, Search in Secret Egypt.

On Writing by Stephen King:
NO CLUE.. haven't read even one of his works.. pleeease dont hate me!

Congo by Michael Crichton:

No clue again.. do I hear some sighs??

God of Small things by Arundhathi Roy:
Didn't really get this one, though I read it as soon as it was out. Didn't like I should say. Maybe some day

Tin Tin Series:

It by Stephen King:

Wings of Fire – An Autobiography of Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam:
HAve read half.. really like it.. no unwanted show of the language.. simple, touches you. And conveys the message.

A Long Walk to Freedom – Another Autobiography by Nelson Mandela:
Duh again

All of Asokamitran’s books.
oh god I dunno abt this Tag now..

Last Book I Read:
Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, Mills and Boon Crap, A bend in the Road

Currently Reading:
Mills and Boon crap.

Five Books That Mean a Lot to Me:
Amar Chitra Katha series
Dan Brown
Books by Michael Sparks
Philosophic and Religion (not started off with Osho though.. )
Anything nice and a good read.. and thru which I can enrich my vocabs and stun people .. haaaaaaaaa
I would like to tag these people:
Let me not tag for now.. the people in my list will be tagged sometime or the other. Do I hear thank you -s?? Make it readable ;)

P.S. All questions will be answered.. In two days.. have to give myself deadlines now .. *sigh*


Ganesh said...

Thousands of Blistering Barnacles!! ;)
"Ten Thousand Terrifying Turtles!"
Yipee another Tin Tin fan.
Man who can forgot those numerous hilarious curses of Captain Haddock.
And hilarious prof Calculus.

Tin Tin
Amar chitra comics

My all time favourites.

check this site out

Ganesh said...

I think Captain haddock says something like this Thundering Typhoons and billions of blue blistering barnacles

Anush said...

Wow Are you the playback singer chinmayi.. thats nice to know that you are into blogging too.

Sriram said...

*Lets out a huge sigh of relief and profusely thanks chinmay for not tagging Sriram*.. I'm relieved :D.. can't take anymore tags :P.. and yes, we all love Tintin! and what is that I don't hear? Why not Asterix??? just kidding. don't get too swamped wiht work.. do blog as well ;) nice talkin to ya! Peace! (SHould I say Kiddo?)

Chez said...
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Narayanan Venkitu said...

I would like to read Arundathi Roy.
Also asokamithran.!

Too many books to buy during my next India trip.

Hope I buy myself my own airline by then.! Just kidding.!

IBH said...

Chins, i think there is a prob here :) I wanted u to tag ur hoo!aiyoo neraya confusion confusion!
anyways thanks for honoring the tag!

Chez said...

By the way i gather from this post, I see u just lose interest as soon as u r half way thru the pages.

Adding to that is the fact that u have chosen to read all those books that need quite some patience as they tend to leave u lost somewhere in the middle. unless u turn back the pages again and again u'll never know where u are!

God of small things is a masterpiece. only if we read patiently, we'll feel the ecstacy behind her narration.

Ah, here comes TinTin and Amar Chitra katha.. as Sriram said, Why not Asterix? What a fun it was to read them those days!!!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

I like asterix too.. But i could mention only three!! I have had tummy-clutching moments of laughter reading the crass gaelic jokes .. yup i love them actually

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Oh sorry IBH but I still dont get you! Tag my list of what?

Gangadhar said...

Just dropped in... to say "Gud Morning,Chinmayi"..
Nice list from your side....I like to read conversational fiction(like John Grisham's works} rather than descriptive ones..

Chez said...

Jimmy, the confusion is,

you have to put ur own list of books based on ur own collection. u finished off commenting on just what books the person (who had tagged u) had listed. u neednt comment on them.. u can come up with a list of books u have read and which u have found very interesting.

Anyway, we found that interesting too.

Anjali said...

Chinmayi !came here fromVenkittu sir's blog.Found lot of similarities in the books u and i have tagged.Great list.I'llbe regular here.have blogrolled u.

Bharath said...

Asterix....Thats an absolute favorite.....Have all 37 books in my collection...

If you need to read them on the web, click here...

This site contains a collection of all 37 books in the series scanned up....


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Hi Anjali
Nice to see you here.. thanks for drpping in a line!

museful said... am a big fan of asterix, Tintin....came here thru Anjali's blog...added ur link to my page...and loved ur songs...especially deivam thantha poove from Kanathil Muthamital