Friday, October 07, 2005

20,000 and counting :)

My hit counter looks impressive again :)

I am now trying to integrate the blog to my own sleeping

And its becoming VERY tough to get the designer who put my website together. I need to change the look and feel and what not.. but whither Ravi??? He is damn good but cant catch him at all.. or rather I can't catch him.

He was my colleague at Sify or maybe a friend of a colleague, I am not too sure now. All I remember is that I saw him at the MMUG or the Macromedia User Group Meetings at Manasarovar Towers, were Sify once was. This was of course spear-headed by Kribs.

Wonder if I have to look for someone else to get my website up again.....sigh!


Kirubakaran A said...

How about Divya? She is damn good. Even if she is too busy to do it, I'm sure she'll hook you up with someone good.

She did this recently.

You might want to check it out... Have a gr8 weekend!

Krish said...

Congratulations. I guess once you integrate the site and put up small audio clips of your past songs and even peek-a-boos into your future ones, your hit counter will go up tremendously.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

guess cant give peek-a-boos to future ones.. :D That way I shall never sing in the industry again.. !!

Maybe when we produce our own music, maybe

Rajesh said...

Congradulations Chinmayi.

Its an art to post interesting article on our blogspots and
make people come again and again.

raj said...

Hearty Congrats Chinmayi. I must mention that initially, it was your status as a playback singer that drew me(was mostly looking for anecdotes about Rahman and Raja:-) here but these days, I do look forward to your thoughts , and your commitment to charity, which are refreshing and touching some times. Good job there. keep it up