Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Two more...

Have to search where I am .. but doable :)


Krish said...

Not too difficult. You are the first (from the right) on the first photo and again fourth from the right on the second (partially visible in both) :-)

Soundar G said...

Chinmayi, check out this photograph. You are visible more :)

You are probably visible in a couple more. Entire function photographs can be found at:

Also, I had given links for you about P990 review on mobile-review. I dont know if you checked the comment in that section. Anyway here it is.




Anonymous said...

thanks a lot soundar!

Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog off & on. Thanks for all the interesting write ups'.

Wanted bring this to your attention.Under your MY BROLL listing,if you click on Anand it has links to not so good sites.

T.Padmhasini said...

Vassan, Thank you. what you said is true. Apparently chinmayi has not opened her blog for sometime now. I tried to reach Arvind or Ganesh and could'nt. I am waiting for chinmayi to get up as she went to bed only a couple of hours back.
Shall remove it immediately.
Thank you once again.