Saturday, October 15, 2005

Work has been very hectic, with shooting mails, and checking up my work and others' work.

In between we saw Ghajini. I really liked the movie, only that the violence was slightly unpalpable. And I am also wondering what is the message that has been conveyed through the movie.

I read in the news that Rahman anna is making the music for 'Sivaji', so am guessing that will be something great to look forward to.

Also, there is this yearly practise at Raja Sir's house, where they ask people to sing at their Golu and have heard that it is a great experience. So Raja Sir's wife sent word to ask me to sing there. I was not sure whether it was a concert or what, but finally decided to sing one song. The manager said that a lot of people are going to sing one song each, or something like that.

It was pouring, so much so that a lot of our roads looked flooded. Once we went in, we came to know that Mrs. Sudha Raghunathan was giving a concert actually at 7:30. Sudha aunty has known me since I was a kid and she is also a good family friend.

I sang a Ganapati Bhajan and got up. It was a great feeling to sing there. I met Bhavatharini as well after a long time. We caught up on things a little bit and met Mrs.Yuvan a little bit leisurely. Then Sudha aunty came at around 7:25 and started the concert bang at 7:30. We listened to her for some 45 minutes and then headed home as I had so work to finish up. Just as we were leaving Raja Sir came in. After that we left and came back home.

In between I also slightly dented our car. The first time it happened with me. All thanks to a dumb van who decided to back up when were all waiting to take a right turn. It was packed due to the festive shopping and walking would have been faster than driving around the city. And this fool who wants to take a right turn decides to change his mind, and back up and go straight instead.

And then he has the cheek to come and see what happen to his tin-can of a van. Sigh and a double sigh.

The good thing has been the weather in Chennai. Raining all it can, rinsing everywhere, for all the lapses that has happened in the past few years.

The more it rains, the more I want it to. The people here really struggle for something as basic as potable water.

There was one thing that I have noticed in my speech. Thanks to all the translation I am doing I have started using words like 'unctuous', 'ascertain', 'hinder' and what not.. Worse used them in the studios here, where people dont know whether I am using a good word or what. Thus got ragged royally and have been at the receiving end of a lot of words. More like the GMAT types.. :) Cant really help it, I am typing words away like a blitzkrieg on the computer on a day and night basis sometime :) But Cool.

One more thing that I have realized lately is that when you have enough work that you like, even when it becomes slightly arduous, you dont really feel like entertaining yourself. Or this is how I feel. Its been almost 4 months since I stepped into Dance Class. Somehow the urge to take the car out to go anywhere is really not there. Whether its a preview or for anything. Good that I am working from home. Poor mom has to do all the work sometimes while I keep peering into the comp. But guess now I will have to manage time well, decide sleep times, eat times, help-around-the-house times and all that. Sometimes I am thankful for the experiences that I have had, good and bad. Especially the bad cos it has made me a better person, opened new vistas of thought, of looking at people, and still it tests me whether I can still trust people and give them something called the benefit of doubt. Good. Thanks you God. I am happy for all that you have given me, but I am sincerely looking for 95% good things ;) Hope you are reading this he he...


Ganesh said...

"Thanks you God. I am happy for all that you have given me, but I am sincerely looking for 95% good things ;) Hope you are reading this he he..."

Yes ofcourse I am listening and my blessing are there ;)


Aakarsh said...

i forgot to ask you...I came to know that Raja Sir is giving a concert in chennai on 16th(my ill-luck, that i cant attend it..because of final exams..and i feel absolutely awful about not being able to attend). Are u a part of his troupe? or Are you just attending the concert? If u r..then, please post a blog abt the event, the songs/compositions played etc.,.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

aakarsh: nope am not performing in it.. but will definitely blog about it.

Soundar G said...

After reading your post about using different words, I got reminded that I need to install an "extension" called "Dictionary Tooltip" (I already have it installed in my office PC) onto my Firefox browser at home.

I dont know if you know about Firefox browser. Its an excellent (growing very popular) alternative to using Internet Explorer. "Extensions" are sort of enhancements that you can install later (after installing the browser). There are lots of useful extensions available in the below site:


You can download firefox from BTW, its free!


P.S: I am the same Gopal that commented on P990. Just that I have created a blog for myself. I will soon publish my favourite extensions for firefox browser in my blog. I somehow manage to make my comment a long one :)

Arvind Srinivasan said...

Did anyone record all those wonderful performances at maestro's place ??


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

arvind: yeah they do it themselves.. at Raja Sir' place.

Arvind Srinivasan said...

i.e. do we get to see it via telecast or webcast :-D ??

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

arvind: thats asking for a lot :)

Subramanian Ramachandran said...

hope you sing a soulful and a wonderful song in Sivaji too chinmayi :)

btw have u had a chance to visit Rahman's new studio?