Sunday, October 23, 2005

A lot that I cant forget........

To start off, yes its Gachibowli, but spelt wrong owing to hurry to get out of the business centre.

Day 2, we went to the stadium, did the customary sound check, took some pictures. Mrs. Usha Uthup, Vasundhara Das, Suresh Peters, Sunitha Sarathy, Mahathi and I were there. Mrs. Malathi was also slated to perform but she hadnt landed yet.

Once that was done we left to the hotel to have lunch. Met Mr. Kamal Hasan, Mrs. Revathi and Mr. Jayaram. It was a great lunch time, what with Mr. Kamal sharing anecdotes about service in IA flights in earlier times and also discussing the cuisines of the world.

Also met Mr. Sudeep, the famous Kannada actor. Post lunch we were asked to go back to the stadium to learn the song composed by Raja sir and we went back there. And we had no clue about it. I was also slightly worried. More so, because they handed me 5 sheets of lyrics in different languages. Thankfully the tune was the same for Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam. We started off in English and ended with English. Mr. Kamal Hasan, Mr. Jayaram, Mr. Karthik Raaja, who had come down for this purpose, Mrs. Usha Uthup, Vasundhara Das, Mrs. Malathi, Mahathi and I, and must add, Richard Gere, and most of the stars came up on stage to sing along.

Mrs. Malathi sang a telugu song and Manmadha rasa, and the whole audience was up on its feet:) Mahathi sang a song of hers in Telugu. Ms. Vasundhara sang a song called "Erimalai Naane" and Dating, Mrs. Uthup was singing her own Medley and so did Sunitha Sarathy, Mr. Peters sang a malayalam and a kannada number.

There was a major star cast which turned up, starting from Mr. Chiranjeevi, Mrs. Radhika and Mr.Sarathkumar, Sada, Shriya, Sangeetha, Mr.Vikram, Mr.Madhavan, Mr.Silambarasan, Mr.Mohan Babu, Mr and Mrs.Nagarajuna, Mrs. Revathi Menon, Genelia, Sania Mirza, Ms.Sumalatha, Dr. Rajashekar and his wife, Navya Nair, Sandhya, Tarun, Ramya, and some more actors and actresses, and of course, Parameshwar Godrej and Richard Gere. Mr. Gere was lauded for the efforts he had taken and basically this show was called "A time for heroes" to spread AIDS awareness in our country.

And though I didnt shake hands with Mr Gere we exchanged a few smiles. Anyway he is not going to remember me!!

After the concert there was a party at Mr. Chiranjeevi's residence that we were invited to, which we skipped.

In the hotel lobby, made friends with Sandhya and Navya Nair and their parents, who said they loved my song. BTW I sang KMI. And the show shoul be telecast in Sun TV.

This morning we woke to a pretty rude shock to realize that our Gold jewellery had been stolen from the stadium. We had kept it, just in case we decide to go to the party. And with that 80k down the drain. So this charity show has been something to remember. Sometimes I wonder why is it that good people are the ones who have to go through trials and tribulations, only to be happy 'in the end'. Who cares, really, when for someone life has been full of struggles, and when people who dont seem to have any ethics or values are happier, have lived more succesful lives. The more good people want to rise, the more God wants to 'test' them and knock them down so that they may rise higher, and sometimes to be knocked down again. Nice way of doing things. Its disturbing when I wonder what I have done to deserve this. Just that I go to some show, something gets stolen.

Mom went to the Police station and lodged a complaint and mom said that they are cracking down on who could have taken it. If someone from the audience flicked the bag, then there is no hope, but if its those guys, who place the chairs, maybe. That is, if they havent already sold the stuff. Bottom line is the Police are really cooperating. Only wish we had remembered that the jewels were missing last night when we left.

For now we are just waiting for light at the end of the tunnel.

To have a better detail about the show, check out Kamal's post on the same. We usually dont get to see much detail, since we are backstage. We lose out on the show as such.


Aakarsh said...

Any leads..reg the Bag. i hope/wish it is traced out.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

None whatsoever

B said...

Very sorry to hear about the loss on an otherwise good day for you.

I guess its rare that we get back these kind of I will wish you that you get a sudden windfall of some extra opportunities in the next few days to make up for the 80k -:)

Kirubakaran A said...

I totally agree with Surya. Good luck!

Ram Viswanathan said...


Sorry about your loss.. It's not just the 80K worth of stuff you lost but also the trust..

But guess what.. someting big and better is waiting for you.. so keep smiling and chug along..

Gangadhar said...

Hi Chinmayi,
I'm so sorry about that bad incident..Actualy I was intended to hear your nice experiences in Hyd..And I was shocked really...
And I agree wid our fellow blogger friends...
Keep smiling...and
take care..

raj said...

chinmayi, hope you can put behind this disturbing incident. Generally, I have observed that you project a very positive attitude so I guess you will get over this also(This too shall pass!)

What you said about the good people going through tribulations before succeeding - yeah, that is 100% true though it is difficult to pappreciate it at moments like this. Times like these, that famous Rajni dialogue makes a lot of sense:
"Andavan nallavangalukku neraiya sodhanai kuduppan aanaal kai vida mattan. Kettavangalukku neraiya kuduppaan aanal crucial time-la kai vuttuduvan"

There was also a funny SMS variant of this:
"Aandavan kettavangulukku aayiram beedi kuduppaan aanal match stick marandhuduvan. Nallavangalukku ore oru filter cigartte kuduppan - with a lighter, too" :-)
Cheer up and I hope you get back what is rightfully yours

Cogito said...

thanks for the post.must have been a great event. sorry to hear about the loss.

Rathi said...

OOps....I got my handphone nicked last week...i nearly cried! but no one will bother to return. anyways, sorry that you lost your jewellry Chinmayi.
Different topic....AAA I love Richard Gere, he is just so handsome. Do you guys get the mastercard ad he does (the one with the little girl and the birds...) Just too cute for words.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

rathi: yup we do :)

Chennai chatter said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Good to know that your performances and interaction sessions went on well...Good shit that you sang Kanathil..!!

Dont let the chain incident affect your spirits n voice in anyway! Lets hope something is being done to track that stuff..

Arvind Srinivasan said...

There is really no answer,and yet the same time, an answer, if only we chose to think outside the box.

But the problem is, faith is what we never understand, but still bel. in anyway (dont remember the source)- so no amount of thinking can shake us out of it !.

Is faith good or bad ? - Dont know, can't answer !!

Hopefully, you'll be blessed with more of it sooner and will also recover the same !

Harish said...

guess u really enjoyed the show...but am really sorry for what u've lost...will pray for u to get ur things back soon...take care

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Sorry to read about the loss of those precious items. I hope you get them back. By the way, still wondering why you left it in such an unsafe place??? Or did you forget it.!
Nice list of celebs and should have been fun.!! I am sure everyone would have loved that wonderful song from KMI.!! As I've mentioned several times I love that song myself and it never becomes stale.!
Kamal sharing his experiences of IA.!!, Mrs.Nagarjuna, Richard Gere.!! What a lineup.!!

Note: Do you remember a malayalam album called Ninakkai.!! I rented a Malayalm movie DVD last week and it had the footage ( advt.).

Your song was very nice and you looked nice too ! Congratulations.

Our fellow blogger JO has said that he'll get the CD for me.!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Mr. Narayan: I hav sung only in Swandham and Iniyennum .. Ninakkai is an album by the same production ompany but I am not part of it. And the pouch was with mom's bag .. and was stolen .. and as I said late before we realised.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Thanks for the clarifications Chinmayi..I checked again...It was a double commerical for iniyennum and ninakkai.! I was so thrilled by the songs.! Wonderful Melodies.!

Rajesh said...

Feeling sorry for the loss of your
valuables in the function. But it all indicates to take much more care during such public functions.

Who knows..Some MD's who have been
there for the function would be thinking to give you a better number in their next film..!!!!!..

BTB, rediff too had an article on the function.. it was nice to see..that function was held for a good cause..

Kaunquest said...

Chinmayi, Good to see your blog. Very down-to-earth. I have listened to your malayalam songs and am sure you will make a great career in singing.
Interesting perspective of the movie world. Sorry to read about your loss, hope they find it soon.
All the best.

Twin-Gemini said...

Sorry to hear about the loss. Hope you get it back.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about your loss as you said the more righteous you are the more god tests you to see whether you will stick to your ideals.. it is really easy to take the easy way out and crave in to wrong ways.. but once you decide to be will be put through a lot failures hardships and suffering i guess we are always WHO WE choose to be.. and always remember we will get rewarded in double for our efforts put in..So smile..:)