Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Why? What? Where?..............whatever

Who are we all? Where do we come from and where do we go? And what is all that we do in between?

What is honesty, what are values?

Why is that values are not the same everywhere? Is it really so easy for us to hurt someone without a thought? What is this whole kinda separation in the name of religion? Aren't we cultivating hatred? Caste, Creed, Community........

You wake up in the morning, breathe the air around you, what are we gonna do during the day? are we gonna make someone hapy that they know us, or make them curse us with all their might with what we do to them? Why is jealousy and hatred all around?

Is it really so tough to love? To just be... is it tough to be true children of God? To maintain the 'Clean Slate' of mind that we had when we were born? Or were we born with all this?

When I look at someone, I usually wonder what is going on in their minds, about me. And I wonder if I had to stand apart and look at myself, how would I look? How am I? What do I seem like? What is the impression that I am giving? Do I look stupid?

Is it easy to hate and all that tough to love? Is there so much of violence in us?

What are we here for? What are we expected to do?

What is humanity? Are we human at all? Or are we something else? Why cant there be one world religion? And though people say it, why cant it be brought to effect? Is it politics, or at the end of the day, doesnt it boil down to the stupidities of the human mind?

And why is that there aren't too many of us who are comfortable staying alone? Is it because we cant be alone with ourselves because we are too scary? Can we be happy in a room all by ourselves and with no one to converse with?

What do we think of? Can we put thoughts on hold? Yes we can. Or so I have read. Is the thought-less state tough to reach. I read, that to get there, we should first let our thoughts whoosh by and look at them dispassionately. And then there are gaps between thoughts. Those are the gaps which will slowly become bigger and lead to the thought-less state.

The power of the mind.. its sooo written about, spoken about.. still the mind cannot be pinpointed on the anatomy.
Psychology doesnt acknowledge the presence of 'mind'. Is it the brain or is it the heart? Or is it the conscience? Or is it a stream? Does wish fulfllment exist? Som say natural disasters are manifestations of wish fulfilment.. Is it true?

Are diseases a manifestation of the mind? what is it to have the power to heal? And when we do have it, what about the laws of Karma? Does it mean that we are interefering in someone else's Karma to suffer? Or is their Karma that we must find them and cure them? What about Mercy Killing? Is Euthanesia wrong? Or is it right? What is it to be able to look at yourself?

Sometimes when I stand in front of the mirror, not to satisfy my vanity, but to maybe find out who is this person looking back at me? Can i morph into someone violent? Or Can I morph into a Saint?

Who am I ? Am I you? Or am I someone else? Are you me? Are we allone? Are we all pieces of a whole? Then why is that we are happy at someone else's downfall? What is the society? What is the environment if we aren't the one creating, maintaining, shredding, piecing it again? Is n't everything around us the way WE want it to be? Then why are we always unhappy? And when do I get the answers to the Why? And sometimes, Why should Why exist?


Narayanan Venkitu said...

What's going on Chinmayi.? Wondering why may Whys.!
Is everything ok with you.?

I wish we knew Why? If we did..we will all be enlightened.!!

I am glad you are asking all these questions. Life lies ( I've read somewhere) in questions.!! Life itself is a question.!

Take it easy..!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...


I am pretty fine.. just decided to type in random ramblings/thoughts/... whatever it is :)

Anonymous said...

would like to go for all your why's, still i dont want to bore you though! anyways some thoughts of mine form my collection of quotes upon yours, which will address some of your why's......

1. "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."

2. "A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?"

3. "When its a question of money, everybody is of the same religion."

4. "...the primary question was not what do we know, but how do we know it."

5. "The great question is not whether you have failed, but whether you are content with failure"

6. "The most important questions in life can never be answered by anyone except oneself."

7. "If Love is the answer, can you rephrase the question!"

8. "Sometimes we question things that we have done in our lives but how many times do we question what we haven't done in someone else's."

And a real good active and participating & provocating blog of yours, will go thro all over it some time later! and yeah you can see me often from now on your blog!
Have a Good Day!

Anonymous said...


Krish said...

I am reminded of the song Latha Rajinikanth sang in the function marking the completion of his 25 years in the film world:

"Anbu ondru dhaan ulagil unmai
Anbu illaadha ullam or ullam illai"


Ganesh said...


Thought provoking post.
You are on the right track.
I only wish everyone of us think as human beings instead of being colored by various layers of obstructions/blocks that weave around ourselves.
We are capable many great deeds yet we are also the most dangerous creature on the planet.


Subramanian Ramachandran said...

>>Can i morph into someone violent? Or Can I morph into a Saint?

Of course, you can, power of mind as they say........ (for more detailed explanations watch Anniyan :) )

>>why is that we are happy at someone else's downfall

bcoz most of the time we are so unconfident of ourselves, that we think our victory lies in other's defeat, or in other's victory we lose out.......

>>Then why are we always unhappy?
It is the result of our thought making process..if only we could switch off our thinking and maintain peace at heart we could prevent this "unhappiness-always" feeling.

>>Why should Why exist?

ithukku vaathiyar paatai kelunga.... "en endra kelvi..ingu ketkaamal vaazhkai illai" :)

Rathi said...

hehehe....Chinmayi,these questions of yours are the greatest puzzles in the world, yet to be solved.

"All the world is a stage and all the men and women merely players"
- Shakespeare


Unknown said...

Hmmm...this post had to be commented upon...although I do not know what to comment in response!

Anonymous said...

One thing for sure...these questions are not your own...they are put up by our culture/conditioning/or whatever you wanna call it....we all read these sorta things,and then ask ourselves ,the so called philosophical questions...but we never question the persons who were responsible for putting forward these questions in the first place...anything and everything which we say are part of knowledge which we acquired..and so we need not be guilty of what we are now.
I donno whether you have read abt UGK. if not, please have a go at his point of view, which may clear up somethings which you have thrown here, if you buy into his views at all..

Especially the videos of his conversations with many..

Have a good day !

another Anon (different from the previous Anon)

B said...

Maaya !!!

Arvind Srinivasan said...

:-D hee hee

Why do you ask all these questions ? ;)

We can all, but, only ask !

Sriram said...

Is this a blog, or is this something else? Is it you who's writing? or is it me, entering someone else's mind and writing this post? Is this all an illusion? Is the internet really the "mind matrix" and speaking of matrices, is the internet a singular matrix? (hee hee..see what you've gotten yourself into?)

Aakarsh said...

hmm..pretty (not petty) introspective...good..atleast it reflects that the life in you is very much alive chinmayi.

and the anons above(one of the two atleast or both)-->

Anon-1 : by putting your thoughts here, did u miss a potential blog on ur page.

anon-2: if you are Mr.K.N(if u know me, u know what it means),as i assume u to be, then whts the motive behind suggesting UGK.

T.Padmhasini said...

Beginning to feel gratified with this post of yours. Until Ganesh said I did'nt read this post.

The visit to the cancer hospice and my long talks to agni (the one side listening though) have kindled something. 'The gaps between thoughts and the enlargement of the same towards a state of thoughtlessness'-that is the crux of this jumble of sentences.

This is the moulding stage and the maturing takes place gradually with devine grace.

Till then keep pondering, shedding one after the other,filling the heart with vatrada kuraiyada anbu.

Anonymous said...

Padmasani madam and chinmayi,

I really doubt if there is anything at all like "thoughtless" state. Lets suppose that there is one like that and if one works(sadhana?) towards achieving that and lets even say he reaches that..But how on earth he will know that THAT is the state he wants to be in unless he uses thought and calls it a thoughtless state..The so called Thoughless states can't exist simply because we have to use thought to call it a thoughtless state..

Even if such has been identified and reached, what good has it for the one who did that? And how is it gonna help him/her anyway in this world ? R we not spending(wasting?) our lives energy on it instead of using them for our day-to-day activities ?

And one who tried to works towards that state shud also realise that what he/she is doing is not something's only affects the physical body...Body does'nt wanna do these things. It just wanna survive in this world and die one day. Body is immortal as it will be recycled by nature and another life form will be produced from that life energy. Where is soul/mind here ? R they all not our creations(continuity given by the use of thoughts)...

Even what we call as thought is what we know about thought and there is nothing else than that there.

Please reply


T.Padmhasini said...

since you haven't even signed in your name, I wonder why I should answer. You have thrown a vital question; and the velocity of your questions compel me to reply.

Some people start the way you have penned down. Your observations have weight; and logic in some thought process.

A small correction, body is mortal.

If you want a full fledged reply, sign up your name with your e-mail id. Pleasure will be mine to respond to your earnest quesries.