Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Uploading the audio on audioblog just takes forever. A few songs down and a few songs to go, sometimes I think I must check the uploading overnight, and when I wake up one file will be done!

And also when I am uploading something, impossible to do something else. Maybe my system needs to be changed. Inspite of 512 MB ram and all the blah blah.

I need to get all my songs uploaded so that I could sort them in their order of appearance.

I have not been able to find some 10 or more songs of mine, since I guess, they have not really banged into the scene. Anyway this should do good for now. :)

As I have been putting the songs up I realize that I have been given some superb songs which failed to reach the listeners, mainly because the movie didnt do well. Now I wonder why should they be intertwined? One example is the Kangalal Kaidhu Sei album, I feel its mind-blowing. But the aam-junta doesnt no about it because the movie didnt do well. Also a song called 'Eppadi Solavadhu' by Bharadwaj Sir, vanished into a movie called "Oru Murai Sollividu". There are a few more like that and hundreds of such albums.

Like Bose - the Forgotten Hero. If I, a singer, feel upset about the whole thing, I wonder how it is for the creator of the album, when it is not projected well, since he/she gives his/her all to each nuance and note and everything that goes into a song and an album as a whole.. sigh...and double sigh


Gangadhar said...

Chinmayi,I'm not getting your audioblogs...
"The requested URL was not found on this server. Please visit the Blogger homepage or the Blogger Knowledge Base for further assistance." This is i'm getting..

ada-paavi!!!! said...

do u use audio blog?? it doesnt take that long, ive uploaded 10 minute songs and not had too many issues, or do u use audio blogger??

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

yup yup yup I use audioblogger. and Ganagadhar, hav not put up anything on the site yet :D

Ganesh said...

can you post it here itself that would be nice

Arjuna said...

My poor thalaivar ARR always ends up in that mess :(

raj said...

chin, can't agree with you more on this bit:
"As I have been putting the songs up I realize that I have been given some superb songs which failed to reach the listeners, mainly because the movie didnt do well. Now I wonder why should they be intertwined? One example is the Kangalal Kaidhu Sei album, I feel its mind-blowing"

KKS was outstanding and I cant believe it hardly registered a blip in the TFM scene. That reminds me. I think it was vijay who requested you to pen down your experiences with ARR, and specifically in reference to this album and THAT song - that mesmerising Ennuyir Thozhi! When are you going to find time for that?
p.s: have shortened your 8 letter name to 4 letters for writing convenience :-)

Vani Viswanathan said...

So true...that so many pieces of good music go unnoticed...i loved Kangalal...I don't think even 1857 Rising was given the appreciation it deserved!! wonder why they become that way!
btw, came to know here that ARR IS composing for Shivaji; that's awesome news!

Narayanan Venkitu said...


Some of our fellow bloggers successfullyuse audioblog from India. For example Srivatsan, has recently loaded a lot of songs. JO does it all the time. Even Kiruba had done it earlier. ( If you want, all of them are in my blogroll)

If I were you, I'll check the DSL speed ( do you have DSL? or is it dialup?). If it is dialup...god bless you..I don't know if you can upload.!.

Please get in touch with JO, Srivatsan and get their opinion as well.

I am trying to get into your audioblog but not able to. Get the message 'Not found'.

Good Luck.! Of course that's for all of us as well..who are waiting to listen to you.

BTW, KKS ( Kangalal..Kaidhu sei) is a superb album...I love all the songs and felt very sad when it didn't reach the audience. My favorite songs - Cindrella, En uyir thozhiye.

I am not sure about Bose, though I liked a few songs in that album.

Oru murai sollividu - I haven't listened to it yet..! I'll do it this week sometime.

Ganesh said...


fate of songs tied upto the movie ,is such unfair game :(

Anonymous said...

Just a teeny tiny missspell. Call me resourceful but I found chinaudioblog.blogspot.com. Still, some songs just had a shrill noise. Most uploaded fine, all of which sounded great:)
Can you pl. upload your 'Anbulla snehidhi' number as well.

Rajesh said...

And inspite of the best efforts
by the MD's and the singer's..
the "LUCK" factor plays some role in reaching the audience.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

scout: I have rectified that.. I noticed it. and also rectified the other noisy uploads
Rajesh: I think the luck factor is slightly crappy. some great talents get shunned because of how teh movie is made, or anything else. No one can be a better example than Vikram, the actor

Anonymous said...


It truly is an unhappy feeling for the composer/singer when their songs are not done justice in films.

However don't you think it is the prerogative of the filmmaker to place those songs in his creation as he wants? Ultimately it is the filmmakers vision that gets created on the screen. Songs, BG Score and all other related aspects of the film only go onto emphasise this vision.

Thus said, a filmmaker of Shyam Benegal's eminence would know exactly how he envisions his movie. More so, as he comes from an arty backdrop, Benegal has a definitely different outlook as opposed to several other filmmakers.

While I am absolutely crazy about ARR's music and live and die by it, I do not think he is justified in lamenting that his songs are ill-used or not used at all in a certain film. That is the absolute prerogative of the filmmaker.

ARR is a blessed genius and people seek out his music and listen to it be it in well-made/ill-made/not-made films or just albums.

For instance, I do not think much of Mangal Pandey-the movie. But, any moment of my day, Al-Maddath Maula transports me to a different world. I don't really care how it was picturized or the fact that it was shredded up while it plays out onscreen.


Aakarsh said...

i havent listened to kangalal..but as u said, when some fantastic songs/soundtracks dont win the appreciation of people,it does discourage the artist..be it a singer or a composer.but thats the way it works here...as they say, its a very harsh world..where we never know what clicks and what doesnt...and why so!!

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

ashwin: dont think Rahman Sir has been lamenting or anything. have neither hinted not mentioned that Rahman sir ahs been lamenting or complaining. But Bose as a whole, God known when it came and went it went. The movie has not been marketed well. Its just my opinion, read again, my opinion that a movie, since it needs the music anyhow, should make sure that it is given emminence in the movie when and where possible.
And I still believe that if a film is not projected well, it doesnt reach the target - the audience. If thats not the case, why spend so much and make a movie anyway?
That people should listen to it whether or not a movie does well, hmmm.. aparently the people dont. it sometimes goes hand in hand. And Mangal pandey had a generated an extreme curiosity because it was an Aamir Khan -ARR combo once more. not to mention the countless promos. :)

Anonymous said...


You have not said it.

But, I did read some reports(unfortunately am not able to ferret out those links now) that ARR had mentioned in an interview that he was unhappy with the way his music was picturized in some movies. Like Bose, Like Al Maddath Maula(the song plays in the background and that too stops midway).

I mentioned that in the context of your post. Thats all.

And yes, arty filmmakers always stuck to their basics no matter how big the movie gets. Famous ones being Govind Nihalani's Ardh Satya(with Om Puri essaying one of the most memorable police officer's role of all time). This movie was released around the same time as Coolie. While Ardh Satya was far more gritty and better made. It was Coolie and the several other pathetic "Mere paas Maa Hai" sentiment-based-movies that went on to create box office history.

Om Puri did not fret that he was ignored or not marketed well.

Over time, good artists and their work onscreen would prevail and they would far outshine all the mediocre Annu maliks, kkkk-kiran-rukh khans and other shirtless talentless people around.

In that sense, ARR's work can never fade. Marketing or no Marketing.


Rathi said...

Chinmayi, I loved the Kangalal Kaithu Sei songs...very refreshing tunes. I didnt like the movie, but the songs used to be played on repeat on my pc when I was supposedly studying!

Rajesh said...


Coming to your example of Vikram.

I could find the determination and
strong will power in him that made him to wait for 10 looooonng years
to get a success thru Sethu.

So, it all goes to say that..Stay Focussed. though..one or 2 films
may not get released or even failed to reach the audience,in which we must have put great efforts.

Here is an inspiring article about Vikram in rediff.