Friday, July 15, 2005

Breaking News....

Finally Its time to tell that I have sung in Mangal Pandey - The Rising.

Though its been a process which has happened over a year, I needed the time, to be sure, before I opened my trap about having sung for such a HUGE project.

And I was very adamant that ONLY Rahman Anna should give me my break in Hindi. Whether it be one line, or one song.

My experience of having met Javed Akhtar saab, Mr. Ketan Mehta,Mr. Ashutosh Gowariker who also happened to be there when recording this song, and something I didnt expect, interacting with Mr. Aamir Khan, whom I met two weeks back, when I was called in for a correction. Details shall follow shortly.

Once again I want to say one Huge thanks to Rahman Anna. For fulfilling my wish. And more than that, my mom. If not her, I am a nobody. Its not that I am harping on it, but no matter how many times I say how important Mom has been in shaping me, is and will be to nurture and bring a fuller musician, it is never enough, and people (also those who know us personally) dont ever ever seem to understand. Rahman Anna is Great. This line has a lot more meaning to it.

Maybe I shall try my hand at Podcasting with this song. A milestone in my career, and a milestone in my blogging tee hee.

Coming soon... to this blogspot near you !!!


Mohanraj C Periyasamy said...

wow.. so happy to see a blog of the artist I like a lot :-) And podcasting by you should just be great..

Ganesh said...

Congrats Chinmayi
Eagerly Looking forward to hear this song. And many more of yours in Hindi

Baabooo... said...

Hi Chinmayi..
First of all convey my regards, and thanks to your mom for taking the time to reply for my comment.. thanks for the clarification.. Now I do understand i can't expect just the mundane stuff from you blog.. coz your blog is unique and you r no ordinary person..

Eagerly waiting for your song from Mangal Pandey.. congrats.. keep going..

Padmasani Mam,
Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.. cheers.

Kaps said...

any idea when the audio will be out?

Rohan Kumar said...

I just finshed listening up to the audio of Mangal Pandey and i couldnt resist dropping off this comment, U've done a gr888 job with that Holi number....way 2 go.

Jamuna said...

hey that's great... can't wait 2 hear it...

Unknown said...

Congrats Chinmayi.......

Subbu said...

Thought of dropping comment in your blog :)
Nice to know about your song in The Rising. Rahman would have created a storm in this movie, i guess. Waiting to hear soon.

Arvind Srinivasan said...

Awesome, heard the CD is out in Dubai/MidEsat...when is out in USA ?

Prasoon said...

Congrats n lemme tell, this is one helluva album. the songs get over you as and when u keep listening to the album.
I couldn't resist from buying the CD and I'd say rahman has again performed at his best. kailash Kher's compilation is awesome and most of all - I liked Main vari vari a lot - it enthuses.
chk a site for the reviews - - u'll be happy.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Well deserved break Chinmayi.

Congratulations and wish you the very best.

My source to listen is and I don't see it there.

Any other websites to listen to?

Surya said...

Been a while since i saw your Restaurant reviews on Chennaionline !!!
How about a blog with your Top 10 Restaurants (The Must visit ones for us Non resident Chennaiites who make the short trip every 1.5-2 yrs)

Ganesh said...

naraynan its you can listen to it at

Chinmayi is that your voice,the humming on the second interlude in Holi Rey song ?

Twin-Gemini said...

Whow! A Big Congratulations!

I was eagerly expecting the music of "The Rising", and now that you have also been part of it, will certainly listen to it. I am sure this will open the door (with a big thud!) for you to the big world of bollywood.

evolving_everyday said...


it is touching that you attribute your success to your mother. very few children do that.

wish you many more successful milestones ! :D

Gangadhar said...

Congrats Chinmayi..And I'd love to hear your song...And I wish u to achieve many more in the future!!

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ganesh, thanks for the info.

I bought the CD last afternoon and liked all the songs.

Will have to listen more to comment. ( I left the CD at week maybe).

Prabz said...

Hey Congrats! Now you can mesmerize the Hindi audience too :)

Vasanth said...

good eppo release??

Rathnavel said...

Dear Chinmayee

I heard the Audio Today..If you didnt post the blog, I wopuld have never recognised your voice..reat Sound Effects

ARR once again proves his prominence in period music...Rising Only Next to TLOBS

Arun said...

Are you the real Chinmayi? If yes, I couldn't biliv, its u. "Oru Thaivam thantha poove", is one of my all time favourites. When i heard u performing, front of Ms.Jayalalitha, i was mesmerized. grt t is. the kinna way u start de song. god, u have wonderful voice.

You've said you saw Ashutosh Gowariker while recording this song, is that for his next movie, Jodha Akabar, he met ARR ?

Pls Do reply.

KARY said...

Congrats! Chinmayi

IBH said...

that is indeed a great news! as prabz ritely said u can start mesmerising hindi audience too! :)

congrats gal!u are talking about all greats...and we get to hear straight from horse's am doubly happy abt it!

crsathish said...

congrats chinmayi...pls. blog more about ARR, his music, studio and also his team like flute naveen, sivamani....

Chez said...

HI Jimmy, sorry tht i cudnt be in ur blog for a long time.. It was Potter time, na.. thts why.. :-)

Congrats on Mangal Pandey..

And I was very adamant that ONLY Rahman Anna should give me my break in Hindi. Whether it be one line, or one song.

I wouldnt call that sentimental, cos, i know how it feels good to blush, gush and get excited taking-in those simple moments and relishing them... when it happens the way we want.. isnt tht right?? :-)

Soumyadip said...

I think I have to grab the tracks as soon as possible. I have read you, seen you (the pic on your blog), all that remains is to hear you.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

mohanraj: thanks for dropping by
ganesh: thanks :)
Baaboo: Thanks again:)
Rohan: Thanks :)
Cipher: Thanks :)
Arvind: Dunno when it is out in the US
Nayaran: Thanks:)
Surya: Yes, havent written for them in a while. I think they are highly pissed. I have the reviews but haven't sent it to them. I dunno whats stopping me!!
Evolving_everyday: thanks:)
Gangadhar: thanks:)
Prabz: thanks dude.
Arun Muthiah: that beginning was Rahman anna's idea, in the show.
Kary: thanks :)
IBH: thanks:)
crsathish: thanks :)
Magnus: yes it feels good to do all that. I dunno if its senti though:)
soumyadip: thanks:)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Crsathish: I was just gonna say I haven't met Mr. Sivamani. But that was before I went on the show.. so I have tolda bit about my experience of meeting him.
Arun Muthiah: Mr. Gowariker happened to be there. Why I dont know and I dont ask either! This recording happened almost a year back. What matters to me, is that I meet them my knowledge grows.!

Anonymous said...

Well done! Looks like you had a great time singing for bollywood. Am sure there will be many more in the future. And would love to see some snaps of your tour with ARR. Regards to ur mum.
-manoj (StudentConcepts)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Thanks manoj... been a while since we caught up :)

Rajesh said...

Got to hear the song Rasiya by Richa sharma and Bonnie in

It was a wonderful master piece by ARR Annaa..hmm..after reading your makes me to refer ARR
with the Anna suffix..

We would be happy to hear your song from "The Rising" ...if we could get it in your blog..

Otherwise..i need to search the Album in any of the stores here in London..

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

The reason I have not posted that song, is because of copyright issues. Dont want to get into trouble!!