Monday, July 25, 2005

Shake ..............

Well here goes... I experienced a very light earthquake last night... and turns out that I was the only one who felt it.. I am pretty sensitive I see.. there I was rapping away at my keyboard and I felt that my chair was slightly giving the drunk feel. Shaking in slowwww motion. And mom and another girl who was here, who didnt feel it. So I thought I must have been imagining ....

Answering some questions about how the Blog meet was, well I am usually not the type to go out and make friends. There were people who did that to me though, there were a few who recognised me. But since a lot of people were generally getting to know the others, must tell you that there were only 3 women, including me the rest were all men. Think there are not enough lady bloggers, and even if there are, they don't venture out. So off I went to play with Kribs' baby, and chat up with his wife, Sujani. It has been ages since we caught up, so this was a good oppurtunity for me. You can read up about it in this blog. And this. And of course it will be up on Kribs' soon. When it was time to leave, I met a girl, I forgot her name, very bubbly and outgoing and had a nice smile, who was coming to say bye to me while I was going to bye to her. So she quizzed me about my work, life. And met few other people. The other girl was from the New Indian Express. All at the time of leaving. Taking leave actually means having a conversation as is.! BTW didnt think I mentioned it was sponsored by Royal Enfield. They were willing to give us bikes.

And to Robbie, yes being someone popular can restrict your airing of your views. But we still do. We are not too public about it thats all. And yes those thoughts are mine. And btw, in the comments section of that post, my mom, Padmasani had put in her own. There were many times that she wished that she could become someone like that, so have I, but thankfully we didnt and dont and wont morph into repressed psychopaths. :)


Aravind said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Got a pleasant surprise today morning!! The surprise was nothing other than ur comment on my blog!!! Thanx !!

Robbie said...

Thank you for answering your questions with great patience. I guess if I were a celebrity I would be limited in voicing my opinions as well. But it is rather unfortunate that such a freedom is lost, but you do learn a lot of diplomacy which people like me will take a 100 years to learn. Glad to know that you had a good/mediocre time at the bloggers meet. Interesting to know that you plan a career in psychology. Best of luck with that.

Woodooz said...

The most difficult answer for any celebrity to give is on questions that relate to "Who is your favourite in your field?"

I have never seen any actor point out a single actress, or any actress rave about on actor.

So Chinmayi, if I were to ask you who your favourite Music director is, who would it be ? :o))))

Arvind Srinivasan said...


My 2 cents on diplomacy - we live and breathe it every day. How often do you feel the need to restrain yourself when expressing ? :-) Now, you cant rant whatever enters your head can you ?