Wednesday, July 20, 2005


And in Chennai... heavily.. I have not seen a rain like this in ages.. WOWWWWW.. I wanna go play in the rain.. and I can imagine mom saying "AWWMYGAWD" .. he he .. not really but since it doesnt rain that often in Chennai, they usually say not to get wet in the first rains... for some reason.. Bombay rains she allowed me to get wet as a kid.. :)
Ahh for happy times :)


Subbu said...

Wow.. chennaiyil Oru Mazhaikalam ah?
Even my mom won't allow to get wet during first rain b'coz she says all the dirt and smoke will precipitate.

Sriram said...

Aww.... this isn't fair at all! It wasn't raining when I was in school!!! Noooooo...

anyways, tis always fun to get drenched in the rain ;)... now, add a bike to the mix and it becomes unbeatable!

thefirstmutant said...

hey chinmayi!!!
the first song that i heard of urs was "en uyir thoozhiye" from KKS. i am not a tamilian, so didnt understand anything, but the music, and your voice created magic. i stumbled upon ur blog thro' a rahman yahoogroups. lol

anyways, i have linked u on my blog... do check it out.and keep writing, and visiting my blog too..

btw, congrats on your first bollywood song.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Rains are always fun. I remember my younger days..when we used to play in the rains, close our ears for heavy thunder and then pray to god for the power to come that we can watch Oliyum Oliyum.! Good old days.!

Yeah, Mom is right...the first rains usually disperse the dust and the viruses ( I've heard...!).!
into the air out.!

Chez said...

Chinna Chinna Mazhai thuligal serthu vaithene.. its raining here too.. :-) but rain in chennai is something special..!!!

Its true tht first rain pcisk up the dust.. but who in the world doesnt like the fresh smell of the first rain..?? Enjoy..

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Shalin_shah: Thanks

Didnt get wet and all.. But the smell in the air was awesome... the rains were as heavy as they showed in the movies !! I had forgotten in between what it was to see such rains ;)
And I remember doing the same too Narayan.
Sriram: Bike?? When there is a low visibility?

Jeevan said...

Hi Chinmayi i am jeevan from chennai i like you songs especially the song nengil jil jil from Kannathil Muthammital. Realy my favorite singer is Harine but I like your voice, I was thinking for many days who sing the song kadallekum assai from chellama. After seeing u r website my doubt was cleared. I the world all humans like to stand in rain, I like the climate before rain, it will give joy for me.

REFLEX said...

Here in Pune, people r enjoying the rains. I think may be it is because of this, they r getting more rains than Chennai-ites. When I was there, i never liked to get wet in rain, but here we go to some nearby mountains and get wet as well :).