Saturday, July 02, 2005

My blogs are now becoming few and far between. hmm...
After the rampage to cinema halls the past couple of weeks, night shows, deadlines, recordings, I could catch up on sleep only today.
Work wise things have been good. Yasas went back to Singapore. Aditi is super busy with her school. 12th std and all.
And some good things have been happening too. :)
A few of my friends got married. We were running from one to another. SO MUCH of driving. My restaurant reviews are soooooooo due.
Andrea's dance classes are happening full swing since she wants us o perform sometime in Aug end or Sept.
I still haven't retrieved my handy cam from a friend for two weeks now. wow.. funny how suddenly there is a lot of backlogue.
I got a request from an to publish mom's post on Amudhe Thamizhe on their website. Mom has to follow up on that.
For now Life is beautiful, busy, happy and joyful :)


demigod said...

Wish you the same should continue for ever. beautiful/happy/joyful :)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Thanks Rhavee:)

Kaps said...

You can post some movie reviews to keep the blog active.

Ganesh said...

things change and you are all happy now :)
so looking forward to some nice blog on music from you.

Arvind Srinivasan said...

Good to see you back, awaiting the post from your mom abt hindustani vs carnatic etc.

Ganesh said...


Famous R&B group BlackEyedPeas
has remixed old Raja Sir's song in their album Elephunk, the song is from the Rajini's movie Sri Ragavendrar.
check out my blog,I have given the song links

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Welcome back ...continue blogging!

PreethZzZ The Original said...

Good to see besides being so busy ur still able to keep on top of it all. Amazing well done.