Sunday, July 24, 2005

Yesterday's Blogger meet was good. Met a lot of new people. It was the first time that I went to Boat Club. It was a pretty beautiful place. And I checked out some people, ahem, boating, though the waters were pretty mucky!

And something new, as it has been pouring out here in Chennai, I asked mom whether I could drench myself in the rain. She said yes :) And off we went, me and Adi, to the terrace, and anyone watching us would have thought we were a couple of mad things, jumping and singing loudly.

There is something about the rain. When the intensity, decreases and increases, and when all the celestial lights go of and on with sound effects, it feels and looks very beautiful. And the rain can either make you feel joyful or desolate. There have been days, when it rained, and it used to leave a stillness in its wake, and I hated that. I still dont like it that much. One of the reasons, why I dont like weekends much too. Its very quiet. Too quiet for my liking. Yeah if I had been in the weekly grind, my view would be different.

I also wished yesterday, that with every raindrop falling on my head it would drop into my skull, a little bit wisdom. So that at the end of the rains, I will be one wise person. Knowing everything. And I wouldnt have to go through any sad 'learning experiences' again!! ;)

And with things I do, I would never make a mistake. ESPECIALLY in my musical delivery. I would never sing a wrong note, make a slip, you know, the works.... I would know who is a right person and who is not. What is a good situation and what is not, without really getting into trial and error. ;) hee hee.. asking for a lot I am. I would always do the right thing. I think what I am asking for now is foresight. To be able to look into the future. And to know whether I will be making any mistakes, whether I would hurt anyone, inadvertantly or otherwise, or be hurt, or like whether I drive my car badly, or mess up a lunch or a dinner, or get somewhere late where I should be on time, I would know it all. And I would never get into the situation. And with foresight. I would have learned from my mistake that I am about to make :)) LOL. But it would be good.

This stillness is very depressing. sigh!

Today morning was good .. went and played in the water at Gandhinagar Club. Tried very hard to stay afloat, but it was a very sad attempt. And now I am some 10 shades darker. And now my mother doesnt seem to recognise me. Very intelligent we were, Aditi and I, to choose the midday sun, and go into the pool without sunscreen. Well that was that, and I can only hope the tan wears off, and SOON!

We all then went to a place called Beach Palms, in Besant Nagar, to eat, but the fare was not that great. I might write about this soon on chennaionline.

I am thinking, I will also post some of the forwards that I get on sms, funny ones and otherwise.. would be good fun. And I think I will learn to swim in a week or so and then it will be joy!!!

So forward of the day --> What did Dela ware ?? Her New jersey. :)


Aravind said...

Hi Chinmayi,
very well written! I loved the "rain drops dropping wisdom in to skull" part....
good imagination!! :)

Subbu said...

hey chinmayi,
So finally managed a "rain dance" with your mom's permission!!!
Rain is always special to me.. especially when someone is driving a bike and drops of rain "cuts like a knife". Chennai i witnessed that rain is very choosy (??)yeah.. it rains in Tnagar but not in Adyar or vice-versa ;)

All the best for Swimming..
I missed this when my dad offered to teach swimming.


Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

I am crazy about swimming actually.. Always thought that just in case I fall into wter I must be able to swim to safety! Yeah I have had those cutting moments.. when I used to zip around on my bike..

Arjuna said...

Chinmayi, You havent answered my question :( - What was the advert that you sang for G.V.Prakash? I want to check out his music.

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Frankly I dont remember. I think it was a radio spot. For either Jewellery or Silk Saris. All that I remember was that it was very good:)

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Chinmayi, You're that singer who also dropped into The Hindu office with your Mom - she taught music theory at Kala Peetham in Alwarpet? I'm Swahilya, Reporter at The Hindu. If this is right, my mother was a student at the Kalapeetam diploma course. Nice blog.

Arvind Srinivasan said...

Rain reminds me of awesome songs by ARR - Thenmerku paruvakatru (Karuthamma), Chinna Chinna Mazhai Thuligal (En Swasa Katre)

Whatever happened to your pod-casting ? :-)

Robbie said...

How was your bloggers meet? I wish someone would write in detail about the fun you guys had. I think it is a great way of getting to know people. I also read your thoughts on anniyan, did you really enjoy that movie? or are you trying to be diplomatic? I feel like being a celebrity can take away your freedom to criticize.

Arvind Srinivasan said...


Are you standing in for 'Naradhar' this weekend ? :P

Robbie said...

It has nothing to do with 'Naradhar'. Being a celebrity can take away a bit of your freedom of expression because diplomacy can become a top priority, I was just curious thats all. I am sure you will not write anything bad about your boss unless you are totally anonymous. It is just a question of freedom of expression, not being the naradhar here.

Ganesh said...

robbie and aravind
arambichiteengala ?!,
Chinmayi you should write about the bloggers meet, what did you guys talk about ?
DC bloggers meetala indha renduma senthundu ore galatta needless say I was the target of their jokes. But it was all in good fun.

Aravind next DC meetla Rettaival Renguduthan center of attraction. :)

Unknown said...

First stop here ! The clock was very catchy :)

Looking forward to seeing Aaamir's 'The Rising'

Robbie said...

his name is arvind not aravind.. poor guy must be fuming now... there is another aravind here, so please next time spelling check pannungo:P and btw naanga ungala galatta pannadha enge ellarkitteyum pottu kodukkanuma? next timeum neengathaan dont worry

Robbie said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robbie said...

Since you are a Dan Brown fan like me, take a look at the analysis I made a few weeks ago by clicking on this link-

Venky Krishnamoorthy said...

A bloggers meet... and no pics of it. You must be kiddin'?

Shobha said...

Rains....have you experienced the Mumbai rains? Its divine (only when you are at home haan, doing nothing! hehehe)

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Swahilya: Yes thats me and yes thats my mother. Nice of you to drop in!!
Arvind: Sure does...!
And Robbie and Arvind: wow nice dialogue happening here... keep it going .. ! good fun! :)
Jayan: Thanks Jayan. Its not my own idea though..!
Robbie: I knew an aravind, in school who used to fume if we spelled his name Arvind.. hmm m..... and will check up ur link..
Venky: Yeah no pics.. cos I was too lazy to take them.. they will be up on Kiruba's sooon!
Shobha: Of course I have.. i lived there 10 years before moving to Madras in 1990. I remember going to school in Gumboots, almost knee length

Anonymous said...

ROBBIE and all the like you, Anniyan is a film, Me and Chinmayi would'nt mind watching any number of times. I had already written about it as how many times I wished I was Anniyan in our life's battle of 20 years. In our opinion its a superb film. Every INDIAN should see, cherish and assimilate and follow. Not many would have the guts to make films like this. So at least once we dont care a hoot for deplomacy. And the music also is fabulous to us in two songs.

Jeevan said...

Hi Padmasani

Your command is 100% true, in our Tamil film history Anniyan is a big technical movie. I like the fight in auditorium it has matrix effects and the song “Kumarri” we should appreciate the camera. Chinmayi I was watching your blog for a week, your writing knowledge is good. The songs that you had singed, which is u r favorite song?

Robbie said...

chinmayis mom: If I may call you that, well my question was based on the fact that a few of my friends said that anniyan wasnt a great movie to watch, I was wondering if being a celebrity could be the reason for the restrained review. thats all. I know that being a celebrity has its limitations and that was the reason why I put forth the question. I thank thee and thy daughter for patiently responding. Afterall what is life without controversy?

T.Padmhasini said...

Robbie do you know something. We thank you personally for that opportunity to express our true view on Anniyan. It speaks for us in lot many ways. Thanks to Shankarji for that film and thanks to Robbie for helping us come out with truth once, at least this once boldly.

Robbie said...

hey chins mom!
you dont have to thank me for anything. was just curious about what you really felt about the movie. My friends here always have negative comments for postive movies. for instance, anbe sivam for them was a "bad communist" utopian movie. I loved the movie. I wanted to know if the freedom of speech and critical thinking decreases when one becomes a celebrity. Sometimes an expert in a particular field can only be a good critique and if that person turns out to be a budding celebrity he/she most often stops criticizing.

T.Padmhasini said...

Robbie its true that getting into or even planning to get into public life chops away considerable amount of freedom. Thats only with regard to negative expressions or sensitive areas.
And one more thing about people getting into public life.Better for them if somebody acts as proxy for taking shit or dealing with certain complicated situations. Its all a package dea!!

Anonymous said...

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