Sunday, July 30, 2006

Though I cant see this post myself, which has been the state with a lot of blogs I regularly read, the recent ban on blogging and the lift thereafter, my ISP has still not made any amends on that, I am still wondering whether this gets posted.

The results to Super Singer will be announced on the 4th of August. The journey finally comes to an end. There might be a couple of more episodes after the telecast of the results.

More than anything else, there is an episode on all the behind the scenes action which I wont miss for the world! Bloopers by me, the judges, participants, the crew.

I intend to put up pictures of the crew I worked with ... soon :) Havent had the time to take the pictures.

Otherwise I have been pretty much bored. I want to do something new.. And work for 20 hours. It will be good to be in that state. In the quest to know what I am made of, I have come to realize that I cant be idle. And that too much driving around the city tires me out. And I hate shopping. With hate in capital H, capital A, capital T and capital E, bold and italicized for further enhancement. Its one of the most boring, non-brainer work to do.. Shopping for the costumes and accessories for the show, whatever little I did has made me come to that decision. There should be more like me in the city. And its such a bloody waste of time and energy. There should be a way of doing that faster. In about an hour or so. Which should include the travel and everything.

Happened to watch POC 2.. didnt like it that much.. was pretty bored. Hope the sequel does better.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Does anyone you know live in Maldives, or someone who knows someone living in Maldives?
I am looking for a translator who can translate from the Maldivian Dialect Divehi into English.
Please leave a comment if you do or mail me at
Will be highly thankful

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Duniya *GOAL* Hai ;)

I HAD to blog on this separately. Post Superman, B and I went to The Park to eat something. And as soon as we entered, the football fever was completely in the air. Though we were sitting slightly away from the TV, we decided to move closer to a screen and watch what was happening. And Brazil lost. Generally we both were getting a hang of the game, but each time a goal was not made, especially by Brazil, there were a lot of beeped out words. People lighted up, their cigarettes of course, made bets. Da da-da da-da. And minutes before the match was over and it was proclaimed that France won, there were so many who got up and exited, swearing, almost breaking tables. Wow! This was the first ever football match I watched completely, and I liked what I saw. But frankly, after having heard so much about Brazil and their star players, esp Ronaldo, for me it was no show.
And am gonna follow the world cup. Apparently this will be the first All European final four since 1982. As of now I am supporting Germany. Why? Because I know the language ... (*clapping my hands and silly giggle*)

Move Over Bird Man - Superman is my new crush!

So B and I went to watch Superman returns. And WOW. God has been creative at times. That guy actually looks too perfect to be real. Profile is great. Every god damn angle is great looking. To the extent that I wonder how much of it is air-brushed. I dunno if thats possible on film. But escoooos my limited knowledge.
Bird Man had been crush number ----- whatever, only to be replaced by Superman. Especially the scene were Lois and Superman, well ahem, go fly, that was extreeeemely romantic.. and there we were, B and I, mooning away about Superman. Technically I also liked James Marsden who was also Fire-Eyes as I named him, and Jean's fiance in X Men. And he was also in this movie, as Lois's fiance. Paavam ... he seems to remain as the fiance only most of the time!

So lo and behold. I have my first ever crush on a Superhuman actor! Supermaaaaaaaaaan