Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Met Thalaivar

at Vairamuthu Sir's 1000 paadalgal event. IMO its one of the best events that I have been a part of. Brimming with scholarship and an energy in the air in the room that I day, I haven't felt for a long while. With the titans from the industry, listening to SPB sir and KJY sir sitting at a 1 feet distance from the performance area. Quite an experience. Listening to Vairamuthu sir read out the citations that he gave out to every guest he had invited was another treat. Listening to Vaali sir's address which left us all in splits and Vairamuthu sir's impassioned one, was amazing. Nothing like listening to poets speak. Especially on their craft, their words and their points of view. Anecdotes and stories and laughter and life. 
I first performed with Vijay Prakash that day to a monitor-wise highly uncomfortable rendition. I have met him after more than a year, after performing at the VTV audio launch here in Chennai. Definitely one of the loveliest and nicest performers I have met.  But thankfully it got better by the time I went on stage for Uyire  with Hari ji. And Hari ji actually told me he liked what I sang.  Whatt-an experience listening to him sing Uyire. Its a dang surprise every time. Keeps you on your toes all the time. And he brings edge-of-the-seat entertainment to the music listener I think. 
The vibes that evening were amazing. Nothing discordant anywhere. Annnnnnnnddddd.....
After the Photo Op with the Honble Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, I decided to say Hello to Superstar on Stage. Babbled and said I am huuuge fan. Yep, as original, impressive, smart and of course, original as that. He says "Yeah I know Chinmayi." .. And a few other words that I don't remember. But in my life I will never forget shaking hands with him. In this aspect I am exactly as crazy as every Thalaivar fan out there. The Superstar is all magic and earth-shatteringly simple. When I was an stage I smiled at him while singing Kadhal Anukkal and he smiled back. At that point in time I had no clue whether he knew me from Adam or for that matter, Eve. I knew in less than an hour later that I was mistaken and he knew me by name. Thanks to the cameramen, a million times for capturing that moment. I have a photograph of it now.
The one other thing I will treasure is from the Vairamuthu sir. His words to me, impressed in a sheet of gold. 
Chinna Thenral Nee
Chella Puyalum Nee
Thamizhil Paadum Kuyilum Nee
Vaazhga Chinmayi
- Vairamuthu
The other treasure, the first one this year, is of course, the calendar :) Glee!

The 2011 A R Rahman Foundation Calendar

You can buy the A R Rahman Foundation 2011 Calendar at 

This calendar is something I ll preserve forever, because Rahman sir has given me one with a personalized message and a signature. 

If I were in ancient Egypt and were mummified, for the articles that I would take into the afterlife, this calendar would be on one of the topmost in my list.