Sunday, May 26, 2013

Another dream come true :)

For a long while there was a dream that I had, to conduct the Kanabhishekam of my mother.

A Kanabhishekam is typically done by the Great Grandson for his Great Grandparents. It usually culminates with the Ayush homam of the Great Grandson. It is a beautiful, solemn ceremony where the Great Grandparents have a ceremony similar to a Sashtiabdapoorthi or a Sataabhishekam. However, an abhishekam is also done with gold coins, of a certain denomination to be distributed to all the children in the family. The gold that is given from a Kanabhishekam is saved for posterity with the family and is never given away or sold.

Similarly, a Sishya - a disciple - can also do the same to the Guru.Which is the route I took. I have been trying convince my mother for years, who said that the society would criticize if she let me do something like this. I, for one, have always been someone who never really cared much about what society would think, especially in cases like this. Where it is an expression of respect and devotion to my mother and Guru.

We had extremely few people, friends, who are more like family without whom conducting this event would have been impossible, all by myself.

To protect the privacy of those who attended the ceremony I am sharing only pictures that have mom and I.

I realized most people do not know what a Kanakaabhishekam is and I am sharing this because I want everyone to know that there is a special ceremony like this and I urge you, to honour your parents/Gurus thus, if you can and if God wills it.

The photographs are taken by Third Eye Prakaash.