Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The New Frooti Ad spells Tamil words wrong

I do not know whether its a deliberate move so that people would talk about it or whether it was a careless mistake.
I noticed this a week ago or so I thought but was not too sure but "Valaradhe Kanna" especially "Valaradhe" reads wrong. Unable to recreate it here as I cannot type Tamil on this one..
If someone knows someone at that Ad agency please let them know - perhaps its time they got that right. Wonder who checked the Ad for correctness.

RJ Hunt

Aahaa FM is looking for RJs to join the brigade. If you think you have the voice and whatever else it takes to be brilliant with a mic in front of you and get lakhs of people to listen to you, do drop in a comment with your mail ID or mail me.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Modhi Vilayadu

And my association with this movie is that I am the voice of Kajal Aggarwal, the leading lady. This is perhaps the first movie that I dubbed in AVM Sound and Light so by the time a certain camaraderie was established with the technicians it was time to thank-you-very-much-it-was-good-working-with-you. I thought Kajal is perhaps the definition of bubbly and I loved watching the scenes that I was privy to at that time. That said, let me also tell you that it is not necessary that I get to see the entire movie and then start work. That happened with Sillunu Oru Kadhal as it was the first time I was dubbing and Dir. Krishna wanted to me to watch the movie and then start dubbing. A lot of times, we are asked to give a voice test and once the director thinks it is what he wants, then work starts straight away or on a different date. I have heard that people like Savita and Hemamalini, two of the leading dubbing artistes finish an entire movie, sometimes for both heroines in a movie like in 12B (Savita was the voice of Jo and Simran), in just one day.
Most times I get fatigued after prolonged talking so whatever is remaining gets distributed over subsequent days. Sometimes, as a lot of artistes' time needs to be adjusted such sessions might be spread over a week or so.
But one of the best things is before most of the world did, I got to hear the songs of this movie. And let me tell ya the music is super cool. It has the Colonial Cousins' distinct style, and you would know what I am talking about if you were one of those who followed their music like a mad thing, like I did, and love this song Sunita Sarathy has rendered in particular. One of the female singers that I admire. The audio releases this evening.
I know that I am going to be playing this sound track a lot on my show. Have fun listening in.


it is sad when some good artisans go missing. There used to be this Furniture shop in Nandanam, Sheikh's if I remember right, selling primarily Kashmiri Handicrafts and furniture. And then one fine day he shifted I guess and we have no clue where he has moved. I dont even know if he is in Chennai anymore.Their work was super good and now that we need to get some things done for the house, its sad we are unable to find someone close to their quality of work. We have checked out every other store selling similar wares, like the one near Stella Maris and some exhibitions. Somehow we feel it none of it holds a candle to the workmanship or the affordability that we saw with them.
Like they say, absence DOES make the heart grow fonder - in this case, for handicraft which is non nonpareil in Chennai

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Nila - This song in Pokkisham would be my latest release. This is perhaps the third time I am working with Mr Sabesh and Mr Murali. When I had gone to record, Vijay had already sung his portions. Mr Cheran happened to be present at the recording session and this was the first time I was working with him for a song. Blue Elephant had worked on translating the dialogues of Autograph into German previously.
Mr Cheran made it a point to explain this song in the movie and also what kind of an expression he expected in certain lines. It was very nice to get that sort of an insight. The song is like a letter more or less and I am told the story revolves around this theme. It was beautiful singing this song and this was one of the memorable sessions that I have been a part of. Please do give it a listen if you can

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chennai and Garbage Disposal

Following a mention by someone I know especially in Pallikkaranai that garbage is being burned there everyday - I am told it used to be worse but its comparitively better now - I tried googling about the laws of garbage disposal and waste management in Chennai and do not seem to be getting any relevant results.
Especially with Neel Metal Fanalca their inadequacy has been very clear ever since they took over from Onyx. I think the city was definitely cleaner before.
But anyway my question is this. What are the laws governing burning garbage in the city? And what are the rules that need to be followed but are not?
I want to be taking this up on Aahaa Kaapi Klub so any inputs will be really welcome

Friday, April 10, 2009


For help but for a friend of mine this time.
Someone I know is starting a non profit, non commercial venture and they have been looking for land for ages. The desire to fulfill this dream drives them enough to stake whatever they own in starting this off but they have been facing road blocks with regard to acquiring property.
I have not come across anyone who deals in real estate who could help. They have been hunting for about 6 months with no avail. I am not at a liberty to divulge even the minimum details that I know.
In case you know of a reliable property dealer or a good Samaritan who would like to sell their property at a reasonable rate, do let me know. They are typically looking at land on OMR and around.

Monday, April 06, 2009

The pictures are here

And some are on on Flickr.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Let it be known that I am not performing in Connecticut, as far as I am concerned, as on this date. I was told today by someone I know that I am heading there, much to my surprise, 'coz as far as I know it has not even been discussed.
If you have been hearing anything on those lines or publicity on this regard, please be informed that is not yet it in my agenda and no one has spoken to us.

Sunday, April 05, 2009


has been one of my best trips so far. The people here are awesome. When I happened to mention that, they say since the community is small there is no unnecessary ego-plays or negativities. There is no one-upmanship either. Found a wonderfully integrated positive group of people. The show will be one of my memorable ones.
Once in Japan we landed at Mrs Valli's home and she is one of the most brilliant hosts that I have ever seen. Warm and compassionate. The apartment right below us is where the organizer of this show Mr.HariNarayanan and his family lives. And his wife Radhika is one of the most brilliank cooks. The warmth and honesty in these two families, I have moved with them most in these three days is amazing. their children grow up like siblings, take turns in taking care of them. Wow.
The day after we landed in Japan, Gajalakshmi, who travelled with us and works at Japan took us to have a look at Mount Fuji. She gave me a total crash course of the people, culture and language of Japan. She was also the presenter of the show here. And we were told that the Fuji does not reveal itself all that very easily and prefers being under the veil of the clouds. And we had such a wonderful view of the volcano in all its magnificence. And I have never seen such clean snow. Japan by itself is impeccably clean, no dust, no smoke, no vehicluar emissions that are visible. I am told this is near zero pollution. If one country, especially after the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki could literally rise from the ashes to be this, I do not see why India could not. Yes, I do know the reasons myself. And I wonder whether our people are really patriotic. If they were perhaps our country would have progressed far more, because in more cases that one, I think our country`s strength lies in the population. On the way back from Fuji there was a temporary halt at a lake for lunch and thereafter we proceeded to a dinner at one Mr & Mrs. Jeeva's place. he has been stationed in Japan for about 22 years +.
Day 2 we headed to a temple here Asakusa, rehearsal and dinner at Mr Mani's place. He is a Pravasiya Bharatiya Samman awardee and has been here for about 32+ years. I hear Mr Mani and Mr Jeeva somehow keep the community together and if the newcomers here feel lonely or homesick thats the place everyone has headed to.
Day 3 Day of the show. It started at 11 here with the local Indian and Japanese artistes displaying their talent and found that the children here were brilliant dancers. I also happened to sing along with Mr Srivatsan who should have taken singing seriously. He has a wonderful voice. Somehow I also feel that a whole lot of intelligent and talented population does not reside in India.
There was a one hour lunch break and resuming at 3 PM the show was wound up at about 6:45. Ever since I stepped foot in Japan, I had one agenda, of getting an acupuncture session. I kept asking around and then finally we found a place which was literally stone's throw from the civic hall where we performed. We walked up to the clinic and Mrs Chitra Govind played the interpreter.
I was amazed at the skill of the doctor and was amazed how I did not feel the needles getting inserted unless he told me. After a blissful 45 minutes I woke up new. And I have rarely come across such caring doctors. Turns out Mrs Chitra is related to me. If not for that couple, I guess I would never have gotten a session of acupuncture, at least not this time. They stayed along for an hour and a half and took us back home. Though the fact remains that one is dependant on those who know the language and the way around this has been a beautifully serene trip. All those I have moved with here, Hari and his family, Valli Murali and family, Gajalakshmi, the Govinds, the veterans of Japan and all those we met at the two dinner-dos and more importantly the audience came across as sincere people. No put-ons no cloaks. i wish I cold be more eloquent but I really do hope you, the reader, has the good fortune to come across such selfless beautiful people.
In a couple of hours I board the plane to Chennai.
They say Fuji calls you twice, if you have seen it. If that rings true - I hope it does, but for now, I wish I can store the positivity that envelops me right now, forever.

Friday, April 03, 2009

For the readers in Tokyo

I got a few comments asking where the show is happening

Its slated to happen between 10.00 AM and 6.00 PM at Kasai Civic Hall 4F, Tokyo 134-0083
Edoqawa-Ku, Naka-Kasai 3-10-1
Access Train: Tozai Line - Kasai Station: 5 minutes by walk
Toei Bus (Kasai number 24) from Funabori
To Nagiza New Town Iminkan Bus stop
Get down at Kasai Kuminkan Bus Stop

You could contact Mrs Valli Murali for tickets on (080-3454-2366)

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

In Tokyo

For a concert in about two days. The city welcomes us with showers and 6* celcius. So far so cold.
And for one of the first times I am meeting up with some of my clients here so that way, this has been a trip that I have looked forward to for more than one reason.
Alongwith me are Bosskey and his team comprising of Nanee, Prasad, Satish and T D Balu who would be keeping the audience entertained with their plays and singers M J Shriram and Krish. The VIPs of this event would be Khusboo and Mr Sundar C.
Apart from singing I am slated to chew a few lines in Bosskeys plays. Excuse the apostrophe in the previous line, I am simply unable to find it in this keyboard and I am not sure yet whether I can get my mac wired. Its been exactly about an hour since we landed and the host-s house is teaming with people.
Performing in shows abroad keeps me amazed for a lot of things and the most important among them is how the hosts find the enormous energy to organize the entire thing AND host us at the same time. Japan has a very small community of Tamils and this is hosted for a group of about 500 people alone and some Japanese. Truly if art survives, its because of such patrons. In olden days the rulers did their part, if they had an iota of art appreciation in them and now it is because of such people all over the world. And they rule our hearts. Because when on stage, they are the audience is the only thing that matters to me. Of course it would help if the sound were good too. The energy is purely amazing. Mr Ganesan Hari has been coordinating this from the start though I have met him but once he traveled with us to make sure everything is in order
Shall be posting pictures soon. Watch this space and of course stay tuned to Aahaa FM if you are in the reception area.The show definitely does go on.