Wednesday, April 29, 2009

RJ Hunt

Aahaa FM is looking for RJs to join the brigade. If you think you have the voice and whatever else it takes to be brilliant with a mic in front of you and get lakhs of people to listen to you, do drop in a comment with your mail ID or mail me.


anisha said...

hey will you be coming to singapore anytime soon?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinamyi,
thanks for the info.


seenu said...

Hi Chinmayi,

I am a fan of aaha fm from Bangalore.Now a days i am not able to listen to aaha fm thru internet.We learnt that some server maintenance is under progress.Do u have any idea about when it will be back?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinmayi,
Is aaha fm online link still having problem. I am in US and not able to listen it . I am missing it a lot

Anonymous said...

Hi Chins,
I wud n't have missed the chance if I had such a sweet voice as urs. To be frank,I'm extremely jealous of u Chins.

Anonymous said...

Haaai Chinmayi,

its jus today happend to be here while i was serachifyyyyyyyin something in orkut..

First of all, wishes and congrates' for the 4 yrs(woooooowww) consistency, flow and intrest in blogging.. Keep it upppp..

To be honest, its the joy and refreshment to hear ur morning programe bit early in europe while we(5) were in hospitals.... You dont belive it, there were days where my american chief used to ask us to translate ur program line by line when a song was been played.. If ur topic is a too cool socio-promotive one, no doubts we would earn our full credits for the day.. Thankx (ahaha)... Jus wanted to say, u r doing great and also atracting ppl of other languages wid ur energetic voice.. Keep it up. All the bessssttttt!!

My only one question is.... Hw long aahaafm will take to cross the borders again through net ???????//

Anonymous said...

Hey chinmayee..
Have send u a mail regarding the post.
Awaiting a reply :)