Monday, July 18, 2011

It is white.
White as snow.
White as nothingness
White as the burst of light behind closed eyes
White as hunger
White as desperation
White as thirst
White as the soul
White as heat
White as the clenched knuckle
White as the shroud 
White as the heart that grieves
White as a prayer
White as salt
White as the teardrop.
It is white.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Malar Manjariyil - Composed by Sri Ousephachan

I refer to this post on the 13th September 2010. At that time I mentioned that I had a divine time recording for this composer. And the composer I was referring to was Sri Ousephachan. I recorded this song on my birthday and the experience is captured in that post. Figured I don't have to add to that.

This is the song
For the Film Karmayogi and here the duet version with Ranjith.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Sara Sara Saarakaathu

I got an opportunity to sing Vairamuthu sir's  Karthik Netha's lyrics after quite a while and this time, for the debutant M Ghibran whom I have known with another name all these years. Think its better not to state his erstwhile name so that there are no confusions. I have been singing quite a few jingles for him and he used to be studying abroad, come here, compose and go back.

I was very happy to know he got a break with Sargunam's film - Vaagai Sooda vaa. And more than anything else this was a deadly song. Super lyrics to say the least. I had a ball while working on this song. A song like this doesn't come to me all the while and am super glad that Ghibran chose me to sing this one.

And I wonder how a poet, a man, is able to suss out what a girl could feel at a given point in time and write lyrics. And maybe for the first time I heard Modaiketthan, a type of a keerai in a song. I know this one, and the director was surprised I did, when I recognized this one and giggled. Modaiketthan was a regular in my home when my grandad was around. He used to say its excellent for the joints. Especially if you had knee problems or maybe even back problems. Not too sure now if it was either or both. Modaiketthan Rasam vechu madakkathaan paakkuraen.. What lyrics. Kick everything :p

Ghibran is on Twitter @MGhibran. Do let him know if you liked the song and the album.

Update on January 2019: It was another one of the those open secrets that I got to know post #MeToo that Karthik Netha was actually the lyricist of Sara Sara Saarakathu. Those who were experts in sussing out the style of a poet said they would bet their bottom dollar that the style is not Mr Vairamuthu's.
However, since Karthik Netha himself did not speak up and neither had he asked me to share the story, I did not have the permission to share it
Here is an interview of Karthik Netha's
where he details how his work came under Mr Vairamuthu's name for the sake of a 'brand value'.

Here is a Dinamalar report on the same.
I thank the journalist for trusting Mr Netha. Thankfully they didn't ask him "why after so many years?". :) Of course, except Dina Malar I don't think I have come to know of any other magazine/newspaper cover the issue. Mr. Vairamuthu's influence and power is massive. How would you explain that he hasn't had ONE interview in all these days but there are channels and newspapers publishing his quotes on Climate change and IMPEX laws. Such is the way of the powerful.