Friday, November 17, 2006

My songs in Guru

Its a long awaited post. And its now time to safely say I have sung in the movie.

Rahman Sir has given me another great oppurtunity, one to push myself a little bit more, to sound different and to do a better job than I have been doing so far. After the readers of this blog, and those who might stumble upon this one after googling my name have heard the songs, all credit for the rendition of the two songs, Tere Bina and Mayya Mayya must go to Rahman sir alone.

I was lucky to sing in Mani sir's movie again. And I was also meeting him after a long period, and he was definitely listening to me sing after ages.

A lot of people are already surprised with how I sound in the songs. And as is usual, I have been asked to relate as to what went behind the scenes. Frankly, I dont know how it happens. Before I try anything, especially with singing, I am always worried about taking that extra step. I am constantly worried about embarassing myself. Making mistakes and the like. And the point is when that does happen, I cant sleep. All I remember was Rahman Sir telling me to just let go and sing even if I think I am a fool. And though I was seriosuly inhibited, and will always remain, some light bulb might have gone off in my brain and in that momentary light, I should have forgotten about the "feeling foolish" bit. When I came out of the booth, the apprehensions were back with a bang. I couldnt recognise my voice for one. I would have almost asked who sang? if not for the fact that I was bawling out from another end of the studio for a period of time.
Bottom line: Rahman sir always says that all credit goes to God alone. And with my singing here, all credit goes to him alone.

I also got to meet Gulzar saab, which was a lot of fun.

As life passes by and one note is sung after another, and sometimes, you place the instrument down, and give your fingers a break. There have been several notes. Some in tune, some discordant, some other worldly.... but they have been notes all the same. They all play a part in this strange musical piece. Several times, I wish the discordant notes did not happen. And in the gaps between the notes, in the silence in the sound, and the sound in the silence, several things have unravelled. Its a lot like opening a gift box. You never know what you are gonna get. It could either be an intricately carved piece of wood or a jack-in-the-box. But its a gift nonetheless.

There has been one person who has been there throughout my jack-in-the-box times. All the time. Whining wheezing wailing.. everything has been listened to patiently. Not much ado is made about the beautiful presents. Because the world is anyway going to come to you and oooh and aah about how beautiful it is. All the ado is made there. No more is needed. But when see spots with the pain, and the eyes start watering on their own volition once you come in contact with jack-you-know-who, the one person listens.. and is always there. My mother. I usually am at a loss for words when I want to thank her. But this thank you goes out to you mom. Thanks for being there. And with my singing in general all the time, all hte credit for the good goes to you alone, the terrible and the ones that are mucky they belong to the great me. :)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Just as I think that I should write something.. the tanpura beckons me..