Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Fortune Most Powerful Women Summit

In LA this year between October 3-5 and as a mentee of Joan Amble and Denise Pickett of American Express (FORTUNE/US State Dept Global Women's Mentoring Partnership 2011) I get to attend this amazing event. 

The event this year looks truly stunning and to be attending this event is a matter of great pride and honour for me. The support of Joan and Denise has continued long after the mentoring program was over and I am humbled by the commitment these ladies show.

Indra Nooyi of PepsiCo, Ellen Kullman of DuPont, Pat Woertz of ADM, and Anne Lauvergeon of AREVA, Ginni Rometty of IBM, Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook and Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post Media Group. Also confirmed are Human Rights Advocate Somaly Mam, Singer-Songwriter and Author Rosanne Cash, Talk Show Host and Author Chelsea Handler, Dr. Nancy Snyderman of NBC News, and Meredith Whitney of Meredith Whitney Advisory Group LLC —plus Warren Buffett, are just some of the people who would be attending the event.

I should be live-tweeting the event and also blogging about it as and when possible.

Looking forward to this is totally understating it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Its amazing how attached one can become to their pet. And within such a short span of time. I miss Joey terribly and wait to see him whenever I come back from work. So much so that I have begun blogging about him :) 
Its beautiful to have him sleep off on my shoulder sometimes, or on my hands. That's what he does most of the day. The remaining time he pees and poops. And then he chews on whatever can find. My ankles and toes and whosoever else's he can find as of now. 

I love him to bits and this birthday was definitely the most special of all because Joey came home. Was telling a friend that I miss Joe and he said that's the best and worst part of having a pet. 

Joey is now part of my family. I think he'd be way better than those who actually are supposed to be my kith and kin! :p

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Tooooo much thought went into naming the birthday puppy and now we have named him Joey. Kinda rhymes with Chewy because thats what he does all day. Chew. Other than sleep of course.
He is amazing. Super cute and adorable.

And that is Joey for you :) Say Hello!!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quite a day

Yes, I know. I am more actively tweeting than blogging. But at times the 140 character limit at a time doesn't help verbose expressions. So here we come back again to good old blogging.

Its been an interesting day recording for Dheva sir. Originally went into sing one song. But he ended up asking me to sing one more. One duet was with a newcomer called Aditya Ram and the other with the veteran SPB sir. The only other time I sang a duet with SPB sir was again for a film that Dheva sir composed for, several years ago. Which was again a Brother-Sister sort of a song. There must be something there :)

A few months ago, people closest to me knew that I was lamenting for a puppy. Like really, really lamenting. I want a puppy. I want a puppy. My mother had heard enough. And then finally I gave up. Because I couldn't find one that I liked. Even though I had visited a few people. Thought it was not written. And then a friend landed up at my home this morning with a basket. I was just waking up from a really strange and partly scary dream, which later, according to experts was a good thing after all to have a dream like that. So when I saw a basket with a furry thing that moved inside, I screamed. And my friend was weirded out. And then it hit me that I had a puppy on my hands. It was all a blur. Bathed it, fed it, went to office, left it with mom and went to the recording.

Once back I finally caught up on sleep that has been in serious short supply for days, if not weeks. I have been dubbing non stop. Recording songs was difficult as after the bout of a viral fever my singing voice took quite a while to get to form. And my first recording after almost 25 days happened 4-5 days ago.

And then the Mirchi Music Awards was slated to happen today and happen it did. I was nominated for the Best Female Playback singer. Didn't think any award will happen to me, and thought this pattern of not winning an award for an AR song will continue (of course barring the TN State Govt award, no other awards had happened right from Kannathil Muthamittal to Kilimanjaro). And interestingly looks like the jinx was broken, if there was a jinx. I always felt sad that I could never hold an award in my hands and thank Rahman sir for the song and the award. State Govt Ceremonies don't give opportunities for Thank-You speeches. So yes, I still haven't held an award for an AR song and given a thank-you speech. Someday. 

Also, on the other hand, I have been doing a lot of things. Working on starting a culinary venture. But want to have be a socially conscious initiative. So the background work is taking time. Also we have been getting a lot of genuine advice on red tape especially in this kind of a venture. And how much if such red tape is not encouraged, how a carefully built reputation will be ruined :)  Yes it might sound filmi but apparently it does happen.

Mom's life and mine has been an example, that we have never been asked to pay a bribe anywhere. I have been a known face only the past 6-7 years. I have never seen mom talk about anything like that. And I am sure this will continue even in my case. There is only one way to lead our lives and that was decided ages ago. If it doesn't happen the straightforward way, I'd rather let go of the idea.

Also launched the Blue Elephant Record Company today and that was basically because Dharan, Madhan Karky and I are working on an album. Have been talking to Karky for a pretty long while and Dharan as well. We should be ready with our single soon. After all, that's what we Dakshaa LLC and I launched the iOS app for. 

As for the app the Android version is getting tested and the little chinks and nicks in the iOS version will also be rectified in the update.

Until then this is Chinmayi signing off :)