Friday, September 29, 2006

Which Tree Did I fall from???

The Weeping Willow!!!
And I google the Weeping Willow and it looks like it needs a haircut.. Well ... it seems to grow from all directions and in all angles.. like those dogs which have hair falling over their eyes. But Dogs : Cute. Trees - No. Well There has to be some structure. This is the only picture I saw, so people if I am wrong, I hereby bite my tongue... actually my finger!

Wonder if I was hanging from those branches and was swinging from one to another branch and then suddenly decided to fall on the ground and call myself Chinmayi. Well as a kid, I was very sure I wanted to me called Mahalakshmi or Mehr-un-nisa. Dont ask me the connection. My poor mom was given "oh must be an inter religious marriage look" Trust me to put my mom in trouble ... and start early!!
People who asked me my name, were told "Mera Naam Mahalakshmi hai... nahi tho mehr-un-nisa rakh lo.. .koi baat nahi". So from when I was a kid, I gave people choices to call me whatever they wanted they call me. Now what inference is that? I dont know. That line has absolutely no meaning. That is the giving people the choice to call me whatever they wanted. Like when did people start waiting for choices.. ?? Ok I am soooo running out of humour now.

And I am musically Inclined.. Bingo. Very good tree to fall from Chins.. way to go :)
And capricious? Dont know.. gotta research that.. and the restless.. yes. I fidget a lot. And I have the tendency to stride or storm out of places usually. Walk like .. well Meg Ryan in "You have got mail" in the final scene.. And how do I remember that movie. I just saw bits of it.. ok not as delicate as Meg Ryan. I am far from that.

Now for some gen info. The weeping willow is majestic, is a deciduous tree and is planted for ornamental purposes as well.

Likes to be stress free, loves family life, full of hopes and dreams, attractive, very empathetic, loves anything beautiful, musically inclined, loves to travel to exotic places, restless, capricious, honest, can be influenced but is not easy to live with when pressured, sometimes demanding, good intuition, suffers in love until they find that one loyal, steadfast partner; loves to make others laugh.

Now "Suffers in love!!!" AWWWMYGAWDDDDDD thats the last thing I want..
How many men to go before I find 'DA ONE'?? God from Heavens above, or if you are standing next to me and reading this blog, please date the sad men yourself, finish my karma yourself, and let me meet Super Guy!
Not easy to live with when pressured. AGREE and Bow down. Ask my mother. Have almost chewed her head off when some translator didnt submit the work. Blah blah - blahablahahahaha I used to go. Sorry make that GROWL GROWL SNARL GROWL.

And it is raining outside. And I dont like it. I love the rains. But I practically hate the dull looking weather. (the hate comes from the bottom of my being... with so much depth that you cant imagine!) I need to have light. Sunshine. Star shine. Brightness. It will be good if it can be sun shine and rain together... Right now its dull, depressive and a dull shade of grayish blue. GAWWWWWWD GIVE ME LIGHT!!!!!!! SUNLIGHT

Monday, September 18, 2006


For Pete's sake.. and most importantly, for my sake. Just because I hold a Masters degree in Psychology and might possibly do my doctorate, it DEFINITELY doesnt mean I can read minds. NO NO NO. I cannot! And I can't tell the future either.
Standard koshteen:"So what do you study Chinmayi?"
Standard reply:"Masters in Psychology"
Pasteurized reply: "OH MY GAWD. Then I must be careful with you"
Distilled reply with a polite smile, but hell I know whats coming: "Pray tell me why?"
"OH NO YOU CAN READ MY MIND!!!" And then a 'smart' grin. chuckle chuckle.
God Bless asker's soul that he cant read MY mind $#$%#$%#$^#^$^#$^@
And I cant read palms. I didnt study Palmistry. I have Cheiro's Book on Palmistry, I have read that. BUT I Still cant read palms. I study Psychology.
Next koshteen. "Can you guess what I am going to do next? Can you guess what sort of a person I am from what I talking to you?" Well. NO.
5 Years of studying the subject at Uni and I am stunned when people who I think have their gray wirings in their brains intact ask me this. Oh No.. oh NYyyoo..
Another Koshteen "Teach me how to read minds"
Frankly, I am sometime scared to look at what goes through my own mind. And what goes through someone's mind doesnt necessarily mean that they will act on it. Thats why probably 'fleeting thoughts' happened. All they do is just run through the mind and disappear. Thank GOD!
"Can you change my behaviour?" Pray, why would I do that? Why should I? Do you have such a huge behavioural disorder that you think needs changing? But yeah, I do wish I can change this pattern of asking me whether I can change your behaviour. You are grounded. Go face the wall.
"Can you raise my hand?" Now Telekinesis and Psychology are different matters.
And as for reading minds: Psychology doesnt admit the existence of a mind. Mind has been substituted by mental processes or nodes.
And you cant pin point the mind in the Human anatomy.
Does Psychology help your music? Seriously, no sarcasm, I dont know why I should 'apply' the theories of Psychology here. We were not taught, or rather the subjects I had didnt deal with how I should sing in front of 10,000 people or how a popular person should behave. Of course we read Narcissus, and megalomaniacs. But thats a different story. There is a relatively new branch called Music Psychology coming up in the West. But thats it. And Music has been used in therapy as well. But studying psychology hasnt helped me as a performer. My knees are still jelly when I am on stage, only, I am the only one who knows. Not even mom can make out.
And one more huge problem.. Even a small suggestion to someone, and pat comes "Dont shrink me"
Holy molly! I need to see a shrink!!!!

PostScript: This Post has nothing to do with my other other-worldly outpourings. Even though I have used the word 'mind' a zillion times in my Blog, this post has nothing to do with that. Me has several Personas. I have a Multiple Persona Syndrome. FOOLSSHTOPP.

What happens if....

You forget your Yahoo password and apparently none of the data that you enter about your birthday or anything seem to match?

Does that mean you ll never get to access the account or what????

Saturday, September 16, 2006

New Releases

In Kedi and Veyil
Veyil has a very young Music Director in G V Prakash. You would have heard his voice as the kid who says "Chikku buku chikku buku raileyyyyy"
You can listen to this song in my audio blog
Also, I am the voice behind Bhoomika in the movie Sillunu Oru Kadhal.
And to hear my voice, you gotta watch the movie. Comments appreciated :)

Friday, September 15, 2006

After midnight. Cant see the stars. No matter how hard I try mentally dusting the clouds away for a little wink of a star.
I smell rain. I see the St Thomas mount in the horizon of my vision. And a lone plane takes off. Starting off to take the journey into rain filled clouds, to pierce them first. To get bathed in the freshest water ever made, first. Its an ethereal feeling to fly past rain clouds. I have wondered what it would be like to be outside rather inside the aircraft.
Thunder booms. Sounds as if its announcing to the world to get ready for a bath. "Come on get yourselves a shower!!.." And then Lights.. The camera in my eye rolls. And then its action. The air is washed first and then everything around slowly takes in the shower. The breeze moves the branches. Like a mother bathing a kid. All that is of nature seems alive. Awake. Fresh. Only the lifeless edifices stand still. Placidly taking in the rain. For it to find its own way down. I think I see colours in the sky.. Several riotous hues. Floating about.. Everything vanishes. All I can see is the sky. The clouds move away by themselves, like curtains parting in no particular fashion. Actually like cotton candy dissolving in the mouth. Not knowing how it went to nothing. To leave a glorious dark shade of blue. One star after another winks at me. Like its smiling at me. Like its beckoning me to see something beyond. I am filled with wonder perhaps. Curiosity perhaps. The colours still dance about me.. I take a dive into nothingness. And its wonderful. Sometimes I am glad there is darkness. Of pitch black. Of your adjusting to nothing in the darkness. How else do you know the splendour of a single beam of light piercing in. Like a beam sent from the heavens above. Making it seem as if there is no end to that beam and no beginning. There is nothing more wonderful than the night sky. If not for the darkness, how does one understand the beauty there? Sometimes to appreciate the stars, you got to appreciate the darkness that surround them. To perceive the twinkle. Several times looking at the sky gives me a feeling of elation. Of something being caught in the base of the throat and not dislodging. An emotion nonpareil. At times like this you feel like you are experiencing what love is. And when it overcomes you and manifests into a drop of tear that rolls down the corner of your eye, meandering down to your jaw bone becoming nothing.. You feel bliss somewhere.
Sometimes you wonder why cant everyone be One. But I got the answer some days back. To experience the oneness you need to separate. Go through the pangs of separation to understand what joy it is to be one with everything else in the world. In a way, to feel the pangs of separation is a joy in itself.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Trouble with Apple's New Battery as well

I got a battery replacement from Apple, as a part of its drive, recently.

And now, when I disconnect the power, when I know that the battery is fully charged, the system also switches off. I immediately hyperventilated, didnt know what to do. And then I plug in the power, the system works fine. I pull the plug, system switches off again. And then I am wondering whats going on, the battery icon says "no batteries available" How the dickens does it say something like that?

So I bring in the old battery which thankfully I haven't shipped back yet, and it works just fine. With or without the power.

Now what do I do? And who will possibly have an answer to this one??