Monday, September 18, 2006


For Pete's sake.. and most importantly, for my sake. Just because I hold a Masters degree in Psychology and might possibly do my doctorate, it DEFINITELY doesnt mean I can read minds. NO NO NO. I cannot! And I can't tell the future either.
Standard koshteen:"So what do you study Chinmayi?"
Standard reply:"Masters in Psychology"
Pasteurized reply: "OH MY GAWD. Then I must be careful with you"
Distilled reply with a polite smile, but hell I know whats coming: "Pray tell me why?"
"OH NO YOU CAN READ MY MIND!!!" And then a 'smart' grin. chuckle chuckle.
God Bless asker's soul that he cant read MY mind $#$%#$%#$^#^$^#$^@
And I cant read palms. I didnt study Palmistry. I have Cheiro's Book on Palmistry, I have read that. BUT I Still cant read palms. I study Psychology.
Next koshteen. "Can you guess what I am going to do next? Can you guess what sort of a person I am from what I talking to you?" Well. NO.
5 Years of studying the subject at Uni and I am stunned when people who I think have their gray wirings in their brains intact ask me this. Oh No.. oh NYyyoo..
Another Koshteen "Teach me how to read minds"
Frankly, I am sometime scared to look at what goes through my own mind. And what goes through someone's mind doesnt necessarily mean that they will act on it. Thats why probably 'fleeting thoughts' happened. All they do is just run through the mind and disappear. Thank GOD!
"Can you change my behaviour?" Pray, why would I do that? Why should I? Do you have such a huge behavioural disorder that you think needs changing? But yeah, I do wish I can change this pattern of asking me whether I can change your behaviour. You are grounded. Go face the wall.
"Can you raise my hand?" Now Telekinesis and Psychology are different matters.
And as for reading minds: Psychology doesnt admit the existence of a mind. Mind has been substituted by mental processes or nodes.
And you cant pin point the mind in the Human anatomy.
Does Psychology help your music? Seriously, no sarcasm, I dont know why I should 'apply' the theories of Psychology here. We were not taught, or rather the subjects I had didnt deal with how I should sing in front of 10,000 people or how a popular person should behave. Of course we read Narcissus, and megalomaniacs. But thats a different story. There is a relatively new branch called Music Psychology coming up in the West. But thats it. And Music has been used in therapy as well. But studying psychology hasnt helped me as a performer. My knees are still jelly when I am on stage, only, I am the only one who knows. Not even mom can make out.
And one more huge problem.. Even a small suggestion to someone, and pat comes "Dont shrink me"
Holy molly! I need to see a shrink!!!!

PostScript: This Post has nothing to do with my other other-worldly outpourings. Even though I have used the word 'mind' a zillion times in my Blog, this post has nothing to do with that. Me has several Personas. I have a Multiple Persona Syndrome. FOOLSSHTOPP.


skar said...

Actually, i should think you can read people's minds. Its just that the people who ask you those questions don't have any and you are perplexed by the large dark vaccuum inside their heads, and you think you can't read them. Truth is: You read, but found nothing!

I'm sure if you come across those precious few who aren't hollow inside, you are bound to be able to see something inside. But then, there, the problem is, the material is so complex, that its hard to understand what's written, though you do sense some vague familiarity in what's scripted!

I'm half a psychologist:

I'm a psycho.

Ajay said...

so tell me my future, chinmayi ;)

Incognito said...

Vorey askhking u koschins wonly.
U should take advantage and try some voodoo magic for fun. Stare into their eyes n say.. u r abt to face danger... blah blah :P
I thinking anyword tat starts wit pshycho- freaks ppl out. Even educated ones. Moi, I've always found them interesting.

Musically Me said...

Good post chinmayi...good to know that u have got a Master's in Psychology...let me add another question to ur list of irritables....

Oh mee god... can u read my mind thru my comments also????.....hahaha...

Karthik Murali said...

so u mean to infer ur halfway thru becoming somewhat like anniyan .. lol?
or like the Ashlette character in Sidney Sheldon's Tell
Me Ur dreams????


Bharath Kota said...

Hmmm..psychology doesn't acknowledge the existence of a mind..interesting !

I recently read a newpaper article about a man here in Britain who had a heart transplant. This person who never cared for art, started making paintings after the transplant. Apparently the donor was a painter !!!

What do you have to say for this

Prasanna Parameswaran said...

edho solla vareengannu theiriyudhu, and believe me frankly I dint understand a word! Dont think too much, its not good for health, not yours but the others! :) But I too agree to your point, its kinda idiotic when people ask can you read/predict my mind, when you say you are a student psychology!

Priya Sivan said...

"Do you know hypnotism and mesmerism?" Thats another qn for psychologists!! :))

Sutharsanan said...

I guess most of us are comfortable making quick guesses on someone's profession to simplify the qualities that professional represents.

Psychology is GENERALLY associated with the mind. Naturally then, EVERY activities involving the mind will be related to a psychologist.

It may sound unfair to you, but to those making the assumptions it is their way of justifying things.

Vijay Narain said...

If I were you, I'd have a ball predicting people's future and watching them run amok :D
And you didn't have to employ SO MUCH jargon in that post..Its all to confusing..Someone take me to a shrink!!

Rathi said...

hehehe....All the "Can you read whats on my mind" questions have had you spewing a whole bunch of punctuations! LOL.
My heartfelt sympathies dearie! I know how annoying it is, having majored in that same psycho subject myself. Gave up educating them peoples eons ago, because even the ones I had deemed intelligent, came up with the same query.
Nowadays I just tell them I cant read their minds because my mom is using my crystal ball as a goldfish bowl! BAH!

Anonymous said...

A good one on how people can annoy you. Very well written. First time visitor. Got to know its your voice for Bhoomika. Good job. Clean pronunciation. Nalla Thamizh. Best wishes!

anitha shalini said...

Ok here is one for you. Since people are always asking the wrong questions to you why dont you take this oppurtunity to tell them what exactly a psychologist is supposed to do? I mean most fairly intelligent people know that a psychiatrist is a shrink - he/ she analyzes an individual's problems with the with his/her psych or mind or mental processes as you pointed out. However, even the very intelligent are sometimes vague about what exactly a psychologist does. If he/she also provides therapy for the mind then what is the difference between the former and the later? I can seek google or wikipedia but frankly I am intered to know what you have to say about this. In your own words - what is psychology and what can/does a psychologist do professionally speaking.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Didn't know that you have MPS! God Bless!!!

Just kidding :)

donthecat said...

At some point I decided to stop commenting in any blog....just one of those decisions, you know..

Couldn't resist this time. Amazing write-up. Way to go, Chins....