Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happened to

catch the premiere of Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and I must say that I loved this movie. As I have said before I cannot go on a frame-by-frame analysis or comment about technicalities because reviewing a movie is something I have no clue about. I thought the movie is very tight and the music is awesome.
And listening / watching to a song that you have sung on the big screen always feels like the first time.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

THE meeting with Mdm J Jayalalithaa

I have been wanting to meet her ever since I received my first Tamilnadu Govt. State Award from her for Kannathil Muthamittaal say about 4 years ago. I had wanted to go and thank her personally. When she handed it to me, I remember that she said I had a wonderful voice and that I sing very well. And at that time I was a total goner. Never thought she would have the time to listen to me and be so gracious to tell me that she actually liked the way I sing.
And then, one of the best concerts of my life was in front of an august audience at Nehru Indoor Stadium, Chennai. More so because she was seated in the first row. It was a show hosted by Kollywood to thank and honour her 3 V's - Veerappan, Veeranam and Video Piracy. I have a feeling there was one more thing in addition to these two, but my memory fails me. (Thanks to Manaswini, I know now that it was for Veeranam, Veerappan and Video Piracy. I had a feeling it had something to do with three "V"-s and victory. Veeranam slipped my mind. )I remember singing just the first few lines of Kannathil Muthamittaal in front of her. I had no clue until the evening prior to the D-Day that I was to sing and there was a very short rehearsal at Rahman sir's place. He directed me to sing the Alaap and then start the song. I still remember the moment when the entire audience applauded almost at the same moment when I started the lines after the alaap. Almost as if someone had said "Action" or something. And I remember the way she smiled when I sang Oru Deivam and the way she clapped.
I sent a few letters over all these days and somehow things didn't really move. I have been an admirer for her sheer gumption. For her grit and determination. Remember watching her Rendezvous with Simi Garewal several years ago. I loved that interview. I have heard of the struggles that she has gone through and idolized her.
Finally the call came from her office a couple of days ago and I met her on Wednesday.
We walked in after being ushered into the premises, and to her chamber and was awestruck by her aura. She has this brilliant glow about her. It was like whoah. She looks very regal. And also noticed that she is super beautiful. I was stunned and the first words I said was like wow or cool or something like that. Then the next thing that crossed me mind - countless pictures and videos of her all these days one has ever done any justice or has been able to capture her magic or her presence. Or let me say, that I am yet to come across a picture that has.
It took me a while to find my words in my momentarily awed state and then she spoke to me for a while asking how I have been, how many songs I have sung, what I have been singing and what I intend to do. She also told me that I hardly sound like an indigenous singer. I think I have never giggled and smiled so much as that evening with a person I was meeting for the first time. I am quite sure I babbled a lot. And she was looking amused. I don't know whether I impressed her at all. She spoke to mom for a while as well on my mom's work.
I have heard lots of artistes mentioning that she is highly gracious and kind and I was able to experience her mehmaan nawaazi, first hand.
It was one of the loveliest times I have had and she really made us feel at ease. Loved her English, the way she spoke. She was hyper cool. I am an even bigger fan of hers now.
The thing is, once mom and I stepped out, there was clicking and all that. We got into our car and drove about 20 meters, a photographer asked us to stop and asked why we had come and what had been spoken. And took pictures. Someone even asked whether I was getting married and whether that was the reason. Now why is the marriage thing assumed? Of all things? I was wondering what can be so special about a singer meeting her. Its not as if I am some super important person or something and yes, we had to explain in detail and reluctantly allow some more pictures to be taken. Was wondering what was going to be written. This was a totally new experience, something I have never come across before.
This sure will be one of most memorable evenings of my life. Its not everyday that someone like me gets to spend some time with her one on one. And when the memory of the meeting crosses my mind, all I can do is grin. She is totally wow.
P.S.: I don't have a picture of that meeting though.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aspirations - A show for the Fight against Terrorism

was organized by the Kochi Police Force and I was honoured to be a part of it.
K J Yesudass sir to Mamooty, Mohanlal, Parvathy Omanakuttan, Jairam, Ashish Vidyarthi.. the entire gamut of invitees were the top brass of Malayalam Filmdom. Probably Naresh Iyer and I were the only singers flown in from Chennai. The show was to bring about an awareness and rally the people against terrorism.
The most important point that was driven home was that terrorism has no religion and no religion advocates any such thing.
One of the nicest things was when the CoP gave me a call and asked me to be a part of the show. I thought it was unnecessary for someone of his stature to call me and was touched by the simplicity and the adherence to protocol.
The show started on dot. Can you believe that? 6.30 PM IST. It was also telecast live on People's channel.
The audience of Cochin, in all these years, I have noticed find it to be a huge effort to cheer or clap for anybody. They are mute spectators. I have heard several performers from Kerala say that this is the case in Cochin and Trivandrum. And they love to perform outside their borders just for the amount of appreciation that the crowd gives.
I sang Kannathil Muthamittal. Sivamani sir gave this super performance, once with Sri Jairam and once by himself. He used his suitcase and an empty bubble top water can in his list of percussive "instruments". Wow. Stephen Devassy was playing for us and it was awesome to have him play for KMI. Naresh sang Rubaroo and Pappu can't dance with Sayonara who joined in for the latter. I m unable to describe or list what happened yesterday mostly because I am unfamiliar with the songs and also its really tough to describe the goings-on when it is in a language you don't completely follow.
The performances were interspersed with the stars of Malayalam cinema address the gathering on the need to fight terrorism together.
It was extremely well put together, considering the arterial roads in Cochin, lack of parking space around the arena, as much as I saw it. I wonder how they pulled it off with a crowd of 15,000 +
I marveled at the sheer execution.
Only thing that was irksome - not many seem to care for the National Anthem. When the anthem starts playing, people think its like the end credits of a movie or something, during which time they can walk about, take pictures, talk and whatnot. Even those in the armed forces. I just hope we can learn to respect our anthem better.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

And my last day on Airtel Super Singer

will be telecast today. The usual time on Vijay TV. I have had a great time on the show as I have said on several occasions. SS is a major milestone in my career of 7 years in the creative field.
Most of the time I have said this line: Whose journey ends on the show today?
And today mine does :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Latest in Ayan

With Benny and Haricharan. I finally had the dream of singing a full song for Harris sir fulfilled. I wondered how it would be and he happened to say that he sees a lot of good changes in my singing. I hardly expected him to compliment me and when I was worried to perform properly. I have sung the Telugu version of this song as well and when I went in to do that, I met Benny after quite a while and it was interesting to note that we had another song together that we can probably freak out performing together, after Chinnamma Chilakamma. I have been waiting forever for the audio to release. Like from the day I sang the song. And it seemed like forever. I called Landmark, found out whether the stocks had come, ran in and bought the CD. Even as I was paying the bill,  I opened the packaging and went out of the building with CD on one hand, the case on the other. Nothing like the first listen of a song after you find your name on the CD case. Its always like the first time. And it always is a miracle to see your name in print. Thank God and all the goodwill of people who spur me on. Have a lot to do as long as singing is concerned. And really want to make them happen.

The RITZ award for Amazing Women

Found a pretty surprised recipient in me.

Amongst the ones who were receiving the awards yesterday at the Taj Coromandel, were Krishnammal Jagannathan, (winner of the alternate Nobel Prize) Dr. Priya Selvaraj, Dr. Shalini, (psychiatrist and writer), Srinidhi Chidambaram, Soundarya Rajnikanth, Shruti Haasan, Khushboo, Madhuvanti Arun, Deepika Pallikal, Tishani Doshi, (award-winning writer), Rehane, Sneha, Lavanya Nalli, Benozephin (visually challenged poet /orator), Ilavazhagi, (carrom champion)
The thing is, the lady who put this together, Aruna, editor of the Ritz probably deserves an award too. Bringing together all these powerful women requires humongous effort. When someone says Editor of some publication, the mind somehow conjures an image of a lady who is in her 40s or more. Aruna looks like it has not been too long since she passed out of college.
The event was hosted by Cary Edwards and Craig. I have read about their stand-up comedy acts in the city at regular intervals. Always wanted to go but never did. Yesterday was a pretty good Promo of what they are capable of doing and decided that no matter what, I ll find myself in their next show.
For some reason, I was at a total loss of words when I said a hi to Mrs Srinidhi Chidambaram and babbled for whatever joy. One point where I wished that the earth would open up and swallow me. The event however did not start on time and that gave enough for Sneha and I to catch up. We have almost always run into each other at such Do-s and it has not been more than the usual courtesies. There would not be much time. Yesterday she gave me an introduction to her sense of humour. I was giggling almost all of the time. And also left me wondering that she looks like such a doll in person and that daintiness I think, has not been captured on screen at all. I wonder why the camera makes someone look larger than life. A while later Soundarya Rajnikanth walks in just seconds after Shruti Haasan and they sit together. Imagine Soundarya Rajnikanth and Shruti Haasan in the same frame. Time stood still and the media had a field day. Time had given me the opportunity to get acquainted with Soundarya. She has a rare élan, very affable, and I think she will be quite someone that a lot of people will look up to in the years to come. I wish I had had the chance to be acquainted with Shruti too. I have heard of her band and intend to catch her perform in the city someday. Khushboo was the the one received the award at the finale and informed the gathering about an 8 year old girl married off to a frog in some remote village and its time that every woman stands up and does her bit for the girl child of tomorrow. That this place will be safer and more secure. I am unable to capture the spirit and fire that her short address carried but then I have always been bad with reported speech.
The earlier recipients of the evening did not have the opportunity of an acceptance speech somehow. I wonder if it was by choice.

More than anything else, it was a brilliant opportunity to meet almost all these women and say a hello. It was a lot of fun.
And as I had said yesterday I really hope to be able to achieve half as much of the collective achievements by all these wonderful women. God willing.

And almost all the awardees (except Lavanya Nalli and Dr Priya Selvaraj) are in this picture that someone sent me.

Soundarya Rajnikanth, Shruti Haasan, Dipika Pallikal, Yours Truly, Sneha, Srinidhi Chidambaram, Dr. Shalini, Tishani Doshi, Rehane, Benozephine, Madhuvanti Arun, Ilavazhagi (Her mother is in the picture) and Khushboo

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Delhi 6 - Dil Gira Dafatan

I, for some weird sentimental reason, never ask the name of the movie I am singing for. I eventually find it. And yes, I have missed a lot of work like that.
I think its something that started off with Kannathil Muthamittal. I did not dare ask the name. I was just too plain damn scared to say or ask anything to either Rahman sir or Mani sir. I was seeing my dream play out and the person I had worshipped all through was right in front of me teaching me how to sing. And anyway, at that time, I had no clue whether I would ever find my name in print on the cassette.
And I do not ask voluntarily, unless I find the name of the movie on the lyric sheet. Or I somehow guess. And now that I work with Aahaa FM, sometimes, I get to see the Audio CD before it hits the market.
And This is the one thing that took me completely by surprise. I had no clue I had sung in the Delhi 6. I had no recollection either. And have been waiting to hear the song to figure out what this song was, ever since last week when people started wishing me the best. And some sent me the links where the track listing was given. That I did not remember an Ash King did not help either.
But as soon as the song opened bells of recognition pealed. I have sung only about 3 lines in the song. And I did not expect to see my name on the CD at all.
Ash King, (I don't know if that was how he introduced himself then) is from London. I hear he is pretty popular there as an R&B artiste. I remember being awestruck during that session - the utmost patience with which Rahman sir gets a someone to sing. So much encouragement and I really wonder where he sources his zillion tonnes of patience.
Every recording session is not just learning a song that has never been sung. Its a life lesson. More so at his studio. There is so much to learn. You realize there is so much evolving to do after every visit.
One can never cease to be part an experience that will always be nurturing, humbling and divine. Every time you sing. At His studio.
P.S.: This is wishing for you, that may you have enough opportunities that will give you immense joy and a sense of......... like when you close your eyes and your face is illuminated by the flicker of a beautiful smile. May you have enough things cross your path that make you smile to yourself and light up your days. There will be times that you will feel like hugging the entire Universe. Make sure you identify it. Revel in it. May your work adore you and may you adore the work you do. May you be loved. Totally. Completely. By the entire Universe. Thathaastu.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In response to a letter addressed to my mother

With regard to Airtel Super Singer. 
To Rajesh Prakasam, this is a heaven-of-a-lot of thanks for the very very kind and generous words that you have published in your blog. 
Felt very nice to read this first thing at the birth of the Thamizh Thai month.
To everyone wish you a very happy Sankranti.
Thai porandha vazhi porakkum
To you, who are reading this - may the paths open up for you, free of brambles and thorns, smooth roads of the coolest of soil, sideways adorned with the prettiest of flowers, bluest skies and fresh air that will invigorate you and may all this take you to the goal that you so wish to reach.
Thathaastu and God bless your dreams.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A R Rahman sir wins the Golden Globe

Small Wonder really. But woooohooooo I feel amongst the most joyous in the world.
Now I just want to say, hey, The Oscars are next. Time to start praying that He wins that too.

PostScript: Don't you think its time Rahman sir won the Bharat Ratna too?

Late night

watching Abhiyum naanum at Sathyam Cinemas. Just about came back and felt like blogging about it.. was great fun. Loved all the bhangra, considering by soft corner for anything remotely Punjabi. And never thought Ooty and Munnar were such beautiful locales. Honestly have never been to Ooty and Kodai though I wish I can sometime. Also remember reading in the Newspapers that the access roads maintained by the NHAI to Ooty/Kodai, either one, were really crappy and they are doing nothing on that front. Wonder when some people will do their jobs properly.
Totally loved the movie.
And also there is one thing more, that Prakash Raj sir happened to tell me very recently which I am going to paste on my wall, read it and be reminded of it as much as possible. I think I have needed to hear this for a while, wish it had come to me earlier but it has only been now that it sailed through to me through Mr Prakash Raj. And the lines go

En mael kallai eriyaadhe, veedu katti viduven;
Enaku thee vaikkadhe, en veettirkku dheepam aetri viduven;
Ennai thurathaadhe en ilakkai seekkiram adaindhu viduven;
Enakku visham kodukkadhe naan Neelakanthan aagividuven"

If you don't understand Tamil it roughly translates to

Do not pelt me with stones, for I will use them to build a house
Do not set me afire, for I will light up my home
Do not chase me, for I will reach my goal faster
Do not hand me poison, for I will become NeelakanTha.

Of course, with the original Thamizh version I could have gone wrong with a word or two, but hearing these words in Mr Prakash Raj's deep voice was magical and inspiring. And they have come at the right time. In a way I think these words have the power to set you free from the confines that you let some frivolous people build around you. And I say, you have let, because, I read somewhere, No one can make you feel inferior without your own consent.
I have been taught that no one rolls out the red carpet for you that will lead you to the sea so that you take out your ship to conquer whatever you want to conquer, because, hey some boats will be upset and they will be rocked.
The words above mean a lot to me now and they always will.
We all have dreams. Some of us dream with a furore, with blood rushing in our veins until the dream is realized. I am dedicating this to you, reading this, may the italicized words help you during tough times, whenever you may be questioned by those of frivolousness and mediocrity. Don't let anyone pull you down. Don't let anyone make you feel inferior. May you have dreams. May you have the will to propel them and the grace of the Universe to smile to yourself, even if you are going to allow just a tug at the side of your lips, may it be because of the elation upon the victory and satisfaction. This kinda weighs down at a point in our neck where the jaws end and the throat begins.
Its will be a superb feeling. I wish for you that you may experience it, how many ever times you want.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Letter from Padmhasini

This is Padmhasini addressing you….

Dear readers,

I have been planning to write this post for quite sometime now.

Television Channels have multiplied in huge numbers lately and to cope with the rat race of maximum viewership for their shows is no small task for the producers of shows and channels in turn.

Reality shows have their own format and presentation. The producers directors take enormous pains to present each show. Viewers pass comments, good bad and sweeping ones sometimes. Organisation and co-ordination requires lot of efforts. Sometimes everything falls in place, sometimes it proves otherwise

If an anchor is missing for one or two episodes, the world does not come to an end. The show does not break apart. Chinmayi has already said nobody is indispensable except the show itself.

Similarly, if a contestant is eliminated, the world does not come to end either...for her or him. If they had good visibility by the time of elimination, the purpose is served. As said before, its the sheer destiny of a contestant which is going to decide their future and career.

Chinmayi has anchored only one show, that is super singer in the previous two seasons and now once again.It has given her an opportunity to explore a newer possibility in her and you (the viewers) have supported her in an incredible manner. Both Chinmayi and myself as her mother express our heartfelt gratitude for the same.

Tomorrow, there may be yet another anchor who may figure in the same show. Who knows?:) But the show goes on. Not only this, all the shows, irrespective of everything. That is the reality.

Previously the show was designed for four to five months at a maximum. Now it is for a longer....much longer duration. And Chinmayi whose basics are elsewhere, will find it difficult to cope with a long duration assignment where the dates need coordination with many others, considering her other compulsions and assignments.

People from all walks of life have expressed their critical views about the costumes she wore, concern about her singing voice whenever they felt she was shouting or straining her voice. We thank all of you with immense gratitude and it is this image we have always tried to hold and will do so for ever.

Our gratitude goes to super singer show itself which enabled Chinmayi to be a household name and wherever we went, people have touched us with their affection. Thanks once again.

We owe tremendous gratitude to the Channel Star Vijay which has enhanced her status given by Shri.A.R.Rahman among the music loving people. And Super Singer Show and Star Vijay are like Chinmayi’s home ground as far as her television sojourn is concerned.

Under the concert commitments of 2009, Chinmayi will be finding it difficult to continue with the show. The episodes following the Pongal week, i.e. 19th, 20th and 21st of January will be her last week on Airtel Super Singer.
Airtel Super Singer will always be close to our hearts.

And the show will go on. :)

TN07 AL 4777

This would be the movie wherein I am the voice-over artiste for Meenakshi
Also the third movie for A Lakshmikantan, with whom I have previously worked with in Unnale Unnale and Dhaam Dhoom. He has been one of the closest people to work with the late Jeeva sir. I would have to reiterate - Most of what I have learnt about dubbing have been from him.
One of the most straight-forward, honest, simple individuals that I have met. The dubbing sessions have been the funniest I as I have said before because of his sarcasm and extraordinary sense of timing. Someday I shall interview the people, on video who work in the dubbing studios and play it here. You should know the amount of shaping that these people do. This is where I learnt that a movie could be lifted several rungs higher or brought down several rungs just in the way the sound is scaped. To extract the right thing from the artistes at the studio, as I have seen is also done by the sound engineers. I have marveled and continue to do so at their work, talent and sheer expertise.
No doubt the sessions of this movie were a lot of fun, at the Trinity Studios, Alwarpet. This is where I worked in Unnale Unnale, Dhaam Dhoom, Satham Podadhey, TN07 and another upcoming movie.
Ever since I started dubbing, I have probably refused scores of opportunities, asking the people who called me whether it was necessary for Chinmayi to be doing this. I would ask them to ask themselves and if they are satisfied with the answer, they could call me, either which way Mom and I would dissuade them. There are so many people for whom dubbing is bread and butter. I am doing it because it provides a different creative experience. And I have learnt and continue to learn a lot. Starting from Sillunu Oru Kadhal to the latest release Vaaranam Ayiram, I am glad opportunities have been given to me to explore. Please wish well for this movie for the hopes, dreams, efforts and the future of many are dependent on this one.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Of questions and no answers

You know, there are times in your life when you come across events that belie a lot of your beliefs. And also when you start questioning them there are no answers forthcoming. Waters are gray and murky. There is a search for that elusive white conch. The waters that wash up on the banks are frothy, a dirty hue. To want to dip your hand into the murkiness is irksome. But there is not much choice than to do so, the golden sands of time seem to have been roasted to a dark shade of black, the river you know is not really made of clear, gurgling, true water. Yearning to see the pebbles on the beautiful river bed No beautiful flowers that have fallen from branches washed up. Sometimes the sands seem to be a quagmire with the threat of being quick and you wonder what was it that changed something that you believed to be unchangeable. Or was it a mirage all along? Things that are supposed to be a fall back, the knowledge that the sky can still be a clear brilliant blue, the kind I saw on the skies of Orlando. The setting sun splashes pails of color on a concave sky. An errant thought crosses my mind like strands of hair slicing the air across a disturbed visage. Hurting the eye in the process. It is strange is it not, when the vise of despair grips a sore heart with claws that make you bleed. Every small thing that moves around you reflect your inner turmoils. Why, I think, is that the colours happen on the rim of the concave. Why not at the center. Please spare me the sciences and the doctrines. It might be within my comprehension but I choose not to walk that path. I look for an answer or at least a proxy for the answers I seek. A substitute is supposed to be good enough, ain't it?.
Why is it that such divine shades happen at the edge? At the edge of day?
I still dip my hands into the murky gray waters searching for truth. Yes the water is dirty. I convince myself that it is for the good. I am looking for that pure white. Pristine. Smooth. A conch that I can hold to my ear. Something, I can grasp with fingers fast losing their grip. The vise set into motion by hands that once entered the realms of a trusting world has changed shades - Or was it that there I had just trusted a garb that had been thence shed? - the grip tightens. The heart struggles to withstand the ravage.
Waters gets murkier. Vision blurs and becomes cloudy. The clouds that cross are a dark gray too. Salty rain. Somewhere in the distance a lone candle with a wee flame tossed about enters my sky of the gray clouds. It seems like me. I feel like I am the flame. I am scared of unknown devils grabbing my hand in all the murkiness and dragging me down a dark hell. I strive to be the white lotus in a dirty pond.
The search for that pristine pure conch that I can put to my ears continues. That which will not just play me the sounds of the water in the air waves. Waves of sound. That which will but whisper, this too shall pass. Give me answers. Of the times and personas I have failed to comprehend. Its not all that plain and simple, is it? I have been standing in front of a ripple-less curtain of glass put up on a beautiful meadow. Something I thought would always gives a clear vision of the whatever is happening in front of my eyes. Its almost as if it is not there. Like a veil that your vision adjusts to; like lenses that are supposed to aid better vision. But in a strange way, I think it has been some sort of a meek shield. That sheet of glass is now but reduced to shards that slice across fingers that fight reason and try piece it together. Drawing blood. Drawing salt and water. I see the indentation on the soil that has borne the sheet all through this while. A deep scar. Now, its almost as if vision has been awarded to a person who has been blind. You know and do not know what you see. You know colours by name. But how do you identify them? You know the definition of round, square and rectangle by ear. Your ears comprehend shapes and colours. But you do not know if you have identified anything. The brain enters the war of comprehension.
My hands are no longer dipped in the gray waters. The skin on my hands have a sick pallor. My wrists now wear an uneven bracelet of residue that clings to my skin. And they shall remain there. The thing is, only I can see them. You need my vision to see them. I could give my eyes away, but is my vision really mine to give? Or does anyone even want to see things the way I see them?
I still look for the conch. Pristine. White. Pure. The one with the answers. Should I stop looking? I am left with shards of glass at my feet, a scar of a long mile. I am scared to take a step either way. Wishing to be engulfed by the earth then and there.
The mind takes the shape of a baby in the womb. Curled. Awaiting the birth of a new dawn. If there is one..........

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Best TV presenter of 2008

Heard that Ananda Vikatan has named me the best Female presenter on Tamil Television. I haven't been able to grab a copy of yet as I just touched base; perhaps I shall do so tomorrow. It felt quite "different" if you were to ask me. Never thought I would be awarded for something hosting a show.
Something that I dared to take a chance with and considering I stuck only to Super Singer, and of course Paadum Office but that was a 10-episode series, I have not done anything else at all. There were several other offers but nothing seemed like I had to do take it up, nor could I invest the time demanded.
I am thankful that a magazine of Ananda Vikatan's stature has named me the best presenter of last year. Looks like the time invested has done good and also tells me to dare to do more, learn more and that anything is possible. Well almost. I know I do not want to invest my time in a lot of skills.
I was known to be the biggest introvert. Several times, my seniors in the industry who met me after the show aired, were plain shocked and surprised on what brought about the transformation and how a girl who would not muster enough courage to blurt a hello could yap nineteen to the dozen. I am surprised myself actually. There is a part of me that still is an introvert and shall continue to be. I figured out that I am not a compulsive one. And I was lucky to get wonderful directors in Neelamabari (aka Varadarajan) and Rajkumar and the cameramen who were working primarily around me in the previous seasons - they have shaped me to be the presenter that I am today.
To you, reading this one, I would like to say that the path to fulfilling your dreams perhaps is just a dare away. And maybe making new ones too. And yes, also trust your gut instinct. Even if something does not work out the way you thought, at least you know for yourself, whether you can give it another go or not. Maybe somethings did not fall into place. Or at least you ll be able to know for sure, on your own, without someone else telling you, (if you are objective enough)about what you can do and how wide your horizons are.
This is wishing for you that you have the gumption to forever expand your horizons and thus expand the horizons of those around you and that you receive the blessings of the Universe to propel you in the right path.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

And another year come by giving us time and opportunity to make use of and to make the bridge to our destinies.
This is wishing you a fulfilling, blessed, lovely, successful, prosperous and a peaceful New Year.
Godspeed to you Good people.