Saturday, April 29, 2006

Your Opinion

We have started looking into Mid Segment cars and have been wondering which one is DA One.
We like the Accent as of now, but seems like its gonna be upgraded and would be best to wait until that version is released.
Would really appreciate some guidance on this. TIA

Friday, April 28, 2006

Airtel Super Singer
Telecast on Fridays and Saturdays 8 pm IST
Starting today :-)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Talking of Wifi, I went to Barista and to a food sone on GN Chetty road to find both were WiFi enabled. Seems there are more than I expected in the city. And as I see chennai station is also supposed to have WiFi but our laptop didnt detect it.

Wonder how many places in Chennai has Wifi not including IIT

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I usually crib about the airlines we travel on.
And Paramount airways is an exception. Great flight, great travel and more than anything else the plane landed like a dream. No plonking on the runway this time. Came to know that the pilot was firang. And apparently Paramount had trouble taking off because Indian food didnt agree with the pilots. Poor things. There must be some way of getting them used the food here. Inflight food was great too. The flight was delayed by 2 hours or so from Madurai and during which time I tried to clear some of my backlogue. Thanks to WiFi. Wish all cities will be WiFi enabled and we can pay internet bills as we do now for dial up or broad band accounts. That will be the day!
Another interesting thing was that when we were exiting Madurai Railway station there was a board saying that area was WiFi enabled. Chennai railway station has no WiFi but Madurai does?? I was totally stunned.. now can someone tell me whether that is true?
Three days in Madurai .. great time. Did I mention the super fun I am having hosting this show???

Also got in touch with a couple of classmates from 6th standard I had lost touch with. Must say Orkut is a great place. It felt good to be back in touch and catching up on lost times. And also realized how time flies. I think by the time I realize what happened, I will be 48.
Also talking of time whooshing by, its sad how several people waste it. I used to do it once, and when mom used to tell me that this leisure will never come and that I should make use of it to learn as much as I can, the truth rings too loudly in my ears now. The youth have so much energy to harness and so much time. A lot dont attend college. But my classmate for the Msc program, who is also teacher told me that the students were supra burdened with education that when they reach college they couldnt care less. Also she said there is not much difference in the syllabus of the first two years in Physics and Maths bachelor programs. And they dont want to take classes. SO much can be learnt. Perfecting small skills. And once the youth empower themselves the country can prosper. No use saying India is the way it is because of this and that. And people who dont know what to do with their time are interested in disrupting others'. Thats the main problem around here. People want to be jobless enough to degrade themselves. When will we learn?

Monday, April 24, 2006

In Madurai for the Airtel Super Singer Zonals. Day 1 is done. Day 2 will start in a few hours from now. Had a whale of a time. When we landed in Madurai, there was a slight hitch in the internet connection in the Hotel and we went across to the internet kiosk on the opposite side. And strangely enough the manager of the kiosk refused to take money for my internet usage and took my autograph instead. Cant really describe that feeling. Its definitely not super elation like wowwwww I got something free coz someone recognized me...actually dunno. I am just plain confused. The internet connection at our hotel was later restored. Thank God for huge mercies. Nowadays I almost feel handicapped without an active internet connection. Phew we are all slaves of technology.
Went to Meenakshi Temple, the Theppa Kulam, the Naicker Mahal though I didnt go inside, I was too busy blowing bubbles, and wherever our car went, you could find a string of bubbles trailing behind. I found that I still have a fascination for that soap liquid and the weird shaped tube or pipe or whatever-you-cal- it which I have grown used to seeing over the years. Small joys at Rs. 5. Of course, if you buy the same outside Odyssey in Gandhi Nagar, Chennai, its 50 bucks.

We also checked out the Yanai Kal and Kal Palam. And then we returned to the hotel. By the way, this was all part of the work for which we had come here. The talent so far in all three cities has been great and am looking forward to see how the zeroing down will happen.
Got a deadline to meet. Gotta go.
Lots more to come. Stay tuned :)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Chennai Auditions went by succesfully and I cant imagine the amount of fun I am having. Have been meeting a lot of people, and I have ended up asking the same girl her name thrice. And its amazing how people still have the patience to reply. And then I remember I already asked them and then tell them I have short term memory loss. Somehow, as far as my memory is concerned a lot of data that is stored in Short Term Memory and its travel to Long Term Memory, there seems to be a slip somewhere... the travel just fails to happen. I am amazed as to how some people can remember several things, names, birthdays, addresses, clothes they wore... whoah that is something. Wish I get that ... at least will lead less ppl to think that I am the 'celeb' types not remembering names. Now that I am on this side, I see really how tough it is for people to recall and next time someone doesnt remember who I am, I know what it is like... and in most cases they are not faking it.
The one thing about the auditions is that I have never done so much walking and running about in my life and I am usually dead on my legs. Have woken up after about 11 hours of sleep. I really wonder how people in Vijay TV manage. And how they manage to keep their head cool after all this. And I fly off the lid if a translator doesnt deliver on time.....
Looking forward to the Madurai Auditions of Airtel Super Singer.

Those of you who havent made it to Coimbatore and Chennai, catch the train to Madurai and watch Vijay TV for important info!

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My First Item Number

In Pachai Guthirai. I have been excited about it right from when I recorded the song one month ago for Sabesh-Murali sirs. I share the space with Pop Shalini And Suchitra in that song.
I had a great time singing the song, one because I hadn't done something exactly like this before and must give a BIG thank you to the Music Directors and Parthiban Sir.

Whoever has been following up on my songs, please listen to it and lemme know how it sounds!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Chennai Auditions - Airtel Super Singer

16th April
Chennai Convention Centre

Be there by 7:00 am and start rocking!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Airtel Super Singer

Have received a few mails regarding the experience of anchoring Super Singer. It was absolutely amazing, Vijay TV was extremely patient with me, and I learnt how to talk nineteen to a dozen in Tamil. Of course, I was tongue tied sometimes, the words just didnt come out, and there were times, when they got to recognise a certain blank look on my face to see that nothing is working around my gray cells. As of now, I will not be able to write about what happened Behind the scenes until they telecast the show.

But as far as I am concerned its a ride!

Marakka Mudiyuma

I have finally got hold of the title song from this serial for which I have received several mails and requests

For all those who have asked me, you can now listen to it here

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yet to edit my post on the Coimbatore experience which was rollicking.
Cary and the SS Music team came home to shoot 'I, Me, Myself' and it was good talking to him. And after ages I was talking in English on TV. :) Got to speak about a lot other than music which was also nice, since I didnt have to answer the routine questions. And then the best part was when Cary was talking about how he Got Mr Amitabh Bacchan to record the voice mail message "Hi you have called Cary, please leave a message and I will make sure that he calls you back". Super smart. If I had known his number then, I would have called his mobile and wished he wouldnt answer it .. hee hee.
The interview was good and guess it will be shown sometime on SS Music. Also recording the promo for the show was fun, as I was instructed to 'hit' Cary's head with a cushion each time he was half way through a sentence. It took me a couple of takes to get the right, cos by the time I thought it was time to get the cushion come into contact with his head, it was too late. Got to know a lot of things about anchoring a show in English on TV, first was when I met Craig from SS and now Cary.

Have sung in Kalaba Kadhalan, Amirtham, Thunicchal and Nee venumda Chellam. The songs are on my audio blog. Have also uploaded a title song of a serial which is currently being aired, "Vamsa Vriksham".
Check them out :)