Thursday, April 27, 2006

Talking of Wifi, I went to Barista and to a food sone on GN Chetty road to find both were WiFi enabled. Seems there are more than I expected in the city. And as I see chennai station is also supposed to have WiFi but our laptop didnt detect it.

Wonder how many places in Chennai has Wifi not including IIT


Inigo Fernando said...

if you are fascinated abt wifi and if you don't have one at home, try this. Its cheap and you can access the web from anywhere within your house absolutely wireless. plz ignore if you already have one at home.

Kaarthik said...

Interesting.. how is it with the public WiFi enabled hotspots ? Do they give you SSID when you pay these WiFi cafes or is it open for all who stay there ?

Unknown said...

Cafe Coffee Day has WiFi, but it's only for those fancy instant billing machines the waiters carry around. My friend was able to break into the network though :D

And I think the Chennai Central WiFi routers are broken or something... Dishnet either not doing their job properly, or CoC didn't bother trying to get the contract renewed..

Sudhir said...

If you are looking at WiFi hotspots in Chennai (and other places) follow the link

You can get a list of hotspots in Chennai.. but not an exhaustive list as I feel there are more than 75 hotspots there.

Earlier Dishnet WiFi (under the brand name - Red) had a website that listed the hotspots.. but for some reason its down..

I believe BSNL too has its own hotspots..


skar said...

That IITM is WiFi enabled is news to me after 4 years at IITM!! I don't know of WiFi anywhere apart from Lib and CS Dept. Where did you use it?

AG said...

Lib and CS Dept have Wifi.. Thats all.. Not the whole of insti obviously!

Anonymous said...

Anna University- CEG campus is WIFI enabled..