Saturday, April 29, 2006

Your Opinion

We have started looking into Mid Segment cars and have been wondering which one is DA One.
We like the Accent as of now, but seems like its gonna be upgraded and would be best to wait until that version is released.
Would really appreciate some guidance on this. TIA


skar said...

Jap cars are more durable than the American ones. The rest is a question of tastes as far as i'm concerned. But if your middle segment permits a fair margin(say twice the average mid-segment budgent :D), i recommend the Honda Accord!Later....

Inigo Fernando said...

I've done this survey last 6 months and decided to buy Skoda(i just listened to my heart beats at the end instead of survey results:-), but mid segment, i think Honda city ZX Vtec rocks and stands apart in terms of confort & luxury , mileage, elegance and looks, resale value and maneuvering in city. go for it..let me know thru your scrap / blog what u bot...cheers.

Inigo Fernando said...

My opinion : accent CRDi is good(one of the best diesel engines)..but then Honda City has other plus points..
push a little harder and get the Skoda Rider - you won't regret - sporty / sturdy / luxurious / reliable / safe / one of the best designs of car exteriors / resle value / what more..Accent is a thing of the past and you can see millions of it on the road...if you are stubborn on midsegment, then Honda city is DA one.

Sriram said...

City!!! no question about it :)

Soundar G said...

You have not mentioned if its petrol or diesel. As far as diesel is concerned, Accent CRDi is a good one. My close relative owns one (and I get it to use it extensively :) ) and it has one of the best mid segment diesel engines. But then, as "inigo fernando" says, the model has been there for long and moreover a new version will be released soon.

As far as petrol version is concerned, Honda City has got an overall good rating. Its VFM buy. ZX VTEC engine is more recent technology from Honda and it has got good reports too. Check it out. Also, Honda City has better resale value. Among other petrol based mid-seg-cars too, Toyota Corolla is good too, but is more expensive. GM Optra has great looks, but again its not exactly VFM (more expensive, less mileage, etc). The engine is also based on very old technology. Check the latest Chevrolet Optra 1.6 version (less power & reduced price...but I guess its the same engine). Skoda is a good choice as well (performance, reliability, sturdiness, etc), but a bit costly. I heard that Skoda's diesel version is good too. Check them out. I have not heard much appreciation (no complaints aswell) about Accent's petrol version.

To sum it up, among petrol cars, check out Honda City, Skoda & Toyota Corolla. Among diesel Accent CRDi & Skoda's diesel version. Tata Indigo (diesel) is VFM buy as well (and has got a decent rating as well), but in my opinion, the looks are not that good.

Better test drive all the cars, feel it and then decide. Hope it helps.



Soundar G said...

Sorry about the long comment. Just kept typing and did not realise that its grown that huge! :)

Wish you good luck!



Nishanth_in said...

You must test drive a Ford Fiesta
It has a good balance of style,performance and mileage. I would recommend the Ford Ikon too but it looks pretty outdated.

If you like the radical looks and styling of the Honda city then I would stick my highly recommended tag on it.

You can checkout the new Hyundai Accent 2006 model here -
I heard that it would hit the showrooms on September 06.

saraskathiresan said...


Inigo Fernando said...

Cmon guys..opinion should not have 4 or 5 choices :-)) should give 1 in each segment.

Incognito said...

Definitely Swift.

BlueByrd said...

Hello Chinmayi...

Wait until The all new Hyundai Elantra's launch !!!

You might wanna have a look at the impressive Newyork Auto show article ..Copy paste this link onto ur brower =>

Irresistable also cos of the decent price tag !!

Hope you like it !


Happy drivn !