Saturday, April 08, 2006

Airtel Super Singer

Have received a few mails regarding the experience of anchoring Super Singer. It was absolutely amazing, Vijay TV was extremely patient with me, and I learnt how to talk nineteen to a dozen in Tamil. Of course, I was tongue tied sometimes, the words just didnt come out, and there were times, when they got to recognise a certain blank look on my face to see that nothing is working around my gray cells. As of now, I will not be able to write about what happened Behind the scenes until they telecast the show.

But as far as I am concerned its a ride!


saraskathiresan said...

thank u we will wait till they telecast let us know the date all the best for chennai and madurai

Ravindran Ganapathi said...

ride! rite, journey should take u from known to unknown !!!

chinmayi, if anyone uploads it on any streaming website do tell me please.

yogendran said...

Well the airtel super singer contest telecast in vijay tv, was pulling to the edge of the seat, to see the contestant's being rejected/selected.

The show has been well structured. Chinmayi, have done a good job in anchoring the contest.

Different peoples with different attitude, aspire, expectation. The essence behind the contest was good, and sure this would be a unforgetful moment to all the contestent's.

To specifically say that 77 year old thatha, his spirit and passion for singing has to be well appreciated. And also a man who got rejected as he has already sung a song in a movie has to be memtioned here, being rejected i liked him saying "life is big" That really made me to think........

yahoo! yogendrankp