Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yet to edit my post on the Coimbatore experience which was rollicking.
Cary and the SS Music team came home to shoot 'I, Me, Myself' and it was good talking to him. And after ages I was talking in English on TV. :) Got to speak about a lot other than music which was also nice, since I didnt have to answer the routine questions. And then the best part was when Cary was talking about how he Got Mr Amitabh Bacchan to record the voice mail message "Hi you have called Cary, please leave a message and I will make sure that he calls you back". Super smart. If I had known his number then, I would have called his mobile and wished he wouldnt answer it .. hee hee.
The interview was good and guess it will be shown sometime on SS Music. Also recording the promo for the show was fun, as I was instructed to 'hit' Cary's head with a cushion each time he was half way through a sentence. It took me a couple of takes to get the right, cos by the time I thought it was time to get the cushion come into contact with his head, it was too late. Got to know a lot of things about anchoring a show in English on TV, first was when I met Craig from SS and now Cary.

Have sung in Kalaba Kadhalan, Amirtham, Thunicchal and Nee venumda Chellam. The songs are on my audio blog. Have also uploaded a title song of a serial which is currently being aired, "Vamsa Vriksham".
Check them out :)


Gangadhar said...

I'll just go and listen to the songs in ur audio blog..
btw can you pl add me as your friend in Ryze can find me at
and my email is: ganga.ambati AT

thank u

raj said...

chinmayi, you seem to be having your hand on many pies. How do you get the time? Wish I ahd your energy!
How was it working with Bhavadharini? Never thought she had it in her to deliver an album like Amirtham. It was very good. What's her working style like? Her father or her brother's style?

Also, have you sung for Raja Sir in movies?

Chinmayi Sripada /Chinmayee said...

Working with Bhavatharini was great. And she has a style of her own. And never judge someone prematuerly :)
I have sung for Raja Sir in Vishwa Thulasi

Soundar G said...

Have not been commenting on your blog for quite some time now. Was tied up with lots of work.

First of all my best wishes to you on donning the role of an anchor (Airtel Super Singer competition).

Today (12th) I watched "I, Me, Myself" programme on SS music featuring you. Bad thing is I could catch only the last minute of the program where you advice youngsters on how to spend free time (learn carpentry!). Any ideas if it will telecasted again?

BTW, I have started updating (finally!!) my blog, so whenever time permits, please visit.