Monday, April 24, 2006

In Madurai for the Airtel Super Singer Zonals. Day 1 is done. Day 2 will start in a few hours from now. Had a whale of a time. When we landed in Madurai, there was a slight hitch in the internet connection in the Hotel and we went across to the internet kiosk on the opposite side. And strangely enough the manager of the kiosk refused to take money for my internet usage and took my autograph instead. Cant really describe that feeling. Its definitely not super elation like wowwwww I got something free coz someone recognized me...actually dunno. I am just plain confused. The internet connection at our hotel was later restored. Thank God for huge mercies. Nowadays I almost feel handicapped without an active internet connection. Phew we are all slaves of technology.
Went to Meenakshi Temple, the Theppa Kulam, the Naicker Mahal though I didnt go inside, I was too busy blowing bubbles, and wherever our car went, you could find a string of bubbles trailing behind. I found that I still have a fascination for that soap liquid and the weird shaped tube or pipe or whatever-you-cal- it which I have grown used to seeing over the years. Small joys at Rs. 5. Of course, if you buy the same outside Odyssey in Gandhi Nagar, Chennai, its 50 bucks.

We also checked out the Yanai Kal and Kal Palam. And then we returned to the hotel. By the way, this was all part of the work for which we had come here. The talent so far in all three cities has been great and am looking forward to see how the zeroing down will happen.
Got a deadline to meet. Gotta go.
Lots more to come. Stay tuned :)


Jo said...

Nice reading your about your 'bubbling' interest. :-)

Athena said...

hey feels nice to read ur blog.. not coz u r gr8 or popular .. jus was readin it randomly and came across urs..u r rite.. definitely v r becomin technology addicted..

and am athia.. finel year engg at anna univ..

arvindh said...

Did you buy Murukku sold near the Theppakulam? Sitting on the steps of the kulam and eating Nei murukku would give one as much joy as blowing soap bubbles!

Sidharth said...

Did u know that the thirumalai Naicker mahal has seven pillars and they produce the seven swaras when hit... I dunno if its true coz the last time i went there, the mahal was closed for the renovation purposes...
Wonder in what ragam they would sound... shankarabharanam or ...?