Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rahman Sir's performance at Mumbai - LIVE

To all those to whom this is news, Rahman Sir will be performing Live at Mumbai's Andheri Sports Complex on New Year's Eve. Touted to be one of the biggest events around the world, and hosted by Nokia, the concert in Mumbai will also feature Nelly Furtado.

Rahman Sir will be performing his anti-poverty song "Pray for me brother", that is produced by Mr Bala, who earlier produced Vande Mataram. The song is going to be introduced in Mumbai.

The concert will also be teleast live on Star Network.
This will be something to look forward. And for all of us that cant go to Mumbai, thank God for television!!

For more information on this show visit You will see all that you need to know about this event that is going to take place across five major cities in the World, and also be teleast live!!! Whooooopeeeeee

Friday, December 01, 2006

As of now, I want rustle up some leaves, heave some trees, whoosh through courtyards and raise a lot of dust and giggle to myself about the mess I create. And make more mess around me by giggling.. the more I giggle a lot more movement happens around me. Nature reacts.
And then I want to be still. Go hide. Behind trees. Behind windows. And not do anything. And then somewhere a lady takes her winnow and then the winnow talks to me. And now I have work to do.. I separate the chaff. Let the grains remain. The lady seems to concentrate on the work at hand. Her forehead is crinkled with concentrating. Her mouth pursed. Her cheeks tense. Her hands seem as though they dont really move for all that is being done. A nudge every once in a while. I remove the chaff as long as the lady wants me to.. and then she is done. I easily do anyone's bidding. But I still have a mind of my own. Anyone can make me move. Anyone can agitate me. I am gentle. When I wear my wispy Ballerina dress, I twirl and twirl and all that the world can do is just watch, stunned. Or be carried away by me. Or try and run away. But how many can? *smile* I can go anywhere I want. Do whatever I want to do. Go places where no one else has been. What I know, no one knows. I know everyone's secrets. And I keep them. I am the greatest keeper of secrets. I know of all the wisdom that has been passed on for aeons. I dont change. But yet, I change things around me. I kick up a lot of sand and rearrange dunes and make new ones when I want to. I rise. I plummet. Sometimes of my own free will. And most times not. Especially while plumetting. Once I see a flute, I make music. I can't be understood. I dont know what I am here for. I exist. I am. I..... am AIR. And I am what I am.