Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The past several days have been peppered with conversations with people who are important to me. And conversations with the heart/mind I need to know best for my own good - my own... 

At some points in time, I feel the need to assess where I am.. assess what and how I feel a certain way about certain things.. my beliefs and core values. Assess, reassess and crystallize again. Have I changed.. transformed.. for the better or for worse? And also, what the "better" or "worse" means to me. Some of us may be lucky to find people who seem to be at similar situations or mental state as we are. It is good to talk about what your thoughts are and may I add, with people in whose company you know you are not being judged. And that comfort level you and I would have with perhaps one or two people. Or with no one at all. 

There might be times that we would have to learn some lessons on our own. Make some decisions without looking outside. Answer some questions ourselves. By knowing the one person that is most important for us to know - ourselves. How well do we know ourselves?

There was this quote I read somewhere, that we don't like spending time with ourselves because we are afraid of being alone with ourselves. We'd be better off knowing someone else than ourselves. Stand in front of a mirror. And look into your own eyes. Are you able to look into your own eyes? Or are you afraid?

So this friend was telling me, make every moment count. And its upto you to make a beautiful memory. To choose to be happy. At the end of it all, when we leave this realm, we'd perhaps be better off, that we did something than regretting having not done something. 

Live. This moment. Question yourself. Find your answers. Be honest with yourself. And take that leap within. It might be slightly scary at first. But when we surface, we'd have a new vision. Not just plain sight.