Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Conversations and questions

Was part of a conversation, listening, about how some cultures (if not almost all) have been formed by torturing people into submission or attempting (perhaps successfully at times) to vanquish entire peoples.

The film Dasavataram, and particularly the first 12 minutes was mentioned, and on a tangent, how scores of Samanargal were aethi-fied on Kazhuvus just because they refused to give up their religion. This is part of the glorious Tamil culture we are expected to be proud of. I am sure, various other cultures, of various other regions of India have similar stories. While I was an RJ, I got to hear stories of massacres in Srirangam while they defended the Lord that they held dear. Interestingly kings who have been responsible for mass murders such as these have been hailed and glorified. 

What culture should we proud of? A culture and a history which in several parts has not been tolerant or another human being's way of life? A culture that is dynamic, makes new rules at various times and sadly such a crazy culture is still prevalent in this day and ages. Honor killings and this despicable behaviour of untouchability, treating another human being, made of the same flesh and blood as ourselves in such a terrible manner. Denying basic rights. And authorities look the other way. 

I am wondering, what do the people who are in seats of power think of? What are their pressures? Why are they not allowed to bring change? Its not possible that they cannot feel even an iota for the country that they belong to. Love for the motherland, I'd like to believe is something that would automatically pulsate through our nerves. But why is it difficult for ministers to prevent the pollution of the Ganga? How and why where the industries set up on the banks without having the backup to treat effluents? The POSCO plant is perhaps an example that maybe, just maybe, inspite of all the high and mighty signing the papers, there is still hope when people stand up for what is right. How is that the PM is even announcing that 2,900 million litres of sewage is emptied DAILY? Why can't he stop it? To a common civilian and a citizen such as me and you, these will remain mere questions. 

Perhaps like one hears, politicians and ministers are not masters of their own offices. Perhaps someone else makes the decisions for them which they are forced to obey. We, on the other hand, have pretty good lives. We can go about doing relatively simpler activities, live our lives being answerable only to very, very few and finally also leave the world, hopefully, after having lived the life that we had dreamed of. 

But at the end of the day, there is this pang wishing that the wrongs are righted. And things are beautiful once again. And I so wish that the line in the Alchemist comes true especially with regard to my country, first - Wish for something strong enough and the universe conspires to make it happen. 

If someone tells me, all this is mere talk (or blog/tweet) and nothing will happen, I usually adamantly differ. No begging or being polite here. I know, that some day that humans will find humanity. And I so wish it will happen in this life. 

And for everyone's sake I wish all the people are treated equally. Especially in India. Without Prejudice. Without hatred. Someday. And hopefully soon

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tweets and Rumi, Gibran

Hearing the plaintive notes from a piano tiptoe into the stillness of the night,which until then was just interrupted by the slight ruffle of a turning page or the occasional footfall, I happened to be reading some tweets by Mr Bacchan who chose to tweet lines of Kahlil Gibran. Somehow the mix of notes that seemed to float about and the profundity of the words of Gibran had an interesting effect on me. One, the urge to blog, the tax of typing from a relatively cramped interface of a smartphone notwithstanding.
A lot of times mom has said one neednt wear saffron robes to chose the path of spirituality. Meditation can happen while walking, eating, talking and to the evolved soul, even while one is asleep. There is no start and end to the meditative state.

I copy-paste some of Mr Bacchan's tweets today here:
T 710 - " It is hard indeed for anything to be easy Even humans have yet to attain humanity "~ Ghalib
T 710 - " Is not the cup that holds your wine the very cup that was burned in the potter's oven ? "~KG
T 710 - " And is not the lute that soothes your spirit, the very wood that was hollowed with knives ?"~KG

While we, in and inspite of everything do worry at least a little about everything that concerns us and the earth and universe as a whole, th latter especially on days a natural calamity threatening to wreak havoc just passed kindly through our lives (a lot more worry about our future than that of the earth, I am sure, for if we all really did worry and take action, we'd be doing a lot more to conserve the water on our earth).

But coming back to Gibran, I loved the lines on the cup and the lute.
How many cups did burn before they could become vessels of wisdom. How many shafts of bamboo have actually withstood the hollowing before it could probably find its own destiny in the hands of a musician.

A little earlier this evening I read Rahman sir tweet Rumi - 'If you are irritated by every rub, how will you be polished?'

And here is when I wondered if one should look at such a 'rub' as a bruise, a laceration and weep over it as a child whose soft skin suffers the abrasion, or think of oneself as the diamond and believe that it is destiny when every hard knock lands on us, until we have realized our true brilliance.

And after reading but a few lines of Gibran and Rumi and the depth or perhaps the infiniteness of their wisdom .... Ah well.