Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Looking for Male Singers

We are looking for Male Singers who can sing along with me in concerts and shows.
If you are a singer, and would like to work with me, please leave a comment and we will get back to you. Of course, it will be convenient if you are based in Chennai. We would also require you to send us your voice samples by EMail.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The past twenty days have been quite a blur. With viral fever clawing me again with a vengeance, Aahaa Kaapi Klub and a couple of performances went by. And dance rehearsals for the concerts. Live performances, I realized one can get by with a voice that is not in top form as well.
In between all this, I figured I was nominated the best female playback singer for the Star Screen Awards for Tere Bina. Of course, I did not win, Shreya Ghoshal had two nominations and Sunidhi Chauhan had one, I was the 4th. Shreya won. Nonetheless, if my portion in Tere Bina was noticed enough to be nominated for awards of this stature, all that I could do was be thankful to all the Gods above.
18th Jan also signaled one year of Radio Jockeying with Aahaa FM. Amidst coughing and wotnot, that day was highly enjoyable.

So generally with being unwell and all, and not being able to sing I am veeeery blue as of now.. It cant get bluer than this.. ...*gloooooooom*

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Kumudham Snehidhi

Friday, January 11, 2008

Callers and their Questions

My show on Aahaa FM 91.9 has a question hour every day and this is somehow my way of knowing things from the people, their mindset and what makes them tick. The other day mom and I had an incident at the Shell petrol station we haunt and somehow one of the men who had come to fuel up decided to act funny. Mom eventually asked what his problem was and in a while she knew he was inebriated. Eventually the guy swore to destroy our car and whatnot, and when eventually mom collected herself to call the police, the guy rode away, not before ramming into mom before that. Of course I was given strict orders not to get out, though the guy eventually had a problem with me "nodding my head". Apparently women are not supposed to nod their head according to him. What struck us was that the employees of Shell did not care to protect the interests of their customers and the other 30-40 people just stood and watched. Thats when we realized that apathy is rampant. I spoke about the issue on radio the next day, explaining the issue briefly and that it had happened to us, where there several people who called in to give their views on women and their dressing. Notably there were very few lady callers. One of the men who called in, said women should stay at home. Much like the police guy in Bombay who said something on the lines of women should stay at home if they don't want to be subject to sexual harassment (this is with reference to the Mumbai incident on New Year's eve).

I would say that even otherwise, within families and friends, we have become too busy to care for people known to us, or check on them once in a while, especially when we know that someone is seriously unwell. I wonder why. Postponing? Maybe. Why is it that people find it uncomfortable to show that they care? As time goes caring might be dead gone and extinct as the dodo.

Anyway, I had this caller today who had already spoken on air, and then she called back, saying Hi I have already spoken on air, but you promised me that you wont cut your hair. I want to know whether you have stuck to your word. For a moment there, I was flummoxed. I had a sort of a makeover, though the length of my hair is almost intact, the look is different. Just wanted to give it a shot. And it looks pretty good I'd say. And anyway, I had to own up and say, hey I am sorry but I had a makeover but it will grow back. She sounded pretty upset, angry even that I had cut my hair. Couldn't help being tickled. And this feeling, that there is someone out there other than my mom who will be upset if I do cut my hair :)

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Taare Zameen Par

Hands down, one of the best ever movies of all time. If you are planning to watch the movie, which you should be due to all the reports that are coming, stop procrastinating and book your tickets to watch the movie. Its worth missing work, missing a class. Whatever. Just go watch it.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Sahana featured in the top 10 songs of 2007 in several countdown lists. Suriyan FM named it at the number 1 song of 2007 and so did a lot of TV and FM channels. Vijay TV, Jaya TV and the Lions club awarded me the Best Female Playback Singer for this song.
Certainly, being a part of Superstar's movie is one of lady luck's biggest smiles towards me. And this was another break in my fledgling career in the industry, and that too came from Rahman anna.
As of now I am immensely thanking all the Gods. Am hoping that the new year brings good tidings for me.
To all those who come in read my blog, comment, mail me, praise me and bless me from wherever you are, this is a very huge thank you. Hope your best wishes and blessings will remain with me in the years to come.
Happy New Year!