Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Releases

I sometimes wonder why I miss updating this in the scheme of things

Two songs in Tamil
Munnar (Koncham Poo Koncham thean) and in Madurai Sambhavam a duet with Hariharan ji (Kulathil Mudhal Kallai... ), Sihigaali in Kannada a duet with Kunal Ganjawala (Hele Tangaali) Snehituda in Telugu a duet with Karthik (Chiluka Navvave)

Also Modhi Vilayadu has released as of yesterday and as I said earlier on this blog I am the voice of Kajal in the movie. Please watch the movie (in theatres please) and let me know what you think.

Friday, July 24, 2009


Mom has been working and planning this for quite sometime and we shall shortly be commencing a school for Hindustani Classical Music (Classical Vocal, Sarangi, Sitar and Tabla) and a Dance school which shall focus on teaching Odissi and Kathak. Looking at the number of mails that we have received in the past year or so, especially by aspirants who are serious about learning, she did not see why this needed to be postponed any longer.

Leave a comment with your Email ID for more info.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happened to go shopping for groceries with mom and she happened to mention that a kilogram of pulses procured from a store cost 100/-. Just about a month back it was 70/-. Sometimes I wonder if we are in a country which functions akin to Robin Hood or why always quote someone some place else? To have an Indian counterpart, Kochunni, in Kerala. For clarity, he was a lot like Robin Hood. He robbed the rich and gave to the poor. But not all of the rich. The noble amongst them were let be. But it definitely makes me ponder if our country and the way things are function the way Kochunni did and in most cases, in ways that he did as well. There are enough and more idlers in our country. And there are some who feign being in the lower strata though they might earn as much as a proper upper middle class family for the free benefits that happen. Those who end up slogging it out face super taxes, yeah I know there are some countries where taxes go way beyond what it is in India, but sometimes its almost like its a crime if you are the tax payer in this country. Taxes are high, we have to pay exhorbitant amounts to procure basic food supplies... If you live in Tamilnadu one of the things that you will hear again and again from a lot of people is "Don't you earn/make money? Then better pay up". (Sambaadhikkare illa? Appo kudu) I dont know if you have heard this line or something that is similar but you have no idea how many times we have heard it. Why do people who draw a monthly salary treated like unofficial ATM's?
I happened to read a report on how Traffic Ramaswamy got fed up with the corporation officials and decided to go and manually remove the unauthorized shops in T Nagar. Solo. And used only his two hands. First apparently a lot of people shouted at him but then the rest of the shopowners ran away seeing what he is doing. At 75+, blind in one eye (because there were people who beat him up for doing all this for a city and a people who really do not care ) this one man is going about doing everything that he can to make this city stick to some norms. Our country's biggest strength remains and shall always remain in its population. Why cannot the people just see the truth that is staring at them in the eye and kick injustice where it has to be kicked. Why are people collectively cowards? Why is it still in singular when we refer to a being that fights an unjust system? When someone like Ramaswamy fights for a change on a street in Chennai how is it that the politicians do not seem to have even an iota of that love for this country. After all, a man of the soil becomes a politician and is able to pull a lot of clout and increase his net worth only because of his status as politician. And in this country. Business deals that are struck almost always have a vested personal interest of the immediate people involved in the whole process. And definitely so it is with the politicians. I am a nobody to say a politician is a servant of the country or that people employed by the Government should sweat their blood and sacrifice every interest and work for the country. Because that just cannot be the case. Because the Government does not give great benefits, salaries or facilities for its employee. He has a family, he has children too who will have dreams as your children might have. And how is he going to pay for an engineering or medical degree with a 5000/- per month salary? And I heard enough and more from some people who went on and on, during my stint as an RJ that people working in the Govt. should be selfless. Should not think of family and whatnot. Really now? Are you going to be paying for a Govt employee's medical expenses? You, the citizen of India, even if you knew that someone has a very clean record? Yeah, sure you'll say that they can go to the GH. Its all free. But would you, who has an access to a computer and has an internet connection and reading this line this very moment step into the GH when you expect your family to be taken care of and come out hale and hearty? We as Indians are basically hypocrites. We cannot move a finger to do anything. Even if a portion of the city of Chennai came together to support someone like Traffic Ramaswamy there will be no issues, no bribery, no red tape anywhere. But we are the quintessential untiring cribbers. My city, my country needs a miracle. Perhaps a prayer. Perhaps a conscience. Perhaps the right deed at the right time. Or perhaps all that my country just needs are true citizens.

P.S.: Just heard yesterday. Do you know that most Government/Private schools (correct me here if I am wrong) have a new rule which does not allow a chair for teachers in Classrooms? The New law according to the Education ministry says that teachers are supposed to be standing the entire day and cannot sit. So the chairs have been removed from this academic year. This is definitely how it is happening in Salem. And most definitely in other parts of the country as well. What a wonderful life we give our teachers.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another opening

I know this blog has lately become a space for jobs with Blue Elephant. I shall soon return to my musings but there has not been a trigger yet. Anyway, more importantly in case you know someone with the following skill sets do ask them to leave a comment with their ID.

  • Must know Spanish/French/German/Italian.
•Accounting Skills (Experience with SAP would be an advantage)

•Quality qualification (6 sigma methodology, Total Quality Management, such as Continuous Improvement,Kaizen)

•Sound knowledge of procedures and issues within Accounts Payable , Accounts Receivable and General Ledger accounting

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Quite something

Have been going through the exercise of hiring full time interpreters for Blue Elephant the past few weeks and its quite a task. I wonder how all these major conglomerates manage hiring so many thousands of people.
I did not realize that so many people were into languages and seriously as well.
And it definitely makes a lot of difference if you know a foreign language along with a professional degree.
And if the language has a script of its own, better still.

Friday, July 10, 2009

On the Cover Inbox 1305

I happened to meet Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi at the Screenwriting Workshop organized by Sri Kamal Haasan. Shortly thereafter she called me to ask whether I would like to be on the cover of her magazine. All that I could say was "I would be honored".
After the feature in Hindu MetroPlus this is my second cover story. And I have been super kicked. To be on a magazine cover is a super feeling, for want of a better adjective.
I have not read the magazine yet but I requested Mrs Kiruthiga to send me the cover image so that I could put it up on my blog and she sent it to me within seconds.
I found her to be highly genteel, extremely down to earth and easy going. Fun to be around. I learnt a new lesson in simplicity and humility from her. Life does present so many opportunities to learn from people if we just care to notice and have a mind open enough to learn.
The only person I slightly felt sorry for was Pradeep, the photographer. I could have well been one of his tough subjects. Felt too conscious of the entire lights-camera-pose thing. Shall post an update once I get my hands on the mag.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I happened to read the report in TOI this morning on the performance of Tamil films for the first half of 2009 in Kollywood.
Whenever I become a part of the movie I have always prayed, spoken to God and given him a petition to make the movie a commercial success. From what little I know a lot of people are extremely passionate about cinema, some pledge their houses and put their entire savings on the line, run into serious debt to release a movie that they make. All for the sake of pursuing a dream. And those who dare to dream and dare to act on those need all the divine help they can gather. That's my opinion.
Looks like some prayers have been answered. To read that Ayan was a blockbuster, Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu and Yaavarum Nalam were hits was brilliant to read first thing in the morning.
Also as long as Laesa Parakkudhu was concerned, I remember how wonderful the session with Sri Selvaganesh was. Until then I had only known him as a brilliant percussionist. But working with him was beautiful. He was tolerant and happened to sincerely, heartily appreciate every nuance by a singer during a recording. Several weeks later I met the Vinayakaram family at the screening of VKK. The stalwart that he is, Sri Vikku Vinakaram was kind enough to tell me that he liked Laesa. I have heard several elders talk of how difficult it used to be in earlier to get that one compliment from a musician. When you hail from a family of classical musicians or even if you happen to have the opportunity to move with one, they would easily share with you on how difficult it was to learn and get anything in the name of a compliment from a Guru or anyone else, especially from classical musicians.
And Laesa has been my caller tune ever since the song released. To this day I have people asking me "Have you sung this song"? Mostly surprised. And the credit completely goes to Selvaganesh ji. I did not realize the kind of expression he brought out of me until I heard the song on the CD.
Coming back, let me say this post is a thank you to Mr God for fulfilling some of my prayers.