Friday, October 20, 2017


I didn't grow up on a dose of watching films. I didn't get the "vaazhapazham" joke. I didn't get most pop-culture-film-reference jokes because I just didn't watch as many films. I watched Baasha recently - about 2 years ago. Yes izz trooo.

I usually 'hung out' with scholars, older musicians, creators, vidwans while growing up simply because I went wherever my mother went. Conversations were always on some scholarly topic.

Hosting the first season of Super Singer was like going to college for me. I understood what people my age spoke like. The 'Petromax lamp' joke to many such joke-references I got only after someone sat and explained. I wouldn't laugh along simply because i didnt get it until then.

I have an even more interesting anecdote. I'd been to Rahman sir's studio once and was sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch perhaps. And watched Kizhakku Cheemaiyile play on a channel. I heard "Thenkizhakku cheemaiyile" and asked Sami anna (who works there) "Anna indha padathukku music yaaru". "Namma annan dhaan maa!!" he said. I was that bad. I think this was before I was an RJ on Aahaa FM. I learned so much more of discography of musicians and singers while on the job.

During my first recording session for Kannathil Muthamittaal, Vairamuthu sir walked in, looking stately as usual in his white kurta churidar and white sandals and of all things in the world, my mother chose to ask me "Yaarunnu teriyardha???!" I was 15. Dumb and didnt know. I said "Teriyala ma". She knew I had no way of knowing. It is not as if she let me watch TV and she schooled me on who was who in the film industry. Thankfully Mani Ratnam sir came to my rescue and said "she is a child, let her be". Vairamuthu sir too was kind understood that I was as naive as they came. He later called me once the song released that "indha paadal miga periya paadalaaga amaiyum".

Somehow I constantly met and was in the company of people who were kind and large hearted. I just dont understand the humungous group of people out there now, whose egos are waiting to be 'hurted'. What happened to our hoary culture and society?