Thursday, October 23, 2008

Juxtaposing two of my favourites

I happened to do this while we beamed my show Aahaa Kaapi Klub from Canada, while we were there for a show earlier this year. Tried combining Jagjit Singh's "Apne Aankhon ke samandar mein..." with "Udhaya Udhaya". It sounded nice then. I tried pretty much the same thing. Telecast on yesterday, its here for your view.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Could you please tell me....

Whether it is normal (yeah I guess it is not), but I have been finding quite a lot of water on the driver side floor of our newly purchased Skoda Octavia. My doors windows have been securely closed. That said, I do remember that even during the worse rains that Chennai has ever faced, which would be some 2 years ago (?) none of our Maruti vehicles had this issue.
What could cause this 'flooding'? And the company does not have much to say. Typical people.
What does someone do in this situation?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just found this video

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The 18th of October

On so many counts. Yesterday was apparently the day Captain Vijaykanth had organized his political rally.
My concert for Kalaignar TV was scheduled to take place at the University Centenary Hall. Getting there in the afternoon for a sound check was a mammoth task. I tried the three possible ways to get in and every way was supposedly blocked. I almost had tears of frustration and thats when a policeman recognised me and let me through the barricades. He gave me his number so that I could call him in the evening for help.
The rally was apparently happening around Island Grounds/Marina Beach. People were trooping in from all sides. Once the sound check was over, the police advised me against going back home. But there was no way out. I had to and I did.
And the way back the venue at around 5:30 was even more harrowing. At 6:30 we were still stuck at Mount Road. Once we finally got closer to Napier's Bridge we got diverted to God knows where. We were advised to go to the Secretariat, from where we were to come to the venue with Police protection. With the crowds milling about we hardly knew where we were going and took a wrong turn heading to Island Grounds. And I broke down with the sheer fright of people thumping on our car and with no way in sight. And then finally, Mom got someone to help us out and he helped us through the entire stretch and brought us back to the road, which eventually lead to Burma Bazaar.
And from there we found our way back to the University Centenary Auditorium. The police diverted us again and by then I had no clue what to do. Then thankfully they recognised me again and I was told to drive on the wrong side to get to the audi. Suchitra was diverted all the way to Thiruvotriyur and she apparently broke down as well. Harrowing was just not the word describing the journey to the venue. When I reached there, it was 8 pm. The show had just started and the organizers were going crazy as I hadn't turned up. For whatever strange reason, the signal on our phones went dead all the way from the Island Grounds.
Once at the venue everything was super smooth and it was definitely one of the best shows that I have been a part of. Great vibes from my co - artistes. Just about realized how warm a person Suchitra is. Quite a bit to learn from her, after being through that journey she was still happy and pappy. It took me a while to recover. I was not slated to go on stage until much later so that was good.
Vijay Adiraj gave me the best ever intro though I honestly felt it was too much. Vijay Adiraj has been one of the people who has been watching me right from the time I was a beginner and he is one of the best Gentlemen that I have met. Rachna, his wife was taking care of the entire proceedings backstage and she made sure everything went according to plan. I think in some cases, nothing like a woman to be at the helm of things. Vijay ji happened to quip that ever since she took over, he has been very chilled out :) As a couple they are awesome.
A lot of times the people you work with, the vibes and the general feeling of goodwill goes into a better performance. At least for me. And this time it rocked. I met Bellie Raj and Deepa Miriam for the first time, the duo who originally sang Kangal Irandaal. I already know Bellie and have met them before but I ran into Miriam the first time. She sounded awesome live. Suchitra was a killer. Benny is most definitely one of the best male performers of today. Didn't catch Karthik performing since I took that time to prepare for my next act. But there needn't be any inkling of doubts there I guess.
Thankfully our journey back was good. We thanked the police profusely and even better, inspite of all these traffic snarls, the audi was full. I was amazed at the people who had it in them to come for a concert. I hardly expected anyone to turn up. But they did. There are several days that you feel extremely greatful to the guy above. And the 18th was definitely one of them

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Follow up to the one below

First thing, I thought it would be better not to publish the comments. I am receiving your comments via Email.
The last questions (hopefully) would be:
What would enrich your concert-going experience more? Something at the venue perhaps?
What would actually make you want to come to a concert?

This is not pertaining to the artistes or the actual performance. Do let me know if the question is not clear.

I am asking these questions so that we can attempt to make these happen at my concerts, which should be staged soon, Insha Allah.

Monday, October 13, 2008

A request for your opinion

Do you like going to concerts? If yes/no - why?
What is it that you want / look forward to in a concert/live gig?
Do you prefer open air or closed performances?
Would you prefer to stand / sit?
What is it that matters most to you in a live performance?
- is it the sound?
- the stagecraft?
- location?

If you had the opportunity or the inkling, would you prefer going to a place like the Sydney Opera House or the YMCA grounds to listen to music?

Please do let me know


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Sakkarakatti - The other connection

is that I am the voice of Vedhika. I was supposed to mention that I was involved in this movie in another way. And I completely forgot about it.
Only, I took the test if my voice matched Ishita, but it matched Vedhika instead.
And thus I became the voice in another movie. Another actor.
Sillunu Oru Kadhal
Unnale Unnale
Satham Podadhey
Dhaam Dhoom

and a few more in the anvil. Shall update as and when it happens.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008


When you see the rush of a wave to the shore, do you revel in the rush or ponder on the fact that it will recede?
When you see a leaf, all dried up and brown, drifting down to no particular point, to the welcoming arms of the earth, do you celebrate the life that the leaf has seen? Celebrate that it is going back to where it came from? Or brood the fact that this particular leaf will never again be back? Or experience the world the same way again?
The caress of the breeze on your face - should I revel in it or ponder about the vacuum that it leaves behind?
The warm clasp of a parent around a tiny finger - to support buttery steps - and then letting go - and then being there just around the bend to catch when the baby stumbles.
Is it the clasp or the absence of one that is felt more?
Though the universal condition is that all the rivers reach the ocean. All the journeys reach their destination. But is there peace thereafter? Seems not, apparently. Wave after wave hits the shore, perhaps seeking, perhaps searching. Perhaps learning. Or perhaps that is what it is supposed to do. To just keep playing tag with the shore. Only that the shore does not pursue the sea in return.
Instead, would it be better if the destination, the goal were to be a lake? To find your own. Be your own? And in that, find oneness with the universe. No beating on the shore. No waves of thought eroding the mind. Or does it really erode the mind or cleanse the mind? Or clutter it?
I, want to be a lake. A lake where a pebble thrown in causes a flutter, causes a ripple for but a few moments but to have it in me to be placid and calm again. Or maybe, why allow that handicap? What would it be like to feel fluid and airy at the same time...? Like maybe the notes that ensue forth from the piano? Airy and fluid. Maybe that would be it. Never knowing where the origin is. From the wood that is lovingly crafted to resonate or the fingers that cherish the keys. Or the force that make the fingers move. A ballet on the keys of a piano. A wispy, feathery, white, twirly, angelic ballet on the keys of the piano, in the dark with just a beam shining through to illuminate the masterpiece in wood that occupies space and time, which eventually keeps space and time.
From a weird beginning to something else. No end yet. But is there an end to anything? Or is this whole concept of beginning and end illusory?
Right now, in my mind's eye, I see a lake smiling at the first rays of the sun. A lake smiling at the morning breeze. A lake welcoming a leaf that settles on it. And a flower. A lake smiling at the music of the world. A lake that smiles. And its beautiful.

The dance of Chinnamma Chilakamma

Apparently there are people who work overtime in uploading the videos of Airtel Super Singer 2008 on YouTube. Yesterday's episode seems to be up even from last night. Which is kinda surprising.
It was good for me to have a dekho again and review it.
Anyway here it is for you!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu

I was pretty lucky to get this song in 'Vennila...' for several reasons. This was the second time that I was singing for Sri Selvaganesh. All that I remember was that I was a bunch of nerves while going in to record. For one, his lineage, being Sri Vikku Vinayakram's son. And Sri Selvaganesh himself is one of the best laya vidwans of today.
It took me a while to get my groove but I guess I eventually did thanks to Selva sir. He was extremely understanding. When the track started playing it was an awesome feeling and I gave a silent prayer to the Gods above for yet another opportunity.
Time and again, I am asked why is it that I sound different in every song. And whether it is a concerted decision. Honestly, I think there is no pre-conceived notion to sound different. Every song, reveals to me a new wispy shade that I adore as the song progresses. And quite simply I just allow myself to be directed. To me, Only the music director's opinion matters. At the end of the day, I, the singer am but an instrument for the composer's musical expression. I somehow don't give myself more importance than that. The composer requires a voice to reach the people and I luckily get chosen on some occasions. And that is all there is to it. And like with instruments each one has a tone, a feel, a certain make, origin, a lineage. Of course, the voice is definitely the most malleable instrument that one can ever have, if, of course, it has been conditioned that way and does not allow the shackles of the mind, amongst the most important things, to confine it.
From the time I recorded this particular song, I have been waiting to hear it on my headphones. I have loved listening to this album as a whole and think you would too.
Have a listen here